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Sounded grody But this beer was unbelievably awesome It was almost

Sounded grody But this beer was unbelievably awesome It was almost


Sounded grody. But this beer was unbelievably awesome. It was almost Kool-Aid

Sounded grody. But this beer was unbelievably awesome. It was almost Kool-Aid with alcohol and almost tart enough to turn me off but …

Hopsmash on Instagram: “THIS BEER. IS PERFECT. Honestly, it has been a few weeks since I've wanted to clap when tasting a beer, and this bad boy over ...

It was dark and delicious. Has just the right amount of sweet and vanilla to make this taste like a Guiness Icecream Float

@halfacrebeer makes balls-ass beers yes. But I almost think their art is

However the sexually-forward dudes at @oldirvingbrewing cram this much maltyums into a single swallow of beer is re-DICK.…”

New Beer Sunday (Week 687)


Hopsmash on Instagram: “When I was in the scouts we used to camp out on Milkshake Mountain and tell tall tales about Father McSprinkles, the town masseuse, ...


Hopsmash on Instagram: “I didn't care for this beer from one of my favorite breweries on the planet. It tasted like nuts. While I love nuts and I love my ...

Tastes alright, it's a really good palate cleanser with no grody aftertaste. A little sweet as well, almost like a wheat beer.

Hopsmash on Instagram: “Love @metalmonkeybrew, but I think this was super flat and rather meh. Going to buy another one to make sure it wasn't me.

The Meista here tonight pairing "Metal Heart" by the mighty German metal band Accept and a Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen from Lagunitas Brewing Company!

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What non-beer drinkers drink when they “just want something lite,” and what beer drinkers drink when they “just…”

Well…like rye and coke to be honest, but less fizzy. It was just on the cusp of being waaay too sugary for my tastes and felt like I ...

Kakos Industries

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The Meista here tonight pairing a Spring Reign from Ninkasi Brewing Company and "Trying To Kiss The Sun" by RPWL!

Hopsmash on Instagram: “This is the best beer named Beer that I've ever had. @marzbrewing absolutely crushes this. Sweet without tooth pain, hoppy without ...

[ IMG] Excuse the grody stovetop and ...

Hopsmash on Instagram: “😝 @crusadeburger had THREE @hopbutcher beers on tap the other day. Being the good parents and supporters of local beer and local…”

Good evening rockers and rollers and brew lovers! The Meista here tonight pairing Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers' self-titled debut album and Blonde Beer ...

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And on the topic of drinks, here's a beer brewed with yeast developed from the Brewmaster's beard. Yes, that is a real thing! Beard yeast sounds incredibly ...

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The Meista here today pairing "Instinctus Bestialis" by Norwegian black metal legends Gorgoroth and a Gruit Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale Brewed with Herbs from ...

Sat June 11

If you're thinking "ok… but why?" - then you probably haven't read this. And if you haven't clicked that this, then I'll pull out the most important bit…

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As long as I'm glorifying myself in public, I'm gonna link to the ...

The Meista here tonight pairing a Pacific Gem Single Hop Pale Ale from Green Flash Brewing Company and "Forbidden Places" by the Meat Puppets!

Recruiting season is now in full swing and for those who still have not sent out applications, there is still time for a few remaining opportunities.

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Jai Wolf and ford.

“Fortune And Men's Weight”/“Snow Job” / “Fortune And Men's Weight”/“Snow Job”

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He's made harsh and heavy music with Venowl, Stellar Descent, and Ævangelist, and drone folk with Eitarnora. He's also a big curmudgeon in the metal scene, ...


Sign pointing to the entrance of Community Beer Works

Even R3hab's opener Win and Woo was able to connect well with the crowd and steadily increase everyone's excitement levels for the main event.

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Dear Germans/Bavarians, Keep doing what you're doing, because this was seriously awesome. Black, thick, strong tasting, good aroma, amazing dark flavour, ...

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Student Discounts: This is a perk almost every college student knows about, but might be the most underused. Tons of different restaurants and shops around ...

Private investigator Susan Randall talks about preparing a life story for a sentencing...then moving on. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there ...

Record Store Day items are listed at the top of this update and the normal update items follow. Know that many of these items are extremely limited and were ...

Timeless V-day Cabaret

Hopsmash on Instagram: “The Itokawa from @werkforcebrewing was 6% and lishballs like you wouldn't believe. Grapefruity and crispy and hell yeah, ...

Illustration by Jon Gray / Gray318. “


IMG_2626 IMG_2629 ...

... by USA Today but more importantly, it's awesome. More about Steve. You can see Steve Grody's ...

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Planet with title: Providence

view of NYC 9/11 memorial from above

A cleanser and polishing powder. Nope, this isn't a camera illusion. Just a before and after worthy of framing.

Big Picture Science


But back to the ...

Anyway, as per usual, I'm not the biggest fan on wheat beers, they're usually too sweet or citrusy for my taste. Kind of like drinking a cooler.


Win a Green Squirrel hamper!

"They can get a little grody, lemons especially. (Limes just dry


To June 12

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And then, sure enough, someone in the past did have the same molding profile as my original drip caps reproduced! ALMOST.

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(Too bad I don't like the overall style, but whatever.) Bonus points for anyone who can determine why this shoe is being described as "feminist"?

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