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Net worth is the most important financial metric for you to measure

Net worth is the most important financial metric for you to measure



Example of Net profit margin using Apple

Net worth is the most important financial metric for you to measure regularly. Which makes

Financial Metrics: A Guide for NFP Boards



A record high number of households have zero wealth outside their primary residence

In simple terms, your net worth is the difference between what you own and what you owe. You can calculate your net worth today by adding your total assets ...

I mentioned this above, but instead of spending money on things that decrease your net worth, you might end up spending it on things that beef up your net ...

4 Important Financial Metrics to Help Evaluate a Company


Reasons to Track Your Net Worth


Although it can make our calculations more complicated, GAAP does not mandate any specific presentation for the income statement.

How to Calculate EBITDA

Discover the ultimate net worth tracker for Canadians

... EBIT of $1 million was entirely different from the EBITDA figure of $140 million. For JC Penney, depreciation and amortization add a significant amount ...

Exxon's ROA =$19.7 billion ÷ $339.5 billion=5.8%∙This means that for every dollar in assets during 2017, Exxon earned5.8 cents in profit. 

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9 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Your Net Worth. Want to know how

The 5 Most Important Financial KPIs That Drive Business Strategy

The total assets for 2016 were $330 billion (rounded).∙Exxon's total average assets =$339.5 ((349+330)/2) 


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Profitability and Return on Equity

How to Calculate the Business Metrics that Matter for Your Restaurant

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Do you know your net worth? According to the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning


Note: Business owners/senior most management along with department heads must be involved in setting up and approving external KPIs.

Project management metrics

Metrics that Matter: 7 KPIs to Keep Your Agency Profitable

Numbers drive real estate investment decisions. The question is, which metrics matter?

First, you need 3 years of financial statements (or as many as you have). Second, you need to lay out your statements in ...


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3) Return on Assets ...


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To excel as a project manager, you need to do more than inspire and motivate. The proof is in the results—a manager needs to achieve (and exceed) business ...

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Paradox 3: Consumers have more selection and, in many cases, lower prices, but companies are still in trouble.

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And you'll quickly notice the relationship between the visibility and importance. Coincidence? We'll get into that more in a minute.

We have no debts outstanding, which means our net worth is relatively easy to calculate.

Your ...

Financial perspective22 How do I measure ...

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Financial Covenants

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Return on Net Assets Equation

Early retirees use an essential tool to build wealth, but obsessing over it can backfire


21, net income had dropped to $364.5 million — a decrease of $50 million, or 12 percent. Which is not an immaterial amount of money.

What Is Net Asset Value?

Where should you start with metrics?

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Churn rate and ticket deflection

Revenue is a key element of profit margin.

Increasing Your Net Worth on a Low Salary

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