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KNB Oneshots Completed Jealous Brother Akashi x Sister Reader

KNB Oneshots Completed Jealous Brother Akashi x Sister Reader


KNB Oneshots [Completed]

When he finished playing you clapped

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

Jealous Brother! Akashi x Sister! Reader Part 2. 3.8K 119 8. Writer: StarryBunny by StarryBunny · by StarryBunny. Follow

Knb One Shots~

Kuroko no Basuke x Reader

Akashi Seijūrō 赤司征十郎 | Rakuzan Kōkō | Kuroko no Basket |先日のワンドロお題で描いたヴァイオリン赤司くんの色塗り完成

Checkmate Pt1 (Akashi x Kise's Sis!Reader) by punkyheartdesu on DeviantArt

Kuroko no basket one-shots (GOM + Kagami x reader)


Akashi Akashi Seijuro, Kuroko's Basketball, Kuroko No Basket, Crushes

KNB Oneshots ( Kuroko no Basket )

Always Right [Akashi Seijuro x Reader] by JadeDeng

KnB Oneshots of OC's!

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

Kuroko no basket | ova | Akashi

Kuroko no Basket x Reader (ON HOLD)

Kuroko no Basket Scenarios — GOM+Kagami, their s/o being related to one of the.

Kuroko No Basket Characters, Akashi Seijuro, Kuroko Tetsuya, Manga Love, Kuroko's Basketball

Speechless (Akashi x Reader) Pt3 by RaeMi94

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Kuroko no Basket Oneshot! (Various X Reader)

Author has written 3 stories for Gakuen Alice, Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, and Haikyu/ハイキュー.

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

L Anime, Anime Guys, Akakuro, Akashi Seijuro, Kuroko Tetsuya, Akatsuki No Yona, Kuroko's Basketball, Kuroko No Basket, Haikyuu

KNB Dorks — Hi! Could I request jealous GOM + Kagami+Himuro.

Moments with Him || Kuroko no Basuke || Akashi Seijuro x Fem!Reader. Completed ...

Jealousy and Kisses Murasakibara x Reader by gekokujougirl

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

Kuroko No Basket

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Inconsolable (Akashi X Reader)

Anime One Shots: Reader Insert

Image about kuroko no basket in Anime ✨ by

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Big Sister Complex | Murasakibara x Reader (1/2) by erishanaka on DeviantArt

... #kisekinosedai #kiseryota #knb #kurokonobasket #kurokonobasuke #kurokosbasketball #kurokotetsuya #lemon #midorimashintaro #murasakibaraatsushi #oneshot ...

Kuroko no Basuke x atré Akihabara Collaboration 「~canvas with their paint~」 Kuroko's

Teikou Boys Basketball Team. An exceptional basketball club with 100 members. This team were the home of the talented players called the Generation of ...

Hiii!!!!!!!Im new here :)

Anime Fans For Anime Fans

#knb #kurokonobasket #thebasketballthatkurokoplays

Kasamatsu x Reader: Meeting the Family by EternalAlice24

Akashi - Kuroko no basket the last game

(KnB x Reader)

Iwatobi Swim Club, Kamigami No Asobi/神々の悪戯, Haikyu/ハイキュー, and Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ.

You didn't understand how one day, two people decided that hanging around you would be their idea of a good time. And not just any people mind you, ...

Dɑngєяσus Cнɑrm [ αкαѕнι x яєɑdєя ]. Completed ...

KNBaes Scenarios And Oneshots💙💖💗💞

Kuroko Chibi, Anime Chibi, Anime Art, Kuroko No Basket, Akashi Seijuro, Kuroko Tetsuya, Cute Anime Boy, Cute Chibi, Kuroko's Basketball

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Author has written 29 stories for Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ, One Piece, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, K, Magi/マギ, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, ...

Kuroko No Basuke ( Boyfriend Scenarios)

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Kuroko no Basuke (Various x Reader)

An Awaken~Kuroko no Basket [Male!Reader]

I scouted in the pickup box:

Anime Qoutes, Anime People, Bleach, Best Quotes, Love Quotes, Otp,

If there isn't a specific folder for your work, please let me know and I'll make a new one. 2. Put a mature restriction on it if it is mature! 3. Have fun!


Murasakibara Atsushi x Akashi Seijuurou / Kuroko no Basket

King's Property [Akashi Seijuro x Reader]

[Credit to the artist ~ please comment if you know them] 🌸 Midorima's and

Hello, my name is Selena and I hope that we can be friends! I love talking to people so feel free to pm me or connect with me in any of the ...

[Levi x Reader] (Attack on Titan) by sky-midnight

“Forbidden” A Taehyung Yandere/Step-brother AU. Reader + Taehyung

Shintaro's Sister? Seijuro's Lover!? (KnB Fanfiction)

Worst Date Ever - Yamaguchi Tadashi One Shot. Completed ...

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Awww xD ♥ hahaha Akashi

I'm 17 years old and love anime, manga, kpop, food you name it!

Kuroko no Basket [Oneshots-x Reader]


Love Triangle | Various KnB x Reader by erishanaka

asblog -

Kuroko No Basket One Shot (Reader Insert) (Angst)

Profile currently undergoing renovation! My apologies.

Thank you for you kind words and here we go!

Keeping a Secret {KnB}

Akashi Seijuro Kuroko No Basket Wallpapers


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When all is Fair Game | Nijimura x Reader ft. GoM by erishanaka on DeviantArt

Thranduil and Loki Let's Party. Source: reammm Thor' & 'The Hobbit' Crossover Painting AKA Bitches Don't Care.

Servant of Evil (Akashi X Reader)

Jealousy [ Kenma Kozume ]

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Gakuen Babysitters, Akashi Seijuro, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kuroko's Basketball, Kuroko No Basket,

Mountain Top Himuro X Reader by S0urM00finz

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Bewildered (Aomine x cheater!reader x Kise)

#Kuroko's Basketball#kuroko no basket#kurko no basket#Tetsuya Kuroko#Aomine Daiki#Daiki Aomine#kagami taiga#kagami x kuroko#kagami#aomine#kise ...