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Breach bang clear Tumblr Firearms Guns Ar pistol Hand guns

Breach bang clear Tumblr Firearms Guns Ar pistol Hand guns


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Beginning as a newspaper reporter at the tender age of 18, Vuong went on to become variously the Senior, Managing, and Chief Editor for several ...

10 Horrifying Facts About the AR-15

Black Rain Ordnance was founded in 2008 by firearms enthusiasts who simply wanted to build a better AR-15. The company is known for their custom 7075-T6 ...

WTW: Daewoo K1A/ MAX-1/ AR110C | Breach Bang Clear

5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier: a report

@littlefitdevil in a shot by @joshbentphotography. Why? You may have already known

Got ...

Speed & Precision: A Take on Pistol Red Dots vs. Irons

Lone Star Armory TX9 16” Pistol Caliber Carbine 9mm with Glock 34

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Be Advised

The SW Model 18 (22 Combat Masterpiece) | Breach Bang Clear

Don't Build a Shitbox: The Path and Prioritizing | Breach Bang Clear

After seeing how PSA builds their rifles, uppers, and other components I don't have much issue passing this deal along. When they are offering an M-LOK ...

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JTT: Get a Grip | Breach Bang Clear

WTW: Colt's Missing Link, the "Open Top" Revolver of 1871-1872 | Breach Bang Clear

Just the Tip: Press Checks

Daniel Defense Bolt Gun? The DD "Delta 5" | Breach Bang Clear

Five Things To Put On Your AR-15

ATEi Glock Gen 4 A9

Hands-On with Leupold's D-EVO | Breach Bang Clear

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in My Office—and It Was Easy | WIRED

Sig Sauer MCX Rattler Pistol Black .300 AAC Blackout / 7.62 X 35 5.5-inch 30Rds. Oliver Macatubal · Guns

The ...

#Repost @breachbangclear ・・・ Some #TavorX95 upgrades, updated with info on mag compatibility and some other stuff.

Review: Stag Arms Model 9

Horner served four years in the Marine Corps, working on F/A-18 engines at MCAS Iwakuni, using her GI Bill to earn a nursing degree afterward.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present for your consideration, my dream build AR! It's a Stag lefty AR, with almost 100% Magpul OD furniture…

KWC PT 24:7 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol.jpg

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Why this light machine gun was the worst standard-issue weapon ever - We Are The Mighty

First Cody Museum Collector Rifle From Henry Rifles

Self-Defense Handguns: A Good Excuse to be Practical


After confronting potential trademark disputes, Arsenal Firearms USA rebranded their organization as Archon Firearms.

Erika 4.25mm Pistol at RIA

Up or bottom??? Sbr or bullpup??? Up:american ar15 Down:israeli tavor x95 کدوم??? بالا ای ار پونزده امریکا پایین:ایکس نود وپنج توور اسراییلی #ar15 #tavorx95 ...

DIY gunsmithing, pistol cleaning, and gun disassembly | GunDigestStore Hunting Guns, Handgun,

This can be a work in progress. If I've missed one thing or received one thing incorrect, let me know within the feedback and I'll right. DR

Build Quality: The Umarex Beretta M9A3 Full Auto CO2 Blowback BB Pistol is slightly lighter than the standard Beretta Mod. 92 A1 since it has a polymer ...


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Production of these unique pistols ceased in 2008. Fans have been clamoring for HK to bring it back but alas, it will never happen because we suck and they ...

New Steel Frame Walther Q5 Match | You Should Be Excited

Tavor vs AR15...:ready vote! @wedontsellguns 📸 @protectyourshelves @gunsandflags #gunsdaily #ak47 #glock #weaponsdaily #merica #america #tavor #sickguns ...

For one thing, it's too damn big, Only a Taurus Judge could make Dirty Harry's famous large frame revolver, a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum (“blow ...

cold and dead

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In Defense of the Trunk Gun

SIG P320-M17 from a review by Andrew Butts on American Rifleman

It is all too easy to fall into marketing hype when searching for accessories for your rifle, even easier still when you are new to shooting sports.

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Ready ...

Taurus Judge isn't the best concealed carry gun

Ferfrans SCW without magazine, fitted with Aimpoint Micro-T - 5.56x45mm

Neither one of these well-tested Glocks is suitable for a Valor Ridge class according to the new rules. Why? The Glock 19 has an aftermarket Glock trigger ...

... some (not all) states use to denote long guns, reserving the term “ firearms” to designate handguns. This is how the state of Pennsylvania defines it.

G&G GTP9 GBB Airsoft Pistol Right Side Back.jpg

WTW: The Bauer Baby Browning Clone

Vuong's first full-time journalism job was with The Orange County Register in SOCAL. There he worked various beats, including police and fire news, ...

HSGI Slim Grip Belt Review Breach Bang Clear Cowan 5

Type 97 as employed, with magazine and ammunition

Why this light machine gun was the worst standard-issue weapon ever - We Are The Mighty

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Finally some T- Time #ttime #triggertime #igmilitia #556nato #762nato #45acp #9mm #bullpup #ar15 #ak47 #blackrifle #2a #handgun #2ndamendment ...

... his football-sized forearms that are inked with si vis pacem and para bellum—if you want peace, prepare for war. The tattoos can come across aggressive.

Gun Culture 2.0

Interdynamic_KG-99 Pistol

Salient Arms International SAI - T-2 AR15 .

International Firearm Corporation has added ...

Report: the Radical Firearms Carbine

Long Range Shooting 101



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'Falling Down' Turns 25: Screenwriter Ebbe Roe Smith on Whether D-Fens Would Vote Trump

LifeSizePotato has an epic YouTube channel with some rather rare handguns that make me drool ...

Packing Some Extra Heat: Top 10 9mm Mid-Sized Carry Guns

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WTW: The First Tactical Handgun, Colt's Walker of 1847

Note that the weapon is equipped with a Daniel Defense RIS II rail forearm, the key component of the SOPMOD II kit, and the distinguishing feature ...

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Yet in case after case, the weapon of choice in school shootings and other mass casualty incidents seems to be the dreaded AR15. Surely these weapons and ...

REAL STEEL : Gun Porn: the Back Up 20 - Breach-Bang-Clear Blog


... gun store, Sportsman's Finest. Jon Wayne Taylor set to work pulling bullets from 9mm cartridges. Soon we had a pile of primed, but otherwise empty 9mm ...

WTW: The French Apache | Breach Bang Clear Hand Guns, Firearms, Brass Knuckles

A FEW years ago the traffic lights around Trafalgar Square in London had a makeover. In place of the usual green man, which flashes when it is safe to cross ...

HSGI Slim Grip Belt Review Breach Bang Clear Cowan 6 ...


So where do these fellow firearm scribes get this notion? There are a number of factors at work here, if you take a look at the history of both these ...