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The unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens Assanges arrest will

The unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens Assanges arrest will


the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Assange's arrest will massively backfire – further.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: After Assange's arrest, Ecuador's creep towards au.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Workers and youth in UK speak out against continue.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: The Assange arrest is a warning from history

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Another US-backed coup in Latin America postponed .

A message for the worst liberal establishment ever: don't you dare harm Julian Assange

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: WikiLeaks lawyer warns US charges against Assange .

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: The Brexit chaos: Theresa May's government survive.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: The Guardian's vilification of Julian Assange

Arrest of Julian Assange: the last remaining leaf of the fascist neoliberal regime drops - we are now at war

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Venezuela drops US dollar, will use euro for inter.

Roger Waters: Julian Assange arrest proves UK is a satellite state of US empire

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: After Assange's arrest, Ecuador's creep towards au.

Bruce Lipton: Has humanity created their/its next evolutionary driver by causing a vast planetary crisis?

Chelsea Manning, Donald Trump, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Jacob Appelbaum, Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom, Laura Poitras, Sarah Harrison, The Tor Project, ...

Julian Assange arrest, From YouTubeVideos

“We are all Julian Assange!” Demonstration in Berlin - Statement from Edward Snowden

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: With 3.8 million Yemenis displaced last year, new .

Idiocracy and De-Evolution

Taking the paper, I hurried across the street to Harrod's, where I knew there would be open wifi, e-mailing as soon as I could.

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Το πρώην ΠΑΣΟΚ αποδεικνύει και πάλι ότι είναι βαθι

Stephen Jenkinson: Will youth of today's Western world, respect the elders of today, for their future?

And the time may have come when we need a new generation of Martyrs for truth is needed.

What Assange Charges Could Mean For Press Freedom (Jonathan Turley)

... from the embassy given that, unlike his human companion, he can easily sneak out of the building without the risk of being arrested by Scotland Yard.

Several headlines have blared “Julian Assange Arrested.” This is misleading because Assange has been under de facto arrest ever since the Swedish ...

Each one of us is in the process of integrating our celestial and terrestrial neural circuitry and emerging as authentic masters, like a hundred million ...


BBC News - Stockholm shopping blasts kill one and injure two Swedish press reported that the second blast was a suicide bomber, but police said no cause had ...

Donald Trump Says US Economy is the Strongest it's Ever Been, From YouTubeVideos

Andrew Brown

Almost immediately, I received a bounce-back message that the e-mail address didn't exist. I tried another spelling. Another bounceback.

... the firm was supplying Huawei “normally” and doing so “strictly abiding by the relevant laws and regulations of countries and regions where Panasonic is ...

Source: Stats for The Nib

The Truth About Julian Assange and Why What Happens To Him Is SO Important by Suzie Dawson | Healing Earth

While Obama was the Prince of Bait-and-Switch, Trump is close

Dr Robin Kelly: What is the Trans Humanism Agenda? Is it Machine Versus Soul?

http://www.albertpeia.com/williambarr.jpg ...

Source: Stats for The Nib

I will provide book reviews, mainly, but the odd art exhibition, theatre and film review might sneak in. Hopefully, it should provide you with some useful ...

... that deteriorating relationships with nuclear-armed countries such as Russia and China "has brought us to a very dangerous point," reports The Hill .

With their stubborn, anachronistic and idiotic stance on this natural plant, governments around the world are proving one thing - they want the electorate ...

Andrew Jackson

It's a cruel irony that this President's emergency declaration for building a border wall comes at a time when migration from Latin America is near a ...

Only truth tellers get silenced today. Liars are propped up as truth. The truth

Authorities investigating whether hate motivated deputy's son accused of setting fires to three black churches in Louisiana

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: Capitalism is a friggin' SCAM that's making us poo.

US Attorney General Eric Holder wrote: “Mr Snowden has filed papers seeking temporary asylum in Russia on the grounds that if he were returned to the United ...

There are two more suspicious elements: the fact that the UK authorities destroyed the emails regarding the Assange case, as they admitted in my litigation ...

arrest blair

Sooner rather than later their own children will recoil in horror at the stupid cruelty of what their parents and grandparents have done to the planet and ...

The positive photo-ops that will expectedly emerge from the SCO Summit will probably soon be forgotten two weeks later once the G20 Summit begins.

Here are his usual pearls, 3 together, with his 'WE LOVE YOU', well thanx bro, rest assured we DON'T put in between a 'poetic moment' – who will think the ...

d WikiLeaks: Pope's offer to Anglicans risked 'violence against Catholics' | World news | The Guardian · Julian Assange's lawyers 'preparing for ...

The skilift is unbalanced, it needs the president of Ukraine on it, too.

When the President of the United States sends a team of FBI agents to another country to frame someone who is not a U.S. citizen, and does so under the ...

Finishing off with the scurrying about Industrialized Homo Saps do each year is the issue of plane travel, another one which leaves you wide open to ...

Would-be sellers are increasingly putting plans on hold in hope that prices will rebound.” That doesn't sound good at all. WSJ backs up the gloomy language ...

Val Wright: Natural Frequency Healer and her inspirational song 'Peace to the World, is a global finalist

…more ...

Contact in the Desert will be happening on the weekend of May 19th, in its classic desert resort location in Joshua Tree, California.

The Great Book Of Best Quotes Of All Time.

Truth can be elusive and facts imprecise, but an earnest pursuit of both is fundamental for the establishment and maintenance of civil society.

"She said something that tried to shake us out of the emotionally stable but dull rut we have succumbed to. If we stray outside of that rut, there is a ...

When it comes to education, in any form- Theoretical or Practical, it is incredibly important in a person's career and life. It in all the ways help us to ...

Poke is pleased to report that professional Phil Mitchell lookalike Toby Young has been forced into resigning after public backlash against his appointment ...

CELIA FARBER – The Truth Barrier – journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York.

Now Homo Sapiens Plastica are out in small numbers trying to battle the plastic snow storm with a leaf blower.

UN statement Yemen Hodeida

Evidently, October 30th came and went, and none of this happened. This did not stop Q from adding hundreds of additional posts in the following months.

Rainer Mausfeld – Neoliberal indoctrination: Why do the lambs remain silent?

Thomas Zeeb SIX Group

Soros Funds Black Hate Groups

“What Is Causing That Epidemic — And Its Links To Trump's Rise — Remains Unclear”

Another shot of the Ecuadorean side of the building, where the scaffolding stops abruptly at the balcony. Notice the embassy security is actually obstructed ...

In these last eight years, I have never heard Julian Assange complain even ...

income inequality

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While USA still hast the most millionaires – the number of millionaires rose globally especially in Japan and China (+9,4%). “Japanese wealth grew 19% to ...

The Finder ...

Psyche's Links: 15000++ Links to Esoteric Subjects on the Web: Recent/New Additions : 2010 : Psyche's Links: Esotericsubjects.com

The boom in poaching has contributed to a 9000% increase in rhino killings since 2007 in South Africa alone. Across Africa, a rhino is slaughtered twice a ...

the unbalanced evolution of homo sapiens: How one of America's premier data monarchs is fund.

Venezuelan president breaks diplomatic ties with US The embattled President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro says he

In practice all welfare state nations in the world also practice a social democratic system. Then why does ...

Angela Merkel is TIME's 2015 Person Of The Year | TIME | SuperNewsWorld.com

Bruce Lipton: Has humanity created their/its next evolutionary driver by causing a vast planetary crisis?