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Smartest small dog breed 3 Papillon Read more about this and

Smartest small dog breed 3 Papillon Read more about this and


The Smartest Small Dogs Rating: Top 11

Smartest Dogs - PAPILLON

#3 – Papillon. 9350176131_b07bf9f5bb_z. 9350176131_b07bf9f5bb_z

Papillon - I want one of these. They're one of the smartest dog breeds and have great temperaments. Plus look how cute they are!

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Papillon Dog Breed

Papillon. Overview; Puppies; Breed Standard

papillon chihuahua mix

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5 Smartest Small Dog Breeds

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papillon top 10 smartest dog breeds

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Papillon Dog Breed Information and 30+ Cute Pictures

toy poodle

12 of the world's smallest dog breeds


The French Dog Breed, the Papillon – A Highly Intelligent Pet

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How to Identify a Papillon

He floats like a butterfly, and, well, stings like a bee, so don't count on him as much of a protection dog just yet, though.

papillon dog easiest to train small dogs

Despite its small size, the Papillon is one of the 10 smartest dog breeds.

border collie

The Papillon dog breed descends from the toy spaniels that are frequently portrayed in paintings by the Old Masters, from as far back as the 16th century.

Photo Credit: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

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Smartest Dog Breeds



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Papillon dog

Papillon running in grass

The Papillon Chihuahua Mix: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

The Chinese Crested dog breed was created to be an invalid's companion. In that setting, you won't find a better dog. They can almost read your mind and ...

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Papillon Puppies

Papillon dog. Love that their ears look like butterflies. So cute!

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The top ten most intelligent dog breeds.

A definitive ranking of the 20 smartest dog breeds

Papillion dogs are smart

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smartest dog breeds

3. Shetland Sheepdog. shetland sheepdog, one of the smartest small dog breed

Meet the breed: Papillon

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Read more interesting things about the Papillon:

Papillon The papillon dog is recognized by it's graceful feathered and raised ears.


Papillons carry a plumed tail covered in long hair that cascades over their backs. All Papillons are parti-color, which means they have white bodies with ...

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Papillon Breed Information and Photos

Papillon Puppies For Sale, Covington, Louisiana-email [email protected] -text 985-966-9615

3. Brussels Griffon

Cleaning their ears will remove the built up wax and bacteria inside, It's recommended that these dogs have their ears checked once a week.

Border Collies are often regarded by people as the most intelligent dog breed

Papillon; Pixabay

Black and ...

25 World's Smallest Dog Breeds

the border collie is the smartest dog breed

More than a foofoo haircut and the latest trend in canine fashion. Originally, they were bred in Germany to hunt birds and have been trained to bring ...

smallest dog breeds

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