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Protective dog breeds Adorable Dogs Companion dog Protective dogs

Protective dog breeds Adorable Dogs Companion dog Protective dogs


12 Best Guard Dog Breeds For Protection


Image: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Best Guard Dogs

Cane Corsos come from early warrior dogs. Photography ©DevidDO | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

8 Friendly & Protective Dog Breeds Who'll Stand By Your Side No Matter What

doberman, german shepherd, rottweiler, and terrier are one of the best guard dog

... guard dogs for families: Bernese Mountain Dog The calm, good-natured, strong and intelligent Bernese mountain dog is a great pet for kids because she ...

akita - best guard dogs

Top 10 guard dogs that will protect your home better than a security system

best guard dog breeds for families with children

Guard Dogs

Protective and… See More. Compare Breed. Appenzeller Sennenhund

Dog laying in front of suburban house

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German Shepherd Guard Dog



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Best Guard Dog Breeds For Families With Children


The Shar Pei is one of the best medium-sized guard dogs.

The 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds That You Can Depend On


catahoula leopard dog - best guard dogs

Compare Breed. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Why get a guard dog? VIA FLICKR USER RONOLI

German Shepherd - The Strong and Loyal Companion | Cute Animals ❤ | Protective dog breeds, Dogs, Protective dogs

best guard dogs



First, some background on training, socializing and parenting guard dog breeds

What Are the Most Protective Dog Breeds?

40 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds - List of Popular Cute Medium Sized Dogs for Families

10 Biggest Guard Dogs In The World Biggest Dog, Giant Animals, Pitt Bulls,

10 Most Protective Dog Breeds You Can Depend on in 2019

16 of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds (Some Might Surprise You)

cute dogs, guard dogs

Compare Breed. Catahoula Leopard Dog

cutest dogs 2. “

20 of the World's Rarest Dog Breeds

The American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) Dog Breed

one of the protection dog breeds the Beauceron dog looks for wild boar

10 Small Guard Dog Breeds That Get The Job Done Without Taking Too Much Space

collage of the best dog breeds for kids. Dogs ...

Australian Shepherd

Finished family protection dog Axel #dog #forsale #finelinefamilyk9 #dogs #gsd #protectiondogs #love #training #dogsofinstagram #hebites ...

Dogs That Don't Shed Havanese

Dogs that bark at an unusual visitor or sound help deter potential prowlers and harmful animals. BRYAN WELCH. Finding the best guard dog ...

German Shepherd

Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds – The Best Watchdogs for Protection. Guard dog breed are special dogs ...

Some of the best dogs in the world are Chinese dog breeds.

bernese mountain dog

Pomeranians are suspicious of strangers, and need early socialization and obedience training in order to become good companions and acceptable guard dogs.

Terriers (All Shapes and Sizes)


Image: Tessa de Jongh/Flickr. If you're looking for the ultimate guard dog ...

6 Japanese Dog Breeds That Will Make Your Heart Melt

The Corgi Husky Mix, also know as the Horgi is an intelligent and protective dog

How to Train a Family-Friendly Guard Dog

The Shar Pei hails from China and is a pretty rare dog breed, most people only get to see these dogs during dog shows in the US.

Doberman Pinschers - Intelligent and Excellent Guard Dogs

most protective dog breeds_canna-pet

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Standing At Great Sand Dunes National Park

Again, I'd stress that the best guard dogs are typically large dogs, and I'm definitely not recommending a mini or toy Poodle over a Standard Poodle, ...

15 Super Cute Dogs That Don't Shed All Over Your House

The Doberman pinscher is an intelligent, easily-trained breed that is athletic, requiring lots of regular exercise, the AKC says.

Rhodesian ridgeback is a muscular, intelligent, loyal and independent dog that originally bred as a hunting dog in Africa. They are very protective of their ...

40 Top Medium-Sized Dogs

When it comes to choosing the right dog ...

The adorable Dachshund also makes a superb small guard dog. They are devoted to one owner, so they don't appear on the top kid-friendly small dog lists.

The 30 Cutest Hybrid Dogs in the World

30 'Dangerous' Dogs Behind 'Beware Of Dog' Signs

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You

Golden Retriever – Noble Loyal Companions. Golden Retriever – Noble Loyal Companions Child Friendly Dogs, Friendly Dog Breeds ...

Compare Breed. Beauceron


This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. He'll grow to be about 18 lbs (unless you over ...

intimidating-dog-breed. People get dogs ...

A bold, strong-willed dog and Akita is intelligent and loyal, all traits which make him a good guard dog and a great family dog. These dogs don't bark as ...

Dachshund –Standard or Miniature image