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Microplastics is a stopmotion animation made of bits of plastic

Microplastics is a stopmotion animation made of bits of plastic


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Ocean Confetti, the challenge of micro-plastics | The Kid Should See This

Ecological apple (experimental short)

Ocean Confetti, the challenge of micro-plastics | The Kid Should See This

Environment, preparation for the International Youth Media Summit in EcoLab on Vimeo

The presence of microplastics in commercial salts from different countries. Well, I knew there

Centro Yoga Áshrama Peniche

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Source: Future Ocean

Together with our students, we are testing out and sharing youth-designed, community-based solutions to reduce local polluting plastic litter that becomes a ...

Betsy Dadd, Animation, Terra Infirma


Plastic toothbrushes are made out of two different types of plastic making them impossible to

William Kentridge: The Refusal of Time in Playlist per Stop-Motion e Time-Lapse, 2013 on Vimeo

However, potential effects of microplastics on the behavior and physiology of fish still need to be studied.

Read Write Respond #036

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic polltion find their way into our oceans.


Plastics do not biodegrade but they photo-degrade into smaller pieces that persist in the

Workers sort disposable garbage from plastic recyclable resources on a conveyor belt at Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering

Mountain Of Garbage Waste Plastic ...

Britain to ban Disposable Plastic – Cotton Buds, Drink Stirrers, Drinking Straws…

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A still from Burn The Witch, showing a pagan ritual

exult.planet. Overheard conversation 😐 • • • • • #exultplanet #ecofriendlyliving

Stop plastic pollution-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-Shocking plastic facts

Plastic waters 🦑🌍 © @markusaspegren Model: @laurapauliinat Styling/Bodypaint: @

Miniature plastic imitation sticky rice packages found in the sea. Zongzi, or Zong, are traditionally made from bamboo leaves and thrown into the sea as ...

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A small change in our daily habits can help alleviate the suffering of marine animals.

Tregantle Beach

Fun Dinosaur Toys to Accompany the Opening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Coastal runoff of plastic debris occurs from leaching landfills, litte

I know this isn't my usual style post, but it's important. Every little piece of trash you use has to go somewhere. Please, try to make a conscious effort ...

Microplastic particles in the water and inside dead fish. Ocean pollution ecology problem. Environmental

High tech setup here at fuzzy studios...making an animation for my new

I like to call this the LADIES OF PLASTIC! Don't know why I

Ray Harryhausen's skeleton army from

... or well known interior designer named Kelly hoppen, ...

Now this feels just about right - New Years

Publisher MIT Press writes: Ecological crisis has driven contemporary artists to engage with waste in its most non-biodegradable forms: plastics, e-waste, ...

And you can't throw them away either

With his round head, wobbly smile and curlicue hair, Charlie Brown is perhaps one of the easiest cartoon characters to draw — and the hardest to animate.

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Bubbles not balloons

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The opening scene: A car pulls up outside a building in Prague in the black

When plastic is in water, overtime it will grow a biofilm, which is an algae that forms around the object. . The plastic then will smell and looks like an ...

The five biggest plastic polluters are China, Indonesia, the Philippin

An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, most of which is plastic, is dumped in the world's oceans every year. Is this the kind of ocean you want to live ...

Landthropologic, Earthworks In Motion

The Ocean Cleanup technology and challenges explained | The Kid Should See This

About 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually.

Animated short captures the spirit of ocean pollution with ironically catchy soundtrack | MNN - Mother Nature Network

School lab - Kiel Science Factory

Today ...

My contribution to the #mermay contest by #svslearn I think this has been the

For Animation Techniques we re-did a stop motion SyFy channel logo using an alien and a sea monster silhouette.

Assistant Editor Tom Doggart Keeps the Stop-Motion Comedy Flowing on 'Shaun the Sheep Movie'

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Asia: The Future of Global Wellness Tourism

Relics of ancient hill forts

Artists Celebrate Wes Anderson's 'Isle of Dogs' in a Paw-fect Art Exhibition

Fishes swiming near plastic debris at the Samandag Cevlik Akcay dive site off the coast of Samandag, in Hatay province, Turkey.

... the portable pouch of bubble solution, wave their hands and make hundreds of bubbles with just a wave of their hands! What kid doesn't like bubbles?

gestalt realities [part 2]

Stories about #plastic


Nature's Voice

marine debris art collage

Plastic packaging Recycling and Recovery Survey 2015-2016

Shakespeare Week

So professional looking 🐳🐢🐡 #kimmi3art #art #stopmotion #stopmotionvideo #animation #savetheturtles #pollution #littering #savetheocean #oceanstopmotion ...

Pink aardvarks

My Month of April

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What Does it Take?

Fun changeable 3d geometric structures created in today's after school art club. Exploring arrangements of

n at the SustainRCA Show) reminds us that these same micro plastics are entering our food chain. Leyla Aliyeva's experience Life, places a beating heart in ...


You can watch a behind-the-scenes teaser for the new animation in the video below, and see more of Prowse's stop motion films on her website.

Assistant Editor Tom Doggart Keeps the Stop-Motion Comedy Flowing on 'Shaun the Sheep Movie'

Westworld mobile game to shutdown by mid-March

Image result for another fine mess moore

Lego art: The 26-year-old creator of the clip - who founded

Above: Robert Smith of The Cure. Below: Billie Eilish, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52's, Nilufer Yanya; Mark Hollis of Talk Talk; Joy Division's ...

Single-use plastic is so damaging to our environment - commit

Collage of Young Filmmakers Contest Winners 2019

This Marathon took a firm stance against plastic waste yesterday. They replaced 200,000 water bottles with innovative water “pods” made from edible, ...

... cozyyote - shiloh/tetsuro - am i a slice???? yes . ...

Nearly eight million metric tonnes of plastic packaging weight – equivalent to the weight of 2,000

Beth Breeden media on instagram

A drawing I made of my persona Aruu! I used Crayola colored pencils and it actually wasn't that bad- so here it is I guess eheh :v - - - - - #aruuhime_oc ...

There were so many iconic entertainment moments in 2015 (um..Star Wars, anyone?) so it was tough to choose our favorite animation films, games, shorts, ...

More than 20,000 pieces of discarded plastic - from water bottles and drinking straws to cling