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My moms ornamental pear trees had first bud today and then the

My moms ornamental pear trees had first bud today and then the


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The Bradford Pear tree (Pyrus calleryana) is a tree that every gardener should avoid. Find out why the Bradford Pear tree is should never be in your garden!

A flowering Bradford pear tree

Husker Hort

The Beautiful Tree That's Causing Quite A Stink

Conservation Connection: 'The pear to beware'

Guide for The Cleveland Pear Tree

City offers bounty to anyone who cuts down Bradford pear trees

The Best Flowering Trees in the Spring in North Carolina

Prairie Fire Crabapple


eastern redbud tree and manicured lawn

It sounds as though your pear tree has fire blight, a bacterial disease that can infect trees during bloom or during the growing season.

Cleveland Flowering Pear Row

Replacing Ornamental Pear Trees. An example of how pears are spreading into the wild.

Guide for The Cleveland Pear Tree

The problem with Bradford pear trees

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What Is Wrong When Apple Trees Don't Bloom?

Bradford pear tree in the Fall

Taking Pear Cuttings – How To Propagate Pear Trees From Cuttings

Create Small Fruit Trees with This Pruning Method

Close-up of the Bradford Pear tree's blossoms

Gardening: Can a reader's Bradford pear trees be saved? - The Morning Call

Thinning Out Apples: Learn How And When To Thin Apple Trees

How to use Low Stress Training to increase your plant yields

What Happens If Trees Bud Too Early?

A guide to winter pruning

Callery P ear T ree


A two-man crew uses a lift to trim a tall black walnut tree.

'Tis the Season to Graft Your Fruit Trees!

Mechanical pruning can have the same effect as detailed pruning by hand, though the cuts

Bradford Pear tree showing Fall colors

6 Trees You Should Never, Ever Plant

An fruit tree that has undergone espaliered

western thatching ants fruit trees

Brilliant magnolias, also known as saucer magnolias, tulip magnolias, or Mulan trees

pink flowering crabapple tree in nature

Peach Tree Thinning – How And When To Thin A Peach Tree

Where last year's pruning resulted in fruit formation this year.

Removing Branches

Love Letter from the '20s: A Guide to Growing Avocados. Categories Fruit ...

Even ...

western thatching ants in tree

Many homeowners already enjoy the challenge and reward of growing fruit bearing trees. Not only do these trees offer striking ornamental effects, ...

Small but showy: Ornamental trees can have a big impact in the right spot

Picture of Grafting a Multi-variety Apple Tree.

Fruit Tree Explanations

Picea glauca 'Hudsonii', which we planted shortly after our first Newfoundland died, was looking good then and three years later it's even better.

Royal gala apples on tree

Medicinal Trees

Terminal bud on this year's shoot still growing.

Single Bud

The black cherry, or wild cherry, makes a lovely contrast against broad, green

Tree of Heaven

Apple tree leaves and flowers bud in quick succession.

Although ...

emerging scaffold

Bradford Pear blossoms against a clear, deep blue sky

8 Fruit Trees You Can Grow Right on Your Porch

Tree companies slammed after another round of severe storms

Grow a plethora of figs on fast-growing, large trees that offer generous shade

sargent crabapple tree in garden next to wheelbarrow

The showy redbud -- a native plant you can see in the woods in early

There's no better way to welcome the coming of spring than with the profusion of yellow blooms covering graceful, arching branches.

Fig Tree Care and How to Grow a Fig Tree in a Pot

Observe how the tree grows in density, then start thinning from the inside out, bo ttom to top.

Branches and twigs on the Callery pear tree look similar to each other and to the trunk. They all feature brown, rough bark. The twigs branch out and end in ...

Green Grapes

Pruning For Height

Bradford Pear trees are a nice size for city lots.

Mother Plants Are An Endless Source Of Your Favourite Weed

The Cleveland Pear is known for its year-round enjoyment. In spring, the pear tree's flowers blossom suddenly, covering the gray branches with thousands of ...

Care must taken in determining which pollenating cultivars to mix with others in the orchard. SO WHAT ABOUT THE OLDER ORNAMENTAL TREE ...

You don't have to go to D.C. for cherry blossoms. See them at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

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Why mountain laurel flowers are a reason to cut down your bradford pear trees

Clusters of white flowers characterize the Tina crabapple.

Garden mums on drip irrigation

pear tree 2

In the autumn and wintertime, the hawthorn tree ...


Red Bud


Bradford Pear tree in the fall