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The Marx Brothers with their father Marx Brothers Couple photos

The Marx Brothers with their father Marx Brothers Couple photos


The Marx Brothers Imagen de Una Noche en la Ópera (A Night at the Opera) (1935), producida por MGM.

THE MARX FAMILY Groucho, Gummo, Minnie, Zeppo, Frenchie, Chico and Harpo <

A rare photo of all 5 Marx Brothers. Groucho, Zeppo, Harpo, Chico, and Gummo. Zeppo was the unfunny one. I cringe during his scenes in Duck Soup.

Attention Comedy historians: I know you're out there, binge-watching season 3 of Seinfeld for the umpteenth time, studying Lenny Bruce Without Tears for ...

General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

The Marx Brothers. Top to bottom: Chico, Harpo, Groucho and Zeppo.

The Marx Brothers' Lost Film: Getting to the Bottom of a Mystery – Brenton Film

The Marx Brothers (Harpo, Chico, Groucho, Gummo)

Groucho, Gummo, Minnie (mother), Zeppo, Frenchy (father), Chico and Harpo, at about the time of their act "Fun in Hi Skule" of 1913. The Marx Brothers ...

The Marx Brothers on Television

Young Marx Brothers: Arthur (Harpo), Milton (Gummo), Leonard (Chico) and Julius (Groucho)

Advertisement: The Marx Brothers ...

Groucho Marx

Harpo Marx with his wife Susan Fleming. I never knew much about the Marx brothers...Harpo really was a sweet person!

Stateroom scene from "A Night At The Opera" (1935)

Melinda Marx | The Marx Brothers Family Photos in 2019 | Couple photos, Family photos, Couples

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (The Cocoanuts / Animal Crackers / Monkey Business /

The Shubert Brothers were mostly involved in legitimate theater, but got into vaudeville a couple of times as competitors of the UBO.

Harpo, Groucho, and Chico decide on a little libation before getting down to business

Minnie Marx (the mother of the Marx Brothers) with Maxine Marx (Chico's daughter) and Arthur Marx (Groucho's son) | I love The Marx Brothers! in 2019 ...

Miriam Marx Allen, Daughter of Groucho Marx, Dies at 90

The Marx Brothers in barrels in Monkey Business

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection

... print of Animal Crackers (1930) at the British Film Institute in London has been greeted with justified delight by Marx Brothers fans the world over.

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (The Cocoanuts / Animal Crackers / Monkey Business /

Zeppo Marx Biography

The Marx Brothers: From Vaudeville to Hollywood

last picture of 5 marx brothers | The last photograph of all five brothers together. Chico died later .

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Humor Risk group photo, 1921. Courtesy Robert B. Weide/Whyaduck Productions.

“I think I just heard one of the original lines,” playwright George S. Kaufman was overheard saying during a Marx Brothers stage performance.


Harpo Marx with Shirley Temple in the studio commissary during the filming of Duck Soup 1933

While the Marx Brothers were onstage performing The Cocoanuts at the Lyceum Theatre in Rochester, New York, on October 6, 1927, history was being made 330 ...

... Career period of Groucho Marx in career ...

From the Archives: Groucho Marx Dies; Kept Them Laughing 65 Years

Instagram post by Marx Brothers • Apr 18, 2017 at 3:40pm UTC. “

Zeppo Marx


Groucho and Marilyn Monroe in Love Happy

Les Marx Brothers The Marx Brothers Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Zeppo

The Marx Brothers (clockwise from bottom: Groucho, Chico, and Harpo) by

Barbara was still married to Zeppo Marx when Frank Sinatra charmed her into bed

The Four Nightingales were then joined for a time by Minnie and her sister and they were called “the Six Mascots.” Minnie and her sister at that time were ...

The Marx Brothers Greatest Hits

The Marx brothers (L to R) Harpo Marx, Zeppo Marx, Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, and Gummo Marx at Civic Playhouse for opening of "The Fifth Season" in which ...

Chico Marx Chico Marx

Groucho Marx in 1933

Groucho Marx: Captain Jeffrey Spaulding

Harpo Marx

Header Curtain Gradient

Chico made a handful of other television appearances in 1949 and 1950, before finally getting his own show, The College Bowl on the ABC network.

As a young Marx Brothers fan I got a lot of entertainment from that book, but it also inspired me to find out what really happened.

Battle scene from "Duck Soup" (1933)

Marx Brothers Box Set [DVD]

... face is indeed somewhat bleached, the features have not been obliterated – and neither do they belong to Helen Kane. It's all just a trick of the light…

Groucho Marx - a few fun facts


Gummo Marx

Selected scenes[edit]

Duck Soup Movie Review

Advertisement for Maxine's 1977 lecture from the Queens College student newspaper. Like many other Marx Brothers ...

Chico Marx Entertaining The Troops During World War II

All four Marx Brothers trying to shake hands with each other

Zeppo Marx

Marx Brothers Holy Grail "I'll Say She Is" Shines Again | Balder and Dash | Roger Ebert

The Marx Brothers TV Collection follows the legendary comedy team into the 1950s, '60s, and '70s | Bleader

Groucho Marx and Lisette Verea in A Night in Casablanca

Salvador Dalí's idea for a Marx Brothers movie was never made — but it's been resurrected

The_Marx_Brothers_TV_Collection.jpg. Interviewed in the early 1970s, Groucho Marx ...

The Marx Brothers. “

I really like the Marx Brothers brand of zany humor.


Harpo Marx wig and hat costume

Amazon.com: Inside the Marx Brothers: Marx Brothers, Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo: Movies & TV

Happy 131st Birthday Chico Marx

VIDEO: Bill Marx talks about his comedy

Image via Wikimedia Commons

marx brothers 12

Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx and Chico Marx (The Marx Brothers), 'At

Giraffes on Horseback Salad: Salvador Dali, the Marx Brothers, and the Strangest Movie Never Made by Josh Frank

Advertisement: Animal Crackers is a musical comedy that originally starred the four Marx Brothers: ...

'Living on Love' Theater Review: Picking Up Opera Where the Marx Brothers Left It Off

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