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Laureate bust of the Emperor Diocletian r 284305 CE unknown

Laureate bust of the Emperor Diocletian r 284305 CE unknown


Head of the Roman emperor Diocletian, 284 - 305 CE (Istanbul Archaeology Museum).


Colossal head of Caligula/Claudius

File:Diocletian (284-305 AD).jpg

Statua colossale di Costantino, marmo, 313-324 d.C. Roma, Musei Capitolini

Vipsania Agrippina, most commonly known as Agrippina Major or Agrippina the Elder, was a

Head of Diocletian at the National Museum of Serbia

Conflict with Carinus

Son of Valerian, made co-emperor in 253 AD; his son Saloninus is very briefly co-emperor in c. July before assassination by Postumus.

Emperor of the Roman Empire

Diocletian was Roman emperor from 284-305. In 285, Diocletian divided and reorganized

Constantine I the Great (born Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus in Naissus on Feb. 27, 272 - died in Nicomedia on May 22, 337) - Roman Emperor (r.

Constantine the Great - Bust of Maximian

DIOCLETIAN, 284-305. AR Argentius. /Campgate. Superb example near FDC with full mint lustre with the near inevitable striking line.

Portrait head of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (called Caracalla), ca. 217–230; Late Severan Roman Marble

Roman emperor. Bust. Marble. Unknown

Claudius (Roman Emperors) Busts, Statues, Information, Coins, Maps .

“ Otho (Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus) was sent from Rome to Lusitania by Emperor Nero, when Nero took Otho's wife for a mistress.

“ Laureate bust of the Emperor Diocletian (r. CE), unknown artist, now in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum ”

Emperor Diocletian (284-305)

Portrait head of the Emperor Domitian idealized as Hercules

Portrait of the Roman emperor Trajan Decius, Capitoline Museums, marble. A.D. 249-251. Portrait of the wife of Decius, Herennia Etruscilla: ...

Bust of Emperor Caracalla (211–217). Cast in Pushkin Museum after original in Napoli

Bust of Clodius Albinus (d. 197), a Roman usurper who was proclaimed

Currency and inflation

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Ralph W. Mathisen of the University of South Carolina wrote: “As emperor, Diocletian was faced with many problems. His most immediate concerns were to bring ...

Maximinus Thrax


I really liked the thick design and I have purchased 2 more since. I think I will try to do a nice set of these as a lot can be had at ...

Image is loading DIOCLETIAN -288AD-Authentic-Ancient-Roman-Coin-Genius-Protection-

Jupiter (mythology) - Statue of Jupiter, Vatican, Rome.

Ancient Roman Coins - Coins of The Late Roman Empire - Edgar L. Owen Galleries

Imperial Roman Bust of Emperor Caracalla -- Circa 211 CE

The emperor Constantine I (ruled 312–37), who established the first large-scale comitatus (imperial escort army) and divided the army into escort army ...

M. Tullius Cicero at about age 60.

Fig 2 Denarius of Gordian II Africanus (238 CE) minted in Rome. Obverse IMP M ANT GORDIANVS AFR AVG, laureate and draped bust right; reverse PROVIDENTIA AVG ...


On the other hand her numismatic portraits do not depict as an old woman. So the child on this coin is currently uncertain, possibly a grandchild or ...

Fig 1 Denarius of Gordian I Africanus (238 CE), minted in Rome. Obverse IMP M ANT GORDIANVS AFR AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; ...

Diocletian, AD 284-305. Bl Antoninianus, 4.1g, 20mm, 12h; Antioch mint, AD 284. Obv.: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust ...

Year: 2012

Hymn to Delos, 185-8). In the end the Egyptian king besieged them on an island on the river Nile, where rather than surrender the majority of the Celts ...

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DIOCLETIAN 296AD Large Silvered Ancient Roman Coin Nude Genius Wealth i52945 2 2 of 3 ...

Diocletian, 284-305.

Mark Hebblewhite - The Emperor and the Army in the Later Roman Empire, AD 235–395 (2017, Routledge) | Roman Emperors | Government Of The Roman Empire

Empreror Constantius Chlorus, the father of the Emperor Constantine. Römischer Kaiser, Fall Of

Dresden bust of Maxentius

Severus Alexander

Dioclectian, AD 284-305. AE, Follis, 9.8g, 28mm; 1h; Aquelia mint. Obv.: IMP DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG; laureate head right. Rev.: SACR MONET AVGG CAESS NOSTR; ...

Laureate head right / Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopia; Δ/P-R//ALE. RIC VI 72c. Choice EF, pleasing reddish-brown patina, minor obverse ...

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Marble bust of Caligula, the Louvre

Queen Zenobia before Emperor Aurelianus


Victory left standing on globe, holding wreath and palm. D in left field, PTR in exergue DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG RIC V.II Diocletian 125 Trier "295, R" p.

Maximinus II

Trajan's wife was Pompeia Plotina, a woman known for an interest in philosophy, virtue, dignity and simplicity. Like Trajan, she was born in Spain.

... opening the possibility of Persian (Sasanian) invasion. For almost a year, Domitius Domitianus controlled Alexandria and its mint, striking aurei and ...

15 Jun 2019, Upcoming Auction

Ancient Rome. Diocletian, 284-305 AD. Large bronze follis, London mint! Struck c. 298-300 AD. His laureate, cuirassed bust right, IMP C DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG ...

DIOCLETIAN 300AD Alexandria Big Ancient Roman Coin Genius Protection i51202


Gaius MariusJan 13, -86

Bronze coin of Julian the Apostate

Fig 6 Antoninianus of Regalianus minted in 260 CE in Carnuntum (Austria). Obverse IMP C P C REGALIANVS AVG, radiate and draped bust right; reverse ORIENS ...

Trajan - Trajan wearing the civic crown and military garb such as a muscle cuirass,

Aureus of Emperor Diocletian

TrajanAug 9, 117

Roman cavalry - Tombstone of cavalryman (eques) Titus Flavius Bassus son of Mucala the

Gordian III

Pescenio Níger Emperador, Roman Characters, Roman Sculpture, Lion Sculpture, Roman Era,

Crisis and fragmentation

Enemies of Rome in the 3rd Century CE

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For a comprehensive account of Celtic Mercenaries on the Balkans, in Greece, Asia-Minor and North Africa see “The Kingmakers”:


Ancient Coins - Diocletian silvered antoninianus Jupiter standing right

ClaudiusOct 13, 54

DIOCLETIAN 295AD Authentic Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Genius Protection i76179

Saturnia Tellus. Questo pannello è uno dei meglio conservati. Si tratta di una complessa

Gaius Fulvius Plautianus

Bust of Alexander Severus, the last Emperor of the Severan dynasty

Fig 8 The antoninianus of Domitianus of (fig 7 right)) compared with an antoninianus of Victorinus (left), the emperor preceding Domitianus and with a very ...

Sestertius Hostilian-s2771

... http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/ric/magnentius/_amiens_RIC_005. ...

See Roma XI, April 7, 2016 for another example of a gilded medallion of the same diameter of Diocletian estimated at GBP 5000.


Illness and abdication

List of Roman emperors


Elagabalus, 218 – 222. Aureus 220, AV 6.31 g. IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. P M TR P III COS III P P Emperor, laureate ...