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Marlene Dietrich has her cigarette lit by Clive Brook in a scene

Marlene Dietrich has her cigarette lit by Clive Brook in a scene


Marlene Dietrich has her cigarette lit by Clive Brook in a scene from the film '

Marlene Dietrich and Clive Brook in Shanghai Express

Marlene Dietrich, Queen of Light(ing)

circa 1936: Clive Brook, the British leading man of stage and screen in close…

Clive Brook and Mary Nolan share an emotional scene from 'Charming Sinners' The film

DVD Review: Marlene Dietrich Directed by Josef von Sternberg

Actress Kay Francis and Clive Brook in a scene from the movie Scandal Sheet. "

CinemaPersonalities circa 1930's German born film actress Marlene Dietrich portrait filming a tender love scene with. Clive Brook

Mistress of Ceremonies

Clive Brook and Marlene Dietrich movie art for the film 'Shanghai Express' 1932

Clive Brook, Marlene Dietrich Im Zug nach Shanghai trifft der britische Offizier Harvey (Clive

Of the two films, Shanghai Express has been the most easily available for viewing. I first watched Shanghai Express at a Miami Beach revival house in 2010, ...

Director Josef von Sternberg with Dietrich. Image: Age Fotostock


LA DIETRICH junto a su hija Maria y al marido de esta, al que detestaba.

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She raises a cigarette to her mouth, inhales and then blows the gauzy smoke out, as her hand begins to tremble even more intensely.

Actress Clara Bow Clive Brook and Arlette Marchal in a scene from the movie Hula. "

Marlene Dietrich and Cary Grant, Blonde Venus, 1932

Dietrich & von Sternberg in Hollywood


Clive Brook and Anthony Holles talking at the bar at Black's Club in a scene from

"Glamour is assurance. It is a kind of knowing that you are all right in every way, mentally and physically and in appearance, and that, whatever the ...

Actress Clara Bow and Clive Brook in a scene from the movie Hula. "


Irene Dunne and Clive Brook star in the film 'Behold We Live' alternatively titled

In the end, although the film has a [SPOILER] happy ending and there really isn't a lot of noir, or even plot, once again we find Dietrich and von Sternberg ...

Co-starring Clive Brook, Anna May Wong, Warner Oland, Eugene Pallette, Lawrence Grant, Louise Closser Hale, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Emile Chautard, ...

3 Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg

After the death of her husband, Amy Kolverer (Marlene Dietrich) ...

Dietrich in Shanghai Express

Young woman smoking cigarette, healthcare concept, isolated - Stock Image

Marlene Dietrich and Clive Brook movie art for the film 'Shanghai Express' 1932

'Pretty Little Liars' Behind-the-Scenes Set Tour With Creator Marlene King (WATCH)

Details about EUROPE - 1930s Film Star Postcards Produced in France #849 to #998

Young woman smoking cigarette, healthcare concept, isolated - Stock Image

The Devil is a Woman 1935

For The Icon, The Shadow, and The Glimmer Between: 3 Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg

Anna May Wong, Eugene Palette, Louise Closser Hale, Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook

Co-starring Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe, Louise Dresser, C. Aubry Smith, Jane Darwell, Hans Heinrich von Twardowski, Maria Riva, Akim Tamiroff, ...

It is so easy to look upon Barbara Parkins' exquisite beauty and make that the initial distinction you recall about her as an actress before recounting the ...

Noir-a-Thon Double Feature Part 1: Shanghai Express (1932) | blah blah blah gay - not just a movie review blog


Actor Clive Brook Paramount featured player and noted English star demonstrates the proper method of dropping

Marlene Dietrich Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Muse, Stage, Sunday, Domingo

After pulling off a big robbery, gangster Bull Weed (George Bancroft) crosses paths with a homeless, alcoholic man he nicknames Rolls Royce (Clive Brook).


... revels in her reputation; men are obviously led in to temptation in an effort to be near her. Her feminine charms are directly responsible for at least ...

Co-starring Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Adolphe Menjou, Ullrich Haupt, Eve Southern, Paul Porcasi Cinematography Lee Garmes Original Music Karl Hajos

... Costume Party: Marlene Dietrich ...

Pola Negri

Mr C M Woolf Mr J Arthur Rank and Mr Clive Brook at the premiere of '

marlene dietrich photographed in malibu by her lover, mercedes de acosta.

Ashtray, Lyon, France - Stock Image


No human being is immune from having his or her share of contradictions, and Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich, Paramount stablemates for much of the ...

But seriously, folks, there is actually very little in the way of noir attributes to Shanghai Express. It collects together a group of caricatures in the ...

... The Legend of Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Cocktail ...

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This ...

Une Femme est Une Femme

Her solution to win back her audience was to spoof her previous imperious image as a sultry siren. Going forward, her greatest hits would include an element ...


Eugene Palette, Anna May Wong, Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook *** Local

Marlene Dietrich and Clive Brook movie art for the film 'Shanghai Express' 1932


It's hard not to get a kick out of the drawings of Lombard and Laughton in boxing mode (evoking memories of “Nothing Sacred”). And how about that photo of ...

Queen of Blood 1966 is one of the films made by AIP, at the time Roger Corman was working for them. They utilized a lot of Russian film footage mostly ...

The Scarlet Empress

... The Legend of Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Cocktail ...

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Stranger than Fiction Year: 2006 USA Emma Thompson Director: Marc Forster - Stock Image

Irish-born ...


Marlene Dietrich

Pick as many as you like.

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And so we come to Shanghai Express, the third of our four proto-noirs, and in many ways the least 'noirish' by our strict academic standards.

Tallulah-and William-Bankhead-1937

Romance (1936 film)

The third film in this extravagant boxset from @criterioncollection is set in Peking, China


Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich, shown with Cary Grant and Richard Barthelmess at Carole's famed party at the Venice pier in June 1935, were studiomates ...

Clive Brooks returns (not shown) to the gangster's besieged hideout to free his boss from the madness, and George Bancroft is thunderstruck at the capacity ...

Dishonored: Josef von Sternberg

Costume Party: Marlene Dietrich Costume Party: Marlene Dietrich ...

Split Second 1953


Clive Brook English actor 1 June 1887 17 November 1974

Salt of This Sea

Open package of cigarettes - Stock Image

Marlene Dietrich as Shanghai Lily in Shanghai Express, 1932 Old Hollywood Style, Hollywood Fashion

Best Newspaper Owner of All Time

SCARLET EMPRESS, THE (1934) Jumbo window card


And then there's the way this movie treats Kim Novak, how she spends one scene inexplicably walking around the garden in her brassiere like some kind of ...