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The allpurpose Spanish Water Dog was bred in medieval Spain for

The allpurpose Spanish Water Dog was bred in medieval Spain for


The all-purpose Spanish Water Dog was bred in medieval Spain for goat herding, hunting, & retrieving things in water. It remains almost unknown outside ...


SWD in the forest

Front view - A long, curly coated, grey with white Spanish Water dog is sitting in grass, it is looking to the left, its mouth is open and its tongue is ...

spanish water dog - Google Search Spanish Water Dog, Hypoallergenic Dog Breed, Labradoodle,

Spanish Water Dog

The Pyrenean Shepherd has working since Medieval times herding sheep in Northern Spain and Southern France:

Perros de agua Espanyol Brothers

spanish water dog - Google Search

More colours SWDs can be seen in. Size. The Spanish Water Dog ...

Spanish Water Dog

Mates for life

Alfie's Day Off

A brown colour SWD



The Barbet

Mucky Pup

Nine-week-old SWD brown and white boston coloured puppy. The eyes of these dogs are varied, it can present blue, hazel or brown colors.

Function decided Type

and the Catalan sheepdog.

Spaniel/Barbet/Water Dog . The European water spaniel was bred ...

Spanish Water Dog


This SWD is swimming in the ocean. Many SWDs love the water, but not all.

And the Great Pyrenees is a livestock guardian dog originating in the Pyrenees mountains that separate France and Spain:

Fishing Dogs

Folders related to Lagotto Romagnolo:

The Italian Dog

Chris Pollen. Interested puppy purchasers are encouraged to inquire ...

The Catan Sheepdog similarly is a herding breed from Spain:

Last month we took a little winter break and flew to the Bahamas. And we couldn't leave without visiting the famous swimming pigs.

Rat Terrier standing in three-quarter view facing forward

At our Home Office, we're lucky to work alongside some seriously cute rescue dogs every day. Here, we introduce you to a few of our favorites, ...

Find a Puppy: Brittany

Barbet dog - Typical example

Best Dog Breed of All Time

West Highland White Terrier


Find a Puppy: Rat Terrier

Old Spanish Pointer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gray wolf (Canis lupus).

Dogo Argentino Dog breed

Allow me to introduce the Pyrenean shepherd

The Doberman Pinscher was bred for guard duty

Brittany standing in a field


Footsore and a bit weary, we return to our apartment during rush hour and do some more grocery shopping for tonight's meal. It's still damp and cold.

Doberman pinscher.


Ca Mè Mallorquí Dog breed

Black cropped-ear female (1.5 y/o) and Pepper-and-salt natural-ear male (9mo) out of same U.S. kennel

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Breed: Part Carolina with a dash of Terrier Together for: 5 years. Age: 5. Favorite toy: All of them. Favorite naptime: All of them

Rottweil, Germany) Sennenhunde (4 Swiss farm dog breeds): Greater Swiss Mountain

blanca from loutraki.jpg

Best Animal breed of All Time

Cecelia, Annie and friend

The modern American Bulldog continues to serve as an all-purpose working dog; a fearless and steady guard dog; and a loyal family companion.

Rat Terrier

And the Great Pyrenees is a livestock guardian dog originating in the Pyrenees mountains that separate France and Spain:

The Bell Thiel College Magazine for Alumni & Friends

They also fish by putting a long net between two ice holes (approximately 120m apart on my visit), and leave it for a while, overnight in our case.

Breed: Mini German Spitz Together for: 9 years. Age: 9. Favorite toy: His cat pal, Mustache Retail weakness: George can't resist a nice bag

Finished Trimmed Puppy Latch Hook Rug

The Weekend Jolt


Blue Terrier Norwegian Buhund Old English Sheepdog Pembroke Welsh Corgi Polish Lowland Sheepdog Puli Pyrenean Shepherd

The American Bulldog is a powerful, athletic short-coated dog, strongly muscled, and well boned. The body is just slightly longer than tall.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

US Consumer edition (Spring 2008)

Thinkpet Outdoor Dog Backpack Reflective Saddle Bag - Dog Pack Double Bag For from ThinkPet

Golden Retriever

Andy's came in second or third choice for the majority of researchers, and all agreed that the custard melted too quickly and flavor was lighter than the ...

A few months ago, Vijnan showed me a picture of a brown haired puppy, a tiny mite pictured on the deck in a basket, that had shown up somewhat unexpectedly ...

Pointer on point.

It's hard to get her to be still long enough for a photo

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Stone Cross Parade, St George's Day, West Bromwich, the Black Country, England, 2017. Picture credit © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos / Rocket Gallery

hikes in Garrotxa

Brittany standing in body of water surrounded by reeds

Saluki Chamberlain Ann

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Gobi (dog)

Brittany Spaniel

Hemp Dog Collars by Earthdog

Poodle (standard).

Handmade Hemp Dog Collars by Hemp Chewer

One lucky little puppy.