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This is a new kind of threat which has lead the apes of the world to

This is a new kind of threat which has lead the apes of the world to


Discover ideas about Missing Piece. This is a new kind of threat which has lead the apes of the world to ...

Are gorillas endangered: Photo of wild chimpanzee in the field

Wild chimpanzees are in danger of disappearing as their natural habitats are being destroyed. Credit: Craig Stanford

These orangutans are the newest species of great ape, and there are fewer than 800 left. By Karen Kaplan

World's Largest Ape Listed As Critically Endangered; Pandas Upgraded To 'Vulnerable'

Chimp in Tanzania

The List: 5 Reasons Why We Should Worry About an Ape Revolution | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

Adult Tapnuli orangutan and juvenile

20th Century Fox

World's newest great ape threatened by Chinese dam

Orangutans in Indonesia and Malaysia have been highly impacted


Orangutans are also critically endangered, due to palm oil harvesting. Credit: James Askew, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

ape gibbon Chinese extinct new species China

Animal to man, fear of the next pandemic

Chimps, Humans, and Monkeys: What's the Difference?

Survival of Africa's great apes requires palm industry support, says report

Great Ape Protection


A male Tapanuli orangutan in the Batang Toru forest.

Jane Goodall observes a group of chimpanzees at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Infant western lowland gorilla twins Inganda and Inguka riding on their mother's back when they were a year old, in Bai Hokou, Central African Republic.

Scientists discover new gibbon species inside tomb of Chinese emperor's grandmother

gorilla in the forest in Rwanda

Manoj Shah/Getty

See, Hear, & Speak Like an Ape: Making the World of 'War for the Planet of the Apes' Real

The Latest Planet of the Apes: The Exodus Story without God Is Bleak

The Ebola storm: apes in the firing line

Illustration for article titled How the new Planet of the Apes movie fits into the series

An adult gorilla holding a young gorilla. All apes are under threat

Smuggled, Beaten and Drugged: The Illicit Global Ape Trade - The New York Times

An infant Grauer's gorilla rides on the back of an adult. The subspecies has seen

Will $1.6b Hydroelectric Plant in South Tapanuli Endanger World's Rarest Great Ape?

resized little one

Bonobos Just Want Everyone to Get Along. New research suggests that ...

Male gorilla in SF zoo.jpg


Grauer's gorilla: world's largest great ape being wiped out by war | Environment | The Guardian

Many aspects of today's world are often referred to as “jungles”. We have the concrete jungle in reference to large cities full of tall concrete buildings ...



It's an alpha male thing: what dominant chimpanzees and Donald Trump have in common

As witnessed in Dawn, it was only a matter of time before the coexistence between Human and Ape gave way to an overpowering side. With the threat of ...

Orang utan

Planet of the Apes: Who's responsible for the abandoned lab chimps left in Liberia?

Gorilla Copyright: Zoo Berlin, dpa – Bildfunk

War for the Planet of the Apes review

gorilla eating

War for the Planet of the Apes Poster

Eastern Gorilla

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Smuggled, Beaten and Drugged: The Illicit Global Ape Trade - The New York Times


Kenny Katombe / Reuters

Mountain gorilla

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World Bonobo Day: A Look At Two Apes That Talk

Indonesia's forest fires threaten a third of world's wild orangutans

Mountain Gorilla

Western Gorilla

The Great Uganda Gorilla Safari

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Kimimasa Miyama / Reuters

Megan holds her sleeping baby./Lead Zoologist Tara S.

Under threat: A Tapanuli orangutan in the Batang Toru rainforest, its only known habitat

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: how scientifically plausible is it?

See gorillas' hilarious attempts to avoid rain

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'War for the Planet of the Apes': Film Review

ASU researcher featured in award-winning documentary on Ngogo chimpanzees. '

Spread Of Palm Oil Production Into Africa Threatens Great Apes


Orangutan population plunges due to hunting and deforestation


More rare chimps than expected found in unprotected landscape


The face of apes' common ancestor may have looked more like a gibbon than the great apes most closely related to humans. Photo by Marta Palmero / Institut ...

Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals | Environment | The Guardian

An adult female Tapanuli orangutan. Image by Tim Laman/Wikimedia Commons.

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Great apes - primates like us

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Some humans lose the ability to speak in “War for the Planet of the Apes

Humans Are Dumb At Figuring Out How Smart Animals Are. And that has ...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes