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The Soviet Venera 14 spacecraft seen in the foreground took this

The Soviet Venera 14 spacecraft seen in the foreground took this


The Soviets landed a spacecraft on Venus and took pictures of the surface.

Old Soviet Images of Venus Yield Fresh Surprises

IT'S HOT DA. The Soviet Venera 14 spacecraft, seen in the foreground, took this photo of Venus' hellish rocky surface in 1982. The probe survived for less ...

Artist's impression of the BepiColombo spacecraft at Mercury. The mission comprises ESA's Mercury Planetary Orbiter

The lander module in the foreground would sit inside the brown sphere atop the Venera spacecraft (background).

Half a century after humans first made contact, NASA announced plans for a future Venus mission.

Ultimate space shot

Venera-14 Surface Panorama

Reconstruction of the surface of Venus seen by Venera 13 and 14 (Don P. Mitchell).

Sapas Mons is displayed in the center of this computer-generated three-dimensional perspective

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Venera-14 Surface Panorama Soviet Version ...

V.I. Yegorov and N.I. Antoshin, veterans of the Soviet space industry, assembling the Venera 13 in 1981.

Venera 10 image of Venusian surface (1975). 174-degree raw 6-bit logarithmically encoded telemetry seen above. Linearized and aperture corrected view in ...

Venera 4

Past missions to Venus / Venus Express / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA

Venera 13, 14 (4V1M #1, 2). Home · Spacecraft by country · USSR

This image shows the night side of Venus in thermal infrared. It is a false-color image using data from the Japanese spacecraft Akatsuki's IR2 camera in two ...

We finally have a computer that can survive the surface of Venus | Ars Technica

Oumuamua is the only interstellar object we've ever seen in our solar system. What is it?

Thumbnail of image, Surface photographs from the Soviet Venera 14 spacecraft .

A Failed Space Probe Meant For Venus Might Soon Come Crashing Down to Earth

The Soviet Union landed on Venus. Photos from the surface.

Descent capsule of the Soviet Venera 4 spacecraft prior to its launch to Venus on June

... Thumbnail for version as of 02:01, 11 May 2005

Image from Venera 14 on the surface of Venus. The soil penetrometer is... | Download Scientific Diagram

Venus Planet and Venera 14

The Earth-Twin Planet That Nobody Talks About

Venera 1, the first spacecraft to fly past Venus, was launched by the Soviet Union on February 12, 1961.

Weird Object: Venus

Venus - 3-D Perspective View of Lavinia Planitia

Mimicking a campy episode of the 70s series The Six Million Dollar Man, a Soviet Venus ...

Venera 14 lander rests silently on the landscape of Venus. - Stock Image

This diagram of a Soviet Venera spacecraft reveals what the probe may have looked like

Soviet-era Venus images get new life - Technology & science - Space - Space.com | NBC News

Russian space probe CRASH: Astronomer warns damaged spacecraft will hit Earth 'this year'

Artwork of the Venera 9 spacecraft on the surface of Venus. The Venera probes were

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Venus' surface (from Venera)

3D venera space probe model

Re-processed VENERA-14 panorama with corrected geometry (2012

OTD in Space – March 5: Soviet Space Probe Lands on Venus

Venera 13 images of the surface of Venus

Viking 2 lander (foreground) on Mars, photographed by one of the spacecraft's own

Phobos Of particular interest was the timing of star wars technology. The USSR was under the treaty agreement to the ban star wars program, but was secretly ...

Venera 15, 16 (4V2 #1, 2). Home · Spacecraft by country · USSR


Russian scientist's claim proven false - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience | NBC News

KHIMKI, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA – MARCH 21, 2019: Venera-4 probe

Panoramatic photo of Venus surface, taken by soviet lander Venera 13, March 1, 1982. www.space.com/18551-venera-13.html

earthrise apollo nasa AS8 14 2383HR

Venera 14 descent vehicle Венера-14 спускаемый аппарат

Venera 7 launched 45 years ago on Aug. 17, 1970 and ultimately became the

Venera 9 and 10 (1975)

I took all the Venera 14 images processed by Ted Stryk and tried to align them up and play with the color. The predicted changes of the calibration target ...

Exploring Venus With Venera-D: NASA, Russia's Space Research Institute Working Together On Mission Objectives

Spectral sensitivity of the landers cameras; VENERA-9 (A

It was launched before its sister probe - Venera 8 - but became stranded in Earth's

Soviet Venera probes - Stock Image

Since information didn't exactly flow freely between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, it isn't widely known that the Soviets took ...

The International Space Station, imaged from the space shuttle Endeavour on December 9, 2000

We have pictures of some other objects we've landed on too.


In 1975, the Soviet spacecraft "Venera 9" successfully landed on Venus and took

Self-defense in space: protecting Russian spacecraft from ASAT attacks

Impact craters on Venus, such as this one named Dickinson, look fresh because the planet experienced a total surface makeover 500 million years ago.

NASA image from Magellan spacecraft. The volcanoes of Venus take ...

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Diagram of soviet space probe, venera 4, 1967. : News Photo

Surface photographs from the former Soviet Union's Venera 13 spacecraft, which touched down in March 1982. Ten probes from the Venera series successfully ...

Venera-D project traced its roots to the Soviet project of a long-duration lander on the surface of Venus. Credit: NPO Lavochkin

Venera-9(10) 1975, Venera-11(12) 1978, Venera-13(14) 1981. The pentagonal pennant can be seen above, fastened to the landing ring of Venera-13 on the ...

Technicians working on the assembly of the soviet space probe vega at the baikonur cosmdrome,

Venera-4 Spacecraft

Gemini 6A


Postage stamp from the Soviet Union depicting Venera 9, first spacecraft to orbit Venus -

14 Spacecraft Exploration of the Solar System Soviet Venera ...

10 Interesting Facts About the Planet Venus: Venus and Earth Compared 10 Interesting Facts,

Get your Sagan on with 60 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier

Venus Gets a Visit From the Moon

NASA/UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Opposite hemispheres of the asteroid Eros, shown in a pair of mosaics made from images

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