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Our Toe Walking Journey Part 3 Casting Braces parenting

Our Toe Walking Journey Part 3 Casting Braces parenting


Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking

Our Toe Walking Journey Part 3: Casting & Braces

Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking

Our Toe Walking Journey: Part 1

Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking

Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking

Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking

Our Toe Walking Story Part 3: Casting & Braces #legbraces #legcasts #toewalking


'I thought my daughter just liked to walk on her toes but it was something more serious'

Our Clubfoot Journey – Part 4

Ten Best Baby Products We Use Every Day: Months – Our Beautiful Feet

Our Clubfoot Journey – Part 3

Baby Theo

When Tummy Time is Torture – Our Beautiful Feet

#ThankfulThursday Waring...long post 😊 So many feels today and it takes

Sweet girl is working on ankle stability, dynamic balance and stretching tendons from #toewalking

Çocuklarda parmak ucu yürüme bir problem midir? Çocuğunuz erken dönemden itibaren parmak ucu mu basıyor

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We've Got Our Hands Full: Serial Casting- #1 Our experience with serial casting for our toe-walker.

A diagnosis of CP can be terrifying for new parents, as they wonder whether their child will ever sit, stand, walk, feed themselves, or have a normal life.

I am eternally grateful to Kaysee Hyatt for starting this organization. I am overcome with emotion as write this final paragraph because I know how scary ...

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Left: Before the surgery, Tom Baker's heel cords (Achilles tendons) are contracted, pulling his feet — especially the left one — into an abnormal position ...

Leila's night casts

Knowledge Nook!! Sharing knowledge and resources. Nancy Dilger, MA, PT,

Big Apple Parent February 2019

A strategy for toe walking! Haha,

Our Clubfoot Journey – Part 1

Leila always loved to walk on her tippy toes

Hayden Capela, 7

We thank you for being the best part of our community! #Be Brave. Be Fierce. Be Mighty.

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18 Summers: The Ultimate Guide to Not Wasting a Single Vacation With Your Kids

Have you ever had your child go under anesthesia, or deal with an MRI?

People born to genetically-diverse parents likely to be taller and more intelligent, says study

... Feet 20 of Our Favorite Toys That 2-Year-Olds in 2019 Will Absolutely Love ...


Jessie Rayment

It was from an amazing woman that I have meet through blogging. She sent K a note to let her know she was praying for her and included some pretty awesome ...

Our Toe Walking Journey Part 2: MRI

Ankle-foot orthoses on the market today are generally uncomfortable to wear and only high-end, expensive models offer a custom-fit.

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Top Parenting Stories Why I Don't Want My Daughter to Have a Best Friend ...

Like most of you, my husband Nick and I were not aware that a stroke could happen in a child, must less an infant, until it happened to our son Jackson.

Do you want to read and watch family stories about parenting children with disabilities? And hear about what it's like to work in children's rehab?

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On 22 November 2017 In 13thirty Cancer Connect, 13thirty Fit!, Cancer, Family, Friends, Health, Internship, Journeys, Parenting, Relationships, ...

When you're a parent, you often find yourself using the same parental cliches as your parents. If you're an imperfect parent, however, you might find ...

Interestingly enough, we did catch her quite a few times still trying to walk on tip toe with the casts on. The doctor had warned us that this would happen, ...

"Our family is grateful to Bryan Cave LLP, and our charitable group in my office of which I am a member, “Cavers Who Care”, to have the opportunity to help ...

Chores for kids-How to teach your children life skills through household chores. #

Ruth Miller, Ronda Groner and Jana Skopec are a three-generation family

Matej and Nik Vlašič now able to enjoy father-son walks. NED

Atlanta What's Filming: Season 3 of Netflix's 'Ozark' + Casting Opportunities Available

Cheryl Blossom

When Parents featured Emily Keicher, 3, on the cover of our February 2013 issue with her gold-colored walker, we received an overwhelming number of ...

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit

Many children actually stop sucking on thumbs or pacifiers without much parental involvement before it causes

'Five Feet Apart' Director Justin Baldoni Shares Messages From Cystic Fibrosis Advocates

Parenting tips for raising your daughter to be kind and strong. Toddler Behavior, Parenting

My journey at Children's Specialized Hospital began when my husband and I brought our eighteen-month-old son here for a feeding evaluation.

My daughter got out of her cast and into a brace, and though things weren't perfect, the change was dramatic. God gifted me with a gorgeous baby girl that ...

Picking up bean bags or ankle weights is a great way to facilitate anterior compartment strength

It builds into me the faith that He will be with me in my future trials. Also, recalling how the Lord used those folks at ...

The 100 Greatest Music

Mason Scheiwe, 5

We are proud to be an integral part of every student's school experience. Your child's school day begins and ends with Transportation Services.

197 ways to make your holidays bright

A mother and daughter as the Society of Community Organisation announced results of a study on

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Cerebral palsy and knee pain: management tips

Small Deep RiverRock Bottles again at water stations

Fresh Air Weekend: 'Beale Street' Composer Nicholas Britell; Novelist Sigrid Nunez

There is no official handbook on parenting, no offence Dr. Spock, and much less parenting a child with special needs. In our case, we have a brilliant ...

The Science Behind What Motivates Your Child to Succeed and Achieve Their Best

7 Reasons to Join a Parent Support Group

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Dental expert warns against common excuse from parents

We were delighted to welcome to School yesterday, former pupil, parent and governor on the Education Committee (1998 – 2016) and a current Director of St ...

This is part 4 of my Sierra Leone diary. Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here. You can donate to Way Out Arts here.

Hug your babies and hug your family. Tell them you love them because you honestly never know what may happen in an instant. Be grateful for what you have ...

Trabajando la marcha en equino en Halloween! 👻💀👹🕸 #clinicatachintachancdi #

Fantastic support from entire community expected on race day

... for a radical change of job, place or situation. You're worth it. Life is too short for the mediocre or the miserable. Better to open yourself the Grace ...

A Personal Account of an IEP Journey

Matthew Dicks

Bride helps paralyzed groom walk on wedding day

In Part 2, I provided an ...