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May 14 Otter Pals Go for a Romp Among the Trees Yeet

May 14 Otter Pals Go for a Romp Among the Trees Yeet


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You like me, you really like me! https://dailyotter.org/posts/2019/5/19/you-like-me-you-really-like-me …

May 16 The Sunlight Really Highlights Otter's Impressive Whiskers

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... on her belly: https://dailyotter.org/posts/2019/5/18/sea-otter-mother-carries-her-quite-large-pup-on-her-belly …

... but thanks, otter! https://dailyotter.org/posts/2019/5/26/i-didnt-think-my-joke-was-that-funny-but-thanks- otter …


Daily Otter

May 30 Otter Gives Her Friend a Nuzzle

Apr 30 Every Move You Make, Every Step You Take, Otter's Watching You

May 31 Who Knew a Burlap Sack Could Be a Fun Water Toy?

Sea Otter Pup Hardy Gets a Load of Tanu 3 River Otter, Sea Otter,

May 10 Otters Have Found a New Best Friend in Each Other

May 15 Surprise Guest Otter Makes Himself at Home in Human's House

The Daily Otter

May 8 Otter Has the Most Delightful Scrub

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Oct. 26, 2012 - Roseburg, Oregon, U.S - A pair of wild

Oct. 26, 2012 - Roseburg, Oregon, U.S - A pair of wild

If I Could Talk To the Animals

Little sea otter Mara has a toy - May 2, 2019

An otter on the seafront with its tail in the air, during a wildlife photography


Otter enjoys a leisurely swim at dusk: https://dailyotter.org/posts/2019/5/25/otter-enjoys-a-leisurely-swim-at-dusk …

May 11 Sea Otter Enjoys a Leisurely Snack on the Water

Sea otter pups love their mothers, too: https://dailyotter.org/posts/2019/5/12/sea-otter-pups-love-their-mothers-too …

Apr 8 Sometimes a Friend Just Needs a Little Love

Sometimes You Have To Stitch Romping Squirrels, Don't You?

Oliver's Otter Phase ...

First ...

You ...

Oct. 26, 2012 - Roseburg, Oregon, U.S - A wild river otter

I ...

Otter may be a big boy, but he's got a sweet soul. He's the type of dog who could use someone that really understands sensitive, somewhat introverted ...

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

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As darkness descends the two walk away leaving behind them drowning beauty, water echoing deep in the dam and drifting forth, rising and echoing too in the ...

Go For The Green

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Mr. Casual, among ...

Need a tender boy in your life? Then you definitely need to ask for Otter. He's the tenderest, goodest boy around. And come on, look at that smile!

What I Saw in the Teachers' Lounge ...

Ask a Manager

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One of the new photos that will go in ...

I also came across this interesting tree, in the process of shedding its bark, kind of like a snake sheds its skin:

Jellycat Willie Walrus Big

Otters Swimming in the sea off the Scottish Highlands


Maine Coon Adoptions hosts an adoption event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. first weekends monthly at Pet Food Express, 3868 Piedmont Ave., Oakland.

He's Your Daddy!: Ducklings, Joeys, Kits and More ...

it's a very thoughtfully-written adventure story, with appeal for both adults (i can vouch for this), and children (i am assuming the publishers can vouch ...


Charlie with a huge salmon

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Log ...

The ground sloth Scelidotherium, with a long, low body and snout. Recent evidence suggests it may have been a burrower. (Smithsonian Books)

A playful otter rolls on its side on a rocky Scottish headland, with the pink

The Otter of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery (No. 5)

Got ...

Otters playing under the Kessock Bridge in the sunshine

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Airedale breeders' hand book. Airedale terrier. 82 THE AIREDALE. Hy- .

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Rescue vehicles and police officers gather near Gerstheim, eastern France, Thursday, May 30

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Otter eats treats off a snowman in otter tank

Because plums sometimes still dangle, frozen in mid-November, from bare trees that have no leaves. What a miracle! Look around, it's happening right now.

Vicky Adams I don't understand that! We stay at the MGM every year and last year one of the maid's left our room ajar after cleaning and it was all caught ...

Photo of Alpine Dog Ranch - Alpine, CA, United States. After a dip

Justin Beavers Mom on Animal Radio

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New Moon/Valentine's Day/Year of the Tiger

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The cheeky seal (pictured) was photographed circling the kayakers near the Forth Road Bridge

afternoon light making a halo of thin branches in a copse of trees in Forest Park

Donni the cheetah grows up

Suddenly the breeze blows a singe petal onto Cat's nose causing a tickle, a sniff,

The first time that I ever spotted a tree trunk fairy garden, was while walking around my block a couple of years ago. The tiny vignette was super cute, ...

Documentaries people don't dare to watch: Land of Hope and Glory (2017)

Baby Lions Join the Pride

Photo: BodyHoliday ...

Teacher Builds Tiny House in the Forest

I just wanted to pop in super-quick, before I started work, to share these gorgeous squirrelly works of genius!


All about Airedales; a book of general information valuable to dog lovers and owners .


The Rats

Photo of Rocket Dog Care - Seattle, WA, United States. Coconut is having

Juno (left)