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ROYAL BLUE Royal Blue was a male pigeon of the RAF pigeon service

ROYAL BLUE Royal Blue was a male pigeon of the RAF pigeon service


ROYAL BLUE Royal Blue was a male pigeon of the RAF pigeon service. He was awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery in March 1945 for being the FIRST pigeon to ...

Winkie the pigeon with PDSA founder Maria Dickin. © PDSA

Winkie the pigeon

Pigeon NPS.43.29018. Bred by Royal Air Force Date of Award: May 1945 “For carrying an important message from the Ruhr Pocket in excellent time, ...

GI Joe with its Dickin Medal. © PDSA

... covering 288 miles distance in 7½ hours, under unfavourable conditions, while serving with the RAF in April 1942.” DM18: Navy Blue Pigeon ...

DM29: Pigeon ...

the RAF and the National Pigeon Service

Bred by Australian Pigeon Service Date of award: February 1947 “For carrying an SOS message under heavy fire which brought relief to a patrol of US Marines ...

Carrier pigeon named "Dreadnought" used for carrying messages. Dickebusch, 27 December 1917

Anything but bird-brained: The amazing wartime feats of carrier pigeons

Commando (pigeon)

A method of fixing a message to a homing pigeon for communication.

German unmanned camera pigeon (probably aerial reconnaissance in World War I)

DM25: Billy Pigeon ...

White Vision

Here's how pigeons played an important role in military history

A boy with the racing pigeon - The Queen

War pigeon

The National Pigeon Service was a key way of delivering news from the front

Pigeons - Humanities for the Environment | Humanities for the Environment

Royal Blue receiving his Dickin Medal. © PDSA

The Truth About Pigeons — Allan Walls Photography

war pigeon


... Homma Brothers are off to a brilliant start

The mystery of the 'pigeon Bermuda triangle'

“For delivering a message under exceptionally difficult conditions and so contributing to the rescue of an aircrew, while serving with the RAF in the ...

"Carrier" pigeons nest on HMS Queen Elizabeth


Strutting his, or her, stuff on a sunnier and warmer afternoon

All the pigeons in Delhi saw the blue pigeon and gathered up in the air behind the bird. The Delhi pigeons followed the blue pigeon as she flew eastwards ...

The Kaiser, captured from WWI Germans and used for WWII breeding (National Archives)

Rare Consecutive Numbers WW2 National Pigeon Service Home Front Enamel Badge x2


Long haul hero: Dickin medal winner 'Mercury' made an epic 480 mile trip

At the outbreak of WW2 1,000s of Britain's pigeon fanciers gave their pigeons to the war effort to act as message carriers. During the period of the war ...



County man was member of England's Royal Air Force | News, Sports, Jobs - Observer Today

RAF pigeon which flew 22 miles in 22 minutes and enabled two wrecked seaplane pilots to

Exploding rats and inbred pigeons

Fast, small, and reliable, messenger pigeons were the unsung heroes of World War II—to both sides.

National Pigeon Service

Blue pigeon


In the 1800's there was an official pigeon postal service throughout France, and this was expanded between capitals so that a postal service by carrier ...

Two pigeon chicks who made the Royal Navy's new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth their home

World's biggest pigeon. A tiny, blue ...

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Dead WW2 cipher pigeon timeline…

Mary, a carrier pigeon, was hit by shrapnel, wounded by pellets and attacked

Mary of Exeter - A Blue Plaque from Exeter Civic Society to commemorate the partnership of


All RAF bombers and aircrafts pilots used pigeons. They kept them in special watertight baskets, so that if the pilot had to abandon the aircraft, ...


A pigeon being released from a tank during World War One

Pigeons At War

“Why can't I find a single other message written on the same printed pigeon service pad?”

... of young pigeons ready for breeding exclusively for the Pigeon Bids internet sale (www.herbots.com). This sale ends on 12 December 2018 at 2 PM (CET).

John keeps his loft management very basic and simple, and is not a user of supplements in the water or on the feeding. He is a great believer in natural ...

Pigeons: Another one of Mother Natures beautiful creations and another species subject to speciesism.

Paddy the pigeon also received the Dickin Medal (PDSA/PA)

This pigeon was trained to fly over enemy lines with an aerial

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65 Geronimo By Abbey, Paige and Ian

(Chester Zoo)

Pigeon No. 498 which Skipper Crisp sent for help when he was attacked by submarine

Pigeon squab 14 days


All fluffed up against the biting cold


Homing pigeon being released from an inflatable lifeboat during WWII to take a message to military

Pigeon carrier: Every RAF aircraft carried at least one pigeon on each flight

Pigeon Post route, Auckland to Great Barrier Island

PDSA Dickin Medal

Pigeons Awarded First Dickin Medals for Bravery. “

Royal Air Force Display, Hendon, 1933 Royal Aeronautical Society

Two consecutive titles of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB

74 What Happened?

the birds, pigeons, pigeons of war, war pigeons

Madagascan blue pigeon

Bletchley Park Pigeon


carrier pigeon, 1946 - Stock Image

... for permission to share their personal photos, I hope this collection shows a varied glimpse into the normal men who served in the Royal Air Force .

Image is loading WW1-1914-1918-ANIMALS-AT-WAR-CARRIER-PIGEON-

Memorial bench

Cpl Tony Scowen