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Karajia Cliff Tombs Remains of the Mysterious Chachapoya

Karajia Cliff Tombs Remains of the Mysterious Chachapoya


Not much is known about the Chachapoya culture, but the discovery of cliff tombs like

The ancient Chachapoya people (Cloud Warriors) in the North-West of Peru used to bury their dead in elaborate rock tombs. They are often located on steep, ...

Looking back for a last view of the Chachapoya sarcophagi in the Karajia cliff tombs.

Karajia Cliff Tombs: Remains of the Mysterious Chachapoya | Peru Travel | Peru travel, South america travel, Travel Destinations

Karajia cliff tombs: the less important people of the Chachapoya were entombed in a depression

The remains of a broken sarcophagus on a ledge down and to the right of the

Chachapoya sarcophaguses

The body-shaped sarcophagi of Karajía contained the remains of high-ranking Chachapoya ancestors. The inhabitants of Chachapoyas today may in part descend ...


Sarcophagi, Karajia Tombs

Thankful for the zoom on our cameras, a clear view of the six remaining sarcophagi

FD Karajia Sarcophagi and Quiocta Caverns. Chachapoyas

The sarcophagi at Karajía, near Chachapoyas in northern Peru, stand high on a cliff, inaccessible to all but birds. The whole mountainside used to contain ...

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Karajía sarcophagi

Chachapoyas, The Tombs At Revash and Karajia's Sarcophagi.

Mausoleum of Revash, Chachapoyas, Peru

The Strange Sarcophagi of the Chachapoya - feed2know

We will visit Levanto (one hour from Chachapoyas). Levanto was the most significant city of the zone at the time of the Inca invasion and also in the ...

A Tour of The Tombs of Revash

Chachapoyas – North Peru

From the lush greenery fed from towering waterfalls to the flight of multicolored macaws and parakeets taking off from the cloud forest floor, the Amazonas ...

Amazon and Peru tours, Kuelap Chachapoyas 5 days, rainforest travel and tourism

So called Karajía Sarcophagi were placed in almost impossible to reach places - high on the mountain wall. Photo Flickr.


The funeral windows of Otuzco and Cumbayo, Cajamarca

El Tigre Sarcophagi. Ask Us how to visit

Dare to explore the Chachapoyas Chulpas “Tombs” embedded in high steep cliffs


... really nice. You can trade it at less than 110 soles. Remember to take anti mosquito product and good shoes (there may be mud and rain).


Peru Uncovered Tour - Chachapoyas – Revash & Leymebamba

Stone design on Kuelap ruins, Peru

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Kuelap Discoverer - Tours in Chachapoyas Peru

Chachapoya wall carvings in the Pueblo de los Muertos, Lámud, Peru.

At the archaeological site of Karajia sit the funeral tombs of the “ancient wise men."

Karajia Cliff Tombs Remains Of The Mysterious Chachapoya Dare2go

New Tour: Peru's Land of Mystery & Nature featuring Kuelap & Gocta Waterfalls

Five Sarcophagi of Karajia, ancient Chachapoya tombs, tucked into the walls of the cliff

The secret was hidden in the beautiful mountain vistas surrounding Chachapoyas that were overlain onto productive soils, subjected to excellent moderate ...

Amazon and Peru tours, Kuelap Chachapoyas 5 days, rainforest travel and tourism

El Tigre Sarcophagi - Chachapoyas - Amazonas - Human Tombs.jpg

Kuelap Fortress

The Rock of Humanities in the Marcahuasi stone forest, an easy destination to visit on

Chachapoyas - Inca Trail Tour

Pre-Inca Aqueducts

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Revash mausoleum

Mausoleo de Revash, Chachapoyas

Colca Canyon, an excellent place for hiking, wildlife watching, and adventure sports.

An ancient bas-relief of the warriors of Mochica in the tomb of Huaca de

16:30 Departure to hotel in Chachapoyas.

Our first view of the Sarcophagi of Karajia perched high up on the cliff face.


Finish off with the Laymembamba Museum housing numerous mummies and artifacts. We continue to Cajamarca where the Inca Atahualpa met with Spaniards.

... relatively unexplored Amazon region going deep into the mountains and cloud forests where the best kept treasures of the Chachapoyas culture await you.

The secrets of Utcubamba Valley

Discovering Peru's Ancient Civilizations


The Ventanillas de Otuzco, a series of niches carved into the volcanic rock near Cajamarca


Northern Peru Chachapoyas & Chan Chan Tour Detailed Itinerary

the mud brick pyramids of Tucume

Karajia. pueblo e las muertas

Peru, Nazca, Cemetery Chauchilla, 30th of April 2019. good preserved mummies in

Plaza Armas Chachapoyas Amazonas Peru

Qenqo Outcrop

Portrait of the Gran Vilaya Trek

Las Amazonas

... Kuelap Discoverer - Tours in Chachapoyas Peru

Day 7 Chachapoyas – Gocta – Cocachimba Transfer to the town of Cocachimba. Three hours hike or horseback (one way) to Gocta waterfall.

The mysterious “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca, Peru

Sillustani is located by lake Titicaca at borders with Bolivia and Peru.


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Northern Peru


Yalape Archaeological Remains (Chachapoyas)

Chachapoyas Warriors of the Clouds: A Visit to Two Burial Sites

Ballestas Islands Peru

Chachapoya culture tombs on the edge of the Amazon in Peru. The Inca called them

... believe that one of the sarcophagi of Karajia is the mummy of the highest Chief of Kuelap. Dinner in the gardens finishes off an epic day in Amazonas.

Day 3. Huaca de la Luna – Chan Chan

The path down to see the Karajia cliff tombs was rocky, rough and very muddy

He Saw Giant Men On The Side Of The Cliff...When He Moved Closer? EVEN CRAZIER!!

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