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Medium Wave AM Broadcast Band Resonant Loop Antenna Projects Todo

Medium Wave AM Broadcast Band Resonant Loop Antenna Projects Todo


Medium Wave AM Broadcast Band Resonant Loop Antenna.

There's nothing new about loop antennas, as they dominated receivers for ~50 years until the 1960s transistor radio ferrite rod takeover-itself still a loop ...

The idea with such a loop relates to tuning the simple coil (L) capacitor (C) parallel combo so that the pair "resonate" at a frequency in the band of ...

Clothes pegs fastened to a curtain make for a neat holding system. The loop doesn't need to be perfectly formed either, although it's directional pickup ...

In fact,with the same 60-160pF varicap,6m of 4 wire flat phone cable gave LC resonance in the mid-upper MW band almost as well as 3m of 8 wire cable.

If you'd like to participate in this giveaway, here's how: Simply comment ...

If your soldering is not up to it, then these wire ends can even be joined by cheap screw terminal connectors. Naturally this will also give design ...

G6ENN personal biography | Projects to try delta loop antenna | Ham radio antenna, Outdoor antenna, Ham radio

80-20m Magnetic Loop Antenna by Frank N4SPP

am-loop-antenna-am-radio.html in jereclemen.github.com | source code search engine

... tediously winding multiple strands of wire around a frame,the approach here is to simply connect the cables offset wire ends,thus making a 8 wire loop!

Loop Schematic

3 metres (~10 feet) of cheap 8 wire cable will resonate nicely over most of the upper 500kHz -1.7MHz MW Broadcast Band ...

The (In)Famous Faulkner FM Loop Antenna!

... adjust the 2 small trimmers to a minimum (thus NOT overlapping)- this determines the upper frequency of course. However IF you want lower MW ...

Dave's Homemade Loop Antennas

In February 2008, I wanted to try my hand at building a tuned loop antenna suitable for the medium wave broadcast band. I decided to build a flat spiral ...

FLAT MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNA , loop magnetico morbido i6ibe pratola peligna

End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler Schematic – 7-30MHz

Having previously spent many years as an apartment-dweller, I have a keen sense of how difficult it is to do effective HF communications from restricted ...

Active 3-30 MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave

Mast radiator of a commercial MF AM broadcasting station, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Active 3-30 MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave

There are numerous designs for loops. Some are tuned, others are broadband; some are compact indoor models, others are massive outdoor devices, ...

Loop Antenna Building Details

Bill scores a homebrew LW/MW magnetic loop antenna

AM Loop Antenna from MTM Scientific, Inc. Jamie, maybe try this shape instead for your AM.

Click here to view Eric's 20 meter loop antenna project.

... publish the full list of radio favorites in a future ...


Zebra Loop - 80m SWR Sweep

MW Loop Schematic

The values are now all positive and lie over a narrower range: 2.5 pF to 23 pF. So let's reduce our estimate of L down to 140 µH and try again.

Graham's FS loop antenna are becoming very popular. Many videos and demonstrations now appear on YouTube. US Dxer Gary DeBock compares a FS Loop to a much ...

Image titled Create a Simple AM Radio Step 1

A magnetic loop antenna for HF

Wire ties are used to secure the loops to an 8 foot long piece of pressure treated 1″ by 2″ furring strip that I happened to have laying around.

21A: Variations of shielded coupling loops

slinky coil dipole

I was working at a higher frequency, but the mathematics and behavior of loops is

AM Radio Directional Loop Antenna Demo Homemade..Make Your Own For A Few Dollars! And They Work. - YouTube

Image titled Create a Simple AM Radio Step 3

Faraday loop coupling Ham Radio Antenna, Walkie Talkie, Channel, Survival, Projects,

Mounting option with loop on top Mounting option

Crossed Parallel Loop Antenna Build

40: The construction concept of my first STL antenna - 1.5 m (5 ft) high & wide

It just so happened that I had such a switch, ordered for an earlier project and never used, so after buying a small plastic “snacks box” from a local store ...

Dipole antenna

Parabolic satellite dish at Canberra, Australia

On Point: The Yagi Antenna

80m Loop ...

Fig.9: 'Argo' - KFI Los Angeles


Here is a photograph of my build of the antenna:

Mark 7

Sparton radio and loop

So what I needed was a way to:

In that ideal situation, the maxima is aimed at the desired station and the null

Sparton radio and loop

Image titled Create a Simple AM Radio Step 2

... some of the loops. I still need to apply silicone sealant to the eight openings where the wires run in, and seal the ethernet cable entry hole with some ...


enter image description here

4: Current distribution around a loop antenna

enter image description here

YouTube demo of a weak 1630kHz NDB (Non Directional Beacon)signal being received with a (curtain pegged!) portable loop & a cheap semi-digital receiver.

Klaus demonstrates his folding mag loop antenna


on lowest band used Easily done by rotating coupling loop (fixed loops) or compressing

Rooftop television Yagi-Uda antennas like these are widely used at VHF and UHF frequencies.

Mag Loop

Antenna Engineering Handbook. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co. Kraus, John

I adjusted the settings on the oscilloscope to get the best view of the sine wave and altered ...

In tests we have found that a popular Wellbrook loop that is almost unanimously praised in hobby reviews, loses even to a tiny 60 meters long random wire.

Image titled Create a Simple AM Radio Step 16

Project ...

Finally, below is a broadband spiral antenna. The one pictured here is located in Portland, OR, and it is designed to work across the entire FM band.

Fig.7: Spectran - a broadcast channel

am-loop-antenna-am-radio.html in jereclemen.github.com | source code search engine

Half-wave Dipole ...

The tuning capacitor network.

Loop antenna sonograms

Small Loop Antenna

Now if somebody ever touches the tuning on that radio between visits - it will be

... and located a couple of feet from the loop antenna. The results of the tests at eight different frequencies are shown in the spreadsheet below:

Frank's N4SPP Ham Radio home-built 80 40 20 meters short dipole antenna KGD kurz geratener dipol

Antenna Loop Square Air for MW using Litz Wire

Build Your Own Crystal Radio

The connector ...