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Lawfare Editors Note Below are the executive summaries of the two

Lawfare Editors Note Below are the executive summaries of the two


Lev Sugarman

Executive Privilege and Compelled Testimony of Presidential Advisers: Don McGahn's Dilemma

Lawfare (4/18/19). Editor's Note: Below are the executive summaries of the two volumes of Special Counsel ...

What to Make of Bill Barr's Letter

Democracy in Netanyahu's Israel under greater threat than in Trump's America, warns Lawfare editor - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Democracy in Netanyahu's Israel under greater threat than in Trump's America, warns Lawfare editor - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

The Executive Branch Escalates Its Clash With Congress

Representative Adam Schiff speaks at the Brookings Institution with Benjamin Wittes and Susan Hennessey / Brookings. Editor's Note: ...

Photo: Department of Defense. Editor's note: ...

Mueller Report

Meanwhile, both administrations sent letters expressing concerns about other constitutional issues unrelated to executive power (e.g., the Ex Post Facto ...

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Full Text of the Mueller Report's Executive Summaries

It is perhaps not a surprise that the Justice Department inspector general's report on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation quickly became, ...

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... General Stephen E. Boyd sent a letter to House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler announcing that President Trump initiated executive privilege.

(Letters often also contained multiple objections of the same category—e.g., a single letter containing objections to multiple bill sections as encroaching ...

On May 8, 2019, Attorney General William Barr requested President Trump to initiate executive privilege over the subpoenaed redacted portions of the Mueller ...

How to Get Rid of a President: History's Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives: David Priess: 9781541788206: Amazon.com: Books

Mueller: Trump campaign's Gates knew he was speaking to Russian intel agent

Page 1

The Wall Begins to Crumble: Notes on Collusion

Perjury Chart Trump Associates Lies, False, Or Misleading Statements on Russia.

Along with pretty much anyone writing for Lawfare, you can add the entire staff at McClatchy, which pushed one collusion conspiracy after another—the most ...

Written Summaries of the 16 Week Webinar Series offered Sept – Dec 2018 – Updates Provided thru Dec.

Monday brought other reminders that the various investigations into Trump, his orbit and Russia's role in the 2016 election are not actually over.

... Ben Huebner @BrookingsInst: http://lawfare.libsyn.com/ben-huebner-on-privacy-and-civil-liberties-at-the-cia?tdest_id=221919 …pic.twitter.com/9v9v350w0o

Don't forget MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who gave air time to Jonathan Chait to push the possibility that “Donald Trump has been a Russian intelligence asset since ...

One researcher shows despite some speculation, 80 percent of mass shooters didn't show an interest in violent video games

What Mueller Found on Russia and on Obstruction: A First Analysis

Lawfare: Using “Transition” status to justify intervention in Venezuela

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Democracy in Netanyahu's Israel under greater threat than in Trump's America, warns Lawfare editor - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Minutes of October 2016 Administrative Council

Reclaiming the Indo-Pacific: A political-military strategy for Quad 2.0

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The fake NSA document

The letter from United States Attorney General William Barr dated March 22, 2019, notifying leaders of the House and Senate judiciary committees about the ...

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Debate Over NRA Promotion Of Gun 'Silencers' Resurfaces Following Virginia Beach Shooting

Initially, it is evident that there will be around 10,000 people (taking the total of retiring males and females) turning 65 each day for the next two ...

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Volume II, page 1

Mueller Investigators Say Report More Damaging than Barr Summary Indicates

Part II: The Integrity Initiative's Foreign Agents of Influence Invade the United States

Obviously the interview took place on January 24th, 2017. The FD-302 was drafted on January 24th, and then later edited, shaped, and ultimately approved by ...

... The four models we identify offer very different interpretations of nuclear crises. Indeed, they suggest different answers to four basic questions about ...

FILE PHOTO: Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked delivers a statement to members of the media,


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Download an outline Programme below (PDF)

Unverified Allegations

Excerpt of President Trump's written responses to Mueller. "

Argument preview: Interpretation of removal statute raises deference questions

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4/ Mueller is the guy standing 20 feet away with a .45 waiting for the right moment.


Book Synopsis: No Place Left to Hide

Opinion | More media lessons from the Mueller report-2

(Click on the image for a larger view.

In some cases, American policymakers may need to place U.S. forces on the front lines, where they can play a more direct role helping other states counter ...

Democracy in Netanyahu's Israel under greater threat than in Trump's America, warns Lawfare editor - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

harriet tubman 20 bill graphic

And a new Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll, which was in the field before, during and after the news conference in Helsinki, shows Trump's job approval ...

Next we move on to Page Two. Here AG Barr tells us the Mueller report has two elements. Russian interference, including Trump's potential collusion with ...

Graph contained in Mark Zuckerberg's November 15, 2018 post titled, 'A Blueprint for Content Governance and Enforcement'



Funding for the three projects will rely on the appetite of international lenders, with Mr St Baker confirming Australia's big four banks will not be ...


Analysis: Mueller Report Shows How Witnesses, Messaging Apps Stymied Investigation

"Is the president aware of what's going on?" | MetaFilter

Confidence in Mueller's Investigation Soars After Barr Letter

Protest against Trump

[Editors' Note: The WIN editors attempt to include a wide range of articles and commentary in the Weekly Notes to inform and educate our readers.

Randazza seemed to delight in antagonizing the UMass administration.

The DNC Lawsuit and First Amendment Sensitivities

New Executive Order on Detainees: Guantana-No, but action on the 1977 Additional Protocols (kinda)

After the Obama administration and Clinton campaign paid foreign agents to meddle in the 2016 election, the foreign agent responsible for the domestic ...

Prisoners of America's Wars (A shameless self-promotion kinda morning…)

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I'll toss these onto the pile. I got more 😁 pic.twitter.com/qdSv1vT0uE

Notes ...