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Valley Girl Views George Washingtons Bodyguard Buried In

Valley Girl Views George Washingtons Bodyguard Buried In


George Washington's Bodyguard Buried In Montgomery Pa

Between the river and the railroad tracks in Montgomery lies a small cemetery, with a marker stating "A Body Guard of George Washington Buried Here"

Letter from George Washington To Michael Sechler, ...

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Johann Andreas Sechler is Dan's 6th great grandfather, though his grandmother Thelma Brown's lineage. Michael's father Abraham was brother to Joseph Sechler ...


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George Washington

An aide-de-camp, General George Washington, and General Artemus Ward at the Siege of Boston.

The man holding the horse matches descriptions of William Lee, George Washington's valet. ("George Washington at Princeton," 1779 by Charles Willson Peale)

George Washington at Princeton, by Charles Willson Peale, 1779

The man holding the horse in John Trumbull's George Washington, painted in London in 1780, possibly represents William Lee. It was painted from memory, ...

This, the earliest portrait of Washington, was painted in 1772 by Charles Willson Peale, and shows Washington in uniform as colonel of the First Virginia ...

List of Washington's Headquarters during the Revolutionary War - Wikipedia

A Comprehensive Guide to George S. Patton

The scene of Washington on his deathbed with doctors and family surrounding.

Washington on horseback in the middle of a battle scene with other soldiers

portrait of Washington seated facing left by Gilbert Stuart

Miniature of George Washington by Robert Field (1800)

Night scene depicting Washington at center, standing among officers and Indians, around a lamp

Shays' Rebellion confirmed for Washington the need to overhaul the Articles of Confederation.

Constantino Brumidi's 1865 fresco The Apotheosis of Washington is found in the rotunda of the United States Capitol

George and Martha Washington, with Martha's grandchildren, by Edward Savage, c. 1786-91. National Art Gallery

The Lansdowne portrait of President Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Famous 1851 painting by Emanuel Leutze, depicting Washington, standing in boat with his troops

This painting by John Trumbull depicts Washington resigning his commission as commander-in-chief

From front row left, former President George W. Bush, former first lady Laura

Ben Shapiro sitting at his desk.

When gunsmith Forbes was interrogated the same day, he admitted he had indeed been assisting Tryon, explaining that he aided in gathering intelligence in ...

'Let's Go Take Back Our Country'

Casemate Publishers Spring 2019 Catalog

'It's violent, hateful and dangerous': The Bachelorette's Georgia Love (pictured on

WHEN change comes to Congo, it can come fast. The previous president, Laurent Kabila, lost power when a bodyguard shot him in 2001.

View of 1913 flood from the hill on North Washinton Street

Grace Slick

Chloe Maayan in a still from Three Husbands (category III; Cantonese), directed


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The March to Valley Forge, 1883, by William Trego (Wikimedia)

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First graduate of a growing school sets the bar high

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Denzel Washington in Malcolm X (1992)

Tulsi Gabbard's 2020 run

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Patton's Letter to his Troops Before Fighting Rommel in Africa ...

Woman and child hide from American search mission in Le My village, May 15, 1965 (Bettmann-Corbis)

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50 years on from the moon landings, why have we turned our backs on space?

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