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July 1939 Berth Robert in 2019 Fashion 1930s Fashion Vintage

July 1939 Berth Robert in 2019 Fashion 1930s Fashion Vintage


July 1939 Berth Robert in 2019 | Fashion 1930s | Fashion, Vintage, Summer dresses

July 1939 Berth Robert in 2019 | 30's and 40's fashion | Vintage swimsuits, 40s fashion, 1940s fashion

Butterick Fashion News: Feb 1939 3

July 1939 Berth Robert. 1930s FashionCatalog30s Fashion

July 1939 Berth Robert. 1930sCatalog

July 1939 Berth Robert. 1930sCatalog

May 1937 Butterick Fashion News

1900s Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Retro Fashion, Vintage Style, Retro Pattern, Vintage

May 1937 Butterick Fashion News

July 1939 Berth Robert

30s40s Vintage Dress Patterns, Dress Sewing Patterns, Clothing Patterns, Vintage Dresses, Vintage

Butterick 3007 (L) and 2984 (R) from January 1930. No. 3007 has a low hip seam and unstructured bodice that allows the wearer to put the belt where she ...

McCalls evening gown sewing pattern, 1953. Vintage Dress Patterns, Clothing Patterns, Vintage

Berth Robert Semi-Made Dress Catalog, advertised in The Delineator, February 1934.

https://flic.kr/p/8MsVac | 1939 Montgomery Ward catalog

Mabs magazine promotes 'Secrets from the fashion Houses of the Gay City

Ad for Butterick Quarterly from Delineator, January 1930, p 76.

McCall's pattern 9815, July 1938.

Butterick Quarterly cover, January 1930. Suit 2984 is on the right, and is shown in a different illustration below.

Moderna magazine, April 1934 promotes 'London as a Fashion Centre'

Berth Roberts Semi-Made ad, March 1937. Woman's Home Companion.

Fig. 6. “Dance Your Way to Happiness'. Littlewoods catalogue, Autumn

Fig. 4. Littlewoods mail order catalogue. Autumn 1936. Where a 'respectable

Butterick pattern after Jacques Heim, Butterick Fashion News, July 1939.

"Worn with Pride by hundreds of thousands of smart women." Berth Robert Semi. “

Companion-Butterick pattern 7515, August 1937, sizes 12 to 20 and bust 30

Mabs fashion magazine, August 1932, priced at six pence. Mabs

Top of ad for Berth Robert Semi-Made Dresses, from The Delineator, Feb

Aladdin's Princess Jasmine, Naomi Scott, has the fashion world falling at her feet | South China Morning Post

Women in the Civil Rights MovementBaker, EllaBates, Daisy GatsonBrown v. Board of EducationHamer


D.O. Hill and Robert Adamson. Sandy Linton, his boat and his bairns, New

Akiko Shinoda (in red sweater) flanked by Nick Wooster (on her right)

Bette Davis - Photoplay, June 1938.jpg

The Role of Fashion Photography in Gordon Parks's Singular Career

hillrag.com . April 2019

Back Street is a 1941 drama film, directed by Robert Stevenson. The film stars

Lady Astor.jpg

Friday Kahlo in her garden. Courtesy of Museo Frida Kahlo.

The Wilsons and their Tethered-selves from Jordan Peele's Us. Collage of two images made by the author.

Evgeny Henkin, Two women, c.1930s, Berlin (Germany). © Henkin Brothers Archive Association (HBAA)

The Women Poster

Japanese twin duo Amiaya at a Kenzo event in Hong Kong.

Unpacking Fashion's Love Affair with Artists

Ballerina princess hybrid

advertising, fashion, Rogo stockings, advert, 'Atlantis', June 1942,

Window gazers at the summer sales, July 1939

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Ginger Rogers by Horst P. Horst, 1936.

Retrospect Vintage Modern Fashion Chicago

My mother with her mother, 1938.

Lee Miller with the essentials of Life, cigarette , wine and petrol , Weimar,

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MA Newspaper AD_08b.jpg

Britannia and Eve magazine, June 1935. An editorial promoting the celebrity

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MA Newspaper AD_12b.jpg

Britain's True Motivation Behind the Balfour Declaration

Tokyo Fashion Week's Akiko Shinoda on why Japanese designers are too shy and modest | South China Morning Post

Dissertation Discussion: Lily

Page 1

Ocean City Baseball Team circa 1930

URL ...

advertising, fashion, Rogo stockings, advert, 'Atlantis', May 1942,

Untitled (55.015)

Jo Ann Robinson taught English during the bus boycotts.

Dr. ...

MA Newspaper AD_07b.jpg

The 'VintageOOTD' hashtag on Instagram shows the fashion-oriented nature of the Vintage Instagram community.


The Windamere: Ada Villa

Fath Show Stoppers, Paris, France (29.006)

Daisy Bates poses with the Little Rock Nine.


He was nineteen, and she was sixteen. They had three children together and 60 plus years before Edna passed away. Pruitt's children are gone now too, ...

Alexander Stella 2

Image: 1/9

Wodehouse Dutch 2

MA Newspaper AD_01b.jpg

Scottish nobles gathering in the 17th century

Fig. 2. Emily Lee seated on her father's motorbike and friends, 1933

Hafeed Sidi Mubarak Mumbai as Sidi Mubarak Bombay, Starting the Thames Expedition

Opinion | Monuments to waste and bad taste, Moscow and Miami Hilton hotels and what they say about those cities | South China Morning Post

Grover Whalen breaks ground for the World's Fair.