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Long Tail Cast On Using Both Ends of Yarn Crafts Ideas Knitting

Long Tail Cast On Using Both Ends of Yarn Crafts Ideas Knitting


long tail cast on in knitting

Long tail cast on technique

Long Tail Cast On - Knitting Tutorials: Cast Ons - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas! Knitting begins with the ...

Knitting needles with balls of yarn, close-up. Kristin Duvall/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images. The long-tail cast on ...

How to work a long tail cast on to give your knitting more polish #knitting #knit #handmade #babyblanket#crafting #yarns #crafts

Learn How To Knit: 1- Quick and Easy Cast-On Knitting | How To Cast On | Long-Tail Cast-On

How to Do the Long Tail Cast On

How to CAST ON (Long Tail Method): Knitting Lessons for Beginners


How to Work the Knit Cast-On

Use this technique to avoid estimating for a long tail cast on. You'll get the neat edge of the long-tail method without the fuss.

Casting On with the LONG TAIL CAST ON

Running out of yarn for the long tail is a common challenge with longtail cast on

Long Tail Cast On Help

how to cast on knitting for beginners | Long Tail Cast On

The long tail tubular cast is ideal for projects that need a stretchy trim, such

Longtail Cast On for Beginners

how to knit long tail cast on

The amount of yarn you allow for in your long tail cast-on will depend on the number of stitches you are casting-on, the tension that you tend to cast -on ...

...let the loop of yarn on your thumb slip off. Bring your thumb back under the loose strand of yarn to tighten the stitch on the needle.

Knitting Cast On and Knitting Bind Off Techniques

Beginning the long-tail cast on.

7 Little-Known Cast-on Methods That Will Blow Your Mind | Knitting | Crochet hooks, Cast on knitting, Knitting for charity

No one likes feeling the need to hide a wonky neckline or gaping hole from a short row wrap & turn. Here we share our favorite tips and techniques for ...

Techniques in Depth: How to Weave in Ends

Knitted Scarves

How to do it. Using the yarn and needles required for your project, calculate the yarn length for your long tail cast on ...

How to Knit Acorns | Knitted Softies for Beginning Knitters

Extreme Knitted Blanket

CreatiKnit | How to cast on stitches using Long Tail Cast On!…

Loop the terminus end of the yarn (the “tail”) around your thumb. The tail should come from the needle, around the back of your thumb to the front of your ...

BONUS BONUS TIP: If you use a Long Tail (two strand) cast on, or any of its variants, work the first couple of stitches with both ends of the yarn—this ...

Knitting Tutorial: 3 Ways to Cast On Stitches

Finished your first ball of yarn? Adding a new colour? Elizabeth Bagwell suggests 6 ways to tie up those loose ends.

How to Measure the Yarn for a Long Tail Cast On

Knitting Tip: How to Knit with Variegated Yarns

Picture of Longtail Cast On

Every successful knitter should know how to cast on and bind off, and with this

53 Scrap Yarn Projects

Here is what the cast on will look like after you have knitted a few rows.

The i-cord Loop: How-to finish off your hat with a loop

Introduction to Crochet

How to knit the I-Cord CO

Kids shoot up quickly and many a proud knitter has discovered that a favourite sweater still fits fine across the shoulders but has turned into a cropped ...

KnittingYarn. Final product image

Have you tried knitting without needles? I have loop yarns a try and was pleasantly. Catch up on the ...

Remove the pillow form and pin the sides together. In a perfect world, the lifelines will mark the top and bottom of the front but if your length was ...

Step 1 long tail cast on. With the ...

French Knitting with a cardboard Loom

Step By Step. 01 cast off

The yarn used in this tutorial is Knit Picks Tuff Puff on size 17 knitting needles. You can get the yarn from Knit Picks here.

How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps for Beginning Knitters with Studio Knit

How to Long Tail Cast On (traditional)

How to cast off / bind off

Magic Loop Technique – how to knit in the round using a single long circular needle

Picture of Longtail Cast On

How to Knit

I ran out of yarn before the end of the bind off. Oops. I did have a little extra yarn left over from an overly cautious long tail cast on, ...

Long Tail Tubular Cast On

Bind-Off and Cast-On Knitting Instructions

I love all season changes but this time of the year is probably my favorite. Exit gray sky, dreary mornings and lack of light, ...

Grab the new yarn that you're going to attach. Leaving a long tail for weaving in later, wrap the new yarn around the needle.

NOTE: this series assumes you already have a basic knowledge of knitting. You should know how to knit and purl and do a long tail cast on.

Cast on 44 stitches using the long tail cast on.

Cast On Without a Slip Knot by Studio Knit

If you've never used circular knitting needles, you may not know how brilliant and versatile they are. They can be used to knit in the round or straight, ...

File:Knitting demo of two stitches.webm

long-tail cast-on matched with Elizabeth Zimmermann's “casting on casting off”

If you are working along an edge created with the standard bind off or the long tail cast on, then poke the needle under both strands of the “stitch” lying ...


Learn how to knit the long-tail cast on in knitting with this exclusive how

At the end of the round, the first cast on stitch that was moved to the right needle will be knit (or purled) together with the last stitch.

2. Now, use the ...

The yarn used in this tutorial is Knit Picks Tuff Puff on size 17 knitting needles. You can get the yarn from Knit Picks here.

How to Knit a Hat


A Japanese Knitting Stitch Project

Long Tail Cast On

I learnt the long tail cast on which gives a more elastic finish. The written guidance on this isn't the best and I struggled to visualise the technique, ...

We're finally ready to finish up our Top This! hats now that we're at the end of the week. Finishing your knitted hat is the last step, and involve sewing ...

Tackle 3 Advanced Knitting Cast Ons

How to Do a Long-Tail Cast-On in Knitting

To figure out where to tie your slip knot, first measure out a length of yarn 3½ times the width of what you plan to make. So for a 6-inch wide scarf, ...

I like to place markers in as I go, every 25 or 50 stitches depending on how many I need in total. Just slip the stitch marker onto the right needle and ...