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Reversing Locky Osiris Part I Security news

Reversing Locky Osiris Part I Security news


Distribution tactics used by the developers of the infamous ransomware. Locky ransomware ...

Locky is a notorious ransomware virus that reappears thanks to the Locky Imposter version

Osiris messages demanding the ransom.

Osiris ransomware is detected on a computer running Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation with Acronis

The 4 files encrypted by .osiris ransomware

Wireshark screenshot showing the downloaded payload size of 161894 bytes. IP potentially

Process Monitor screenshot showing the process of downloading of ekijLpDlRXB.zk into the user's Temp

Process Monitor screenshot showing the process execution through runndll32.exe

Process Monitor screenshot showing the dropper contacting home[.]net[.]pl

Figure 6 - Ransomware Window

API Monitor screenshot showing the execution of the cheburgen function.

Sample of a SPAM email containing Osiris ransomware-infected attachment (Image courtesy of BleepingComputer

Osiris ransomware or .Osiris extension is part of locky malware. It is considered to be dubbed Osiris ransomawre after the extension, however it is Locky ...

Figure 1: Fake Netflix login generator

Locky file-encrypting virus

Figure 1.a - Phishing Email

Figure 7: Vxlock Anti-AV checking

Process Monitor screenshot showing the process of downloading malware from elixe[.]net.

Locky returns: the new variant called Diablo6 spreads via malspam

Ransomware steals 8 years of data from Texas police department | CSO Online

Now all files on the system are encrypted with Diablo6, which we already know as Locky ransomware. Figure 6.a shows the affected files, post-encryption, ...

Locky-Osiris virus

Look Into Locky Ransomware

Behind the Scenes with Ransomware

Malicious spam continues to serve zip archives of javascript files

Figure 3 - PCAP vbs Script

Figure 3: Ransom note displayed as wallpaper

The version of the Osiris dropper that was sampled on 29/01/2017 was 71 KB in size, which is twice as large compared to the samples collected in December ...

A Short Histroy & Evolution of Ransomware

Figure 4 -Temp Folder

Top 5 Tax Season Scams

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Hackers Launching Malware via Weaponized Excel File to Gain the Remote Access to the Target Computers

... victim to press any key. To recover files the victim is directed to a portal, asked to input their unique identifier, and then pay the ransom of 1.3 ...

The Aswan cliff on Comet 67P pre- and post-collapse. Photo: ESA

Osiris Ransomware: New Addition to the Locky Family

Local Security Policy Editor

Most Hacked Passwords – Top 100,000 Common Passwords that Already Known to Hackers

Locky virus gains “Asasin” nickname

'Bloomberg Markets: The Close' Full Show (03/11/2019) – Bloomberg

Join the OSIRIS Lab as we kick off our first event of the semester, HackNight, a weekly workshop designed to transform you from Zero to Hero!


CerberTear ransomware is a HiddenTear cerber variant reported to append .cerber extension. It's called CerberTear Ransomware after the extension .cerber, ...

Hostage Rescue Manual

Windows malware; 5.


Previous Versions Tab for a file

David Dufour talks about the hype and reality at RSA 2017

Page 1

A) is a newly-discovered variant that appends affected files with the .HavocCrypt extension name. This variant performs routines typical of a ransomware ...

23 million emails with Lukitus ransomware was sent in 24 hours

Sri Lanka: Μπλοκάρει την πρόσβαση στα social media

Ransomware Threat Survey Infographic

Tweets by CybersecuritySF

Official Site

Osiris ransomware execution order

Integration Holds the Keys to the Castle

ERMProtect Launches New Cybersecurity Education Games to Show How Employees Work Safely Online

Shit ransomware or .shit extension is the new Locky malware variant that will lock your files and ask you to pay to unlock them.

Figure 2: Prompt window of login information from a supposed genuine Netflix account

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If you need help configuring this, feel free to ask in the Locky Support Topic

... 23.

Security world | Week in security

Hackers Launching DNS Hijacking Attack to Gain Access to Telecommunication & ISP Networks

Four Rising Stars on the Ransomware Stage

At the tail end of 2016, ransomware operators were still hard at work. Distributors probed targets with new spam campaigns, while others experimented with ...

Table of Contents

Notable examples[edit]

CrySis ransomware master key reported to be published just recently by security researchers, which are working on a decryption tool. This a great news for ...

[MISSING IMAGE: tv499816_ifc1.jpg]

Spectre, Meltdown, & the CLIMB Exploit: A Primer on Vulnerabilities, Exploits,

SRP Streams in MS Office Documents Reveal Earlier Versions of Malicious Macros | Security news – Ειδήσεις Ασφαλείας | Macros και Table

Locky-Diablo6 ransomware

REDasm v2.1 releases: The Open Source Disassembler | Security news – Ειδήσεις Ασφαλείας

Introduction of NEW CV Series Valve at Analytica China

Since first reported cerber is one of the best ever developed as of this time ransomware. For the past few months cerber authors have introduced a new ...

Ransomware Recap: January 14 - 29, 2017 - Security News - Trend Micro USA


Click ...

REDasm v2.1 releases: The Open Source Disassembler | Security news – Ειδήσεις Ασφαλείας

Cyber News Rundown: Edition 2/10/17

Locky ransomware adds anti sandbox feature (updated)

Ποιοι είναι οι πιο συνηθισμένοι κωδικοί πρόσβασης; Κίνδυνος παραβίασης

Ransomware Recap: January 14 - 29, 2017

Table of Contents

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Bodybuilding.com Data Breach, Resulting from Phishing Email

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