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When I first got my kitties it was really tough keeping the home

When I first got my kitties it was really tough keeping the home


... you walk into the living room first thing in the morning and catch your feline friend red-pawed, scratching away at your favorite couch. Bad kitty!

The Best Cat Toys to Entertain Your Bored Kitty: Reviews & Ratings in 2019

Cat to Cat 101 โ€“ Keeping the Feline Peace During Introductions


If you've ever wondered what your cat might be trying to communicate to you

Are you stressing out your cat? How to spot the signs

7 Tips for Living With a Blind Cat

9 Signs of a Sick Kitten - And What to Do


Eye Injuries in Cats

Kittens are pretty awesome. So are cats too. Bringing a new one home is an exciting time but you need to make sure you have the right accessories to keep ...

International Cat Care

Why aren't cats loyal? You asked Google โ€“ here's the answer

Happy Home - Hoover

Why Your Cat Thinks You're a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

Whether they're your beloved outside cats or just friendly ferals you care for,

Its going to hard letting these bundles of energy go, but I just want them to have an amazing home!

Remedies For Kitten Constipation

Jack and Duffy the Ragdoll cat lying in a cupboard side by side looking curious. The toughest part of bringing home your new baby Ragdoll kitten ...

A scared cat or kitten hiding under a chair or table.

Lethargy in Cats

What to Do When Your Cat Poops Outside the Box

Mammary Cancer in Cats

Teaching Quiet

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"Tortitude" - The Unique Personality of Tortoiseshell Cats: Fact or Fiction? - The Conscious Cat

Front Leg Injury in Cats

Polly and baby Sam making themselves right at home.

The Cost of Keeping a Cat in Tokyo

Amazon.com : Purrfect Arch Self Grooming and Massaging Cat Toy- Reduce Shedding & Scratching To Keep Your Home Fur Free! : Pet Supplies

Most pet parents have had the experience of getting a whiff of cat urine while cleaning the litter box, or even when caring for a new kitten.

8 Things I've Learned Fostering Cats from The Humane Society

Donate to Neighborhood Cats

An adult Bengal with the well-known and popular rosette coat patterning.


Do Cats Cry? What to Know and What to Do About a Crying Cat

Common Cat Behavior Issues

Do you remember the very first time you were licked by a cat? If you had been used to the smooth sensation of a dog's tongue then it was probably quite ...

You can have babies and cats in your home together safely.

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How to Treat Feline Acne

Cats Can't Talk

Happy Home - Rumbellestiltskin

Feral cats can roam over great distances, a new study finds.

The 34 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers, According to Feline Behaviorists, Advocates, and Enthusiasts

Declawing can lead to chronic pain, which may make your cat more aggressive.

Here are some things you should know before you go out and get a Siamese cat

Feline bullying & how to stop ...

The Cats of Gifford Cat Shelter are Progressing by Leaps and Bounds with Cat Pawsitive Pro

A Persian kitten being examined by a referee during an international feline beauty competition in Bucharest, Romania, Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012.

7 Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant That You Should Definitely Pay Attention To

This is your guide to the 12 week old kitten. You'll find out how to solve common kitten problems such as biting

Learn how to keep cats from biting during play.

Bloating in Cats

Can we stalk

10 Helpful Ways to Calm Your Cat

Healthcare for your Kitten

Aster & Cheno

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Has a Swollen Abdomen or Belly

Our cats are dedicated snuggle bunnies

This may sound a little harsh, but your cat probably doesn't miss you as much as you think (or wish) they do. At the very least, they are not going to show ...

The Annual Cost Of Pet Ownership: Can You Afford A Furry Friend?

Harriet has finally had some overdue good luck

Image titled Keep Cats out of Rooms Step 1

Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

Bringing Home Kitty

cat drinking water from a faucet

Kookiez is one of the cats at the Cat Cafe in downtown San Diego , which

All About the Cat Belly โ€” Why Cats Show It and If You Should Pet It

7 Astoundingly Helpful Tips for Moving With Cats *Great tips for transitioning your pets


How to Get Rid of Fleas in Cats

The Best Cat Litter. Pets ยท Cats

Living on the streets can be difficult for cats if the aren't properly cared

The Wonderful World of Cats

6 Things You Didn't Know About Orange Tabby Cats October 04 2016, 107 Comments

... and while cats require much less attention than dogs and often keep to themselves, owning a cat or kitten can provide multiple benefits for your health.

Can Street Cats and Stray Cats Become Pets?

Brain Disorders in Cats

Transitioning Outdoor Cat to Indoors