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Its new year and we all agreed to stay with beer funny

Its new year and we all agreed to stay with beer funny


It's new year, and we all agreed to stay with beer! 😍🍻

Michael Mullan. www.mullanillustration.com Beer Brewing,

NB caution !! ... we only keep these notes on our interweb so we don't lose them ... they are just a few bits of prosaic prose for fun .

What it's like to be a recovering alcoholic in an office where booze is everywhere

Wine glasses, champagne glasses, and beer glasses. Beer Quotes, Drunk Quotes,

Beer Memes, Beer Humor, Funny Beer Quotes,

Different Differences Fun ...

Beer was always unfathomable stuff, it came in all shapes and sizes and colours ... and costs. We were weaned on Greenall Whitleys.

Getting Drunk on a Diet #Infographic

new beer breakdown \ 12 oct 18 /

Craft Beer's Fresh Factor

What health benefits are hiding in your pint glass?

Yup, that's about right! Check out TheBeerLife.com!

All in all it was a beer-tastic trip back East. The craft beer coming out of Vermont is truly something to experience. Hopefully as these quality breweries ...

Us respectable fellas always knew that the girls were in the driving seat as they mercilessly manipulated their candidates with their explosive 'beer musk' ...

new beer breakdown \ 1 june 18 /

Garage Project brewers Jos Ruffell and Dave Bell dig into a "fruit beer".

Tuning the Brain

Year in Review: 2016 San Diego Beer Trends

Limit time spent in bars

As we're sure you're all aware, today is our favourite national holiday of the year (that's right May Day; drop the Morris Dancers and then we'll talk), ...

8 Delightful Tips for Living a Smarter Life in 20198 Delightful Tips for Living a Smarter Life in 2019. Cruising into the new year ...

We could not have agreed more! Great minds think alike because we all agreed without a doubt that it needed to live in the dressing rooms!

A hand reaches for a glass of beer.

Cut Back on Alcohol: 17 Tips to Drink a Little Less

Photo of University Of Beer - Davis, CA, United States. Cherry cider and

The customer is always right?

best ipas

Mulligan's of Poolbeg Street, Dublin in March 1953: Billy Brooks Carter of Texas loved

The new rules of dinner parties: don't be on time – and bring more booze than you need

My happy place is .


Houston Is the New Capital Of Southern Cool

Two pints of beer

Thirsty's in the '80s, when teens could drink 3.2 beer.

new beer breakdown \ 25 may 18 /

If you feel thirsty, it's your body's way of saying it's ...

“We want to be just a Colorado brewery,” he notes. “I have a lot of respect for Mike Bristol at Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs.

Best IPAs


If there is a time of year where a little decadence is acceptable, then surely it is the strange week between Christmas and New Year.


5 Ways to Get Your Client to Like You (and get bigger budgets along the way) - Moz

Climb the roof of the 02 – London is the place to be. Yes, it's no joke: you can take a guided expedition over the roof of the 02 and enjoy spectacular ...

Change this to whiskey or tequila than we can talk lolol Funny Alcohol Quotes, Vodka

Celebrate 2018/19 New Year's Eve in Aspen

It is funny to think that this whole idea of a holiday got started on a Parks and Rec episode about 10 years ago. I mean, who wouldn't want to celebrate ...

34 people reveal their biggest first date horror stories — prepare to cringe

Podcast: Creating a Positive Distance Between Yourself and Your Business, an Interview with Tom Heller

Mary: Back when we first moved in probably at the Alameda office, which was around '97, I think, at that point, it was really a lot of fun to be in the ...

As soon as I decide if I'm going to be

Photo of University Of Beer - Davis, CA, United States. Touch screen menu


Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

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How Puerto Rico Became the Newest Tax Haven for the Super Rich. A year ...

America's craft breweries are on an environmental crusade

Budapest in particular is a place where tourists can fall victim to the community of corrupt taxi drivers, restaurant owners and seemingly lovely ladies, ...

Sorry about this.

easy new years resolutions

Sparkling Water Taste Test

avant gardener

Our New Website

New York City police officer examines confiscated alcohol. (Credit: Art Edger/NY

funky buddha floridian (Custom).jpg

How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity

Wil Wheaton is best known for his late 80's role in Stand By Me and a bunch of movies/TV after that you probably don't remember. He's always held a certain ...

We could not have agreed more! Great minds think alike because we all agreed without a doubt that it needed to live in the dressing rooms!

We have perceptions of places that are often incomplete, it is this removal of nuance that leads people to believe everyone in Texas is a gun-toting cowboy, ...

We all agreed that we'd had a great time together and have had some great laughs along the way. The time had just flown by, and the beers on rooftop bar of ...

Bride and groom at a wedding

one year no beer andy ramage

... guests at 12 Beers of Christmas must have agreed, because it was all gone by the time we got there. We may or may not be a little sad about missing it.

Now enter Prince Van De Vort, the shops mascot, who honestly needs his own Instagram handle. If you've been to this space you know who we're talking about.

A Denver Safeway makes room for craft beer on its shelves.

OMB hornets nest (Custom).jpg

It's okay - beer can solve all of your problems. #Beer #Funny #

Fake holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day are as old as me peg leg, savvy?

UPDATE: These have all gone now. Thanks everyone, we raised over £1,000 for WayOut, great work.

Christmas Card Messages: What to Write in a Christmas Card

Best new years resolutions


NFL Memes

Photo of University Of Beer - Davis, CA, United States

new beer breakdown \ 11 may 18 /

what not to do on a first date

We Tried 13 Non-Alcoholic Beers—And Found 6 Actually Worth Buying (For

proof my liver loves beer Beer Memes, Beer Quotes, Beer Humor, Cool Graphic

Psychology Today. Find a Therapist

Having had the presence of mind to take a taxi after drinking, one man woke up with a double headache on New Year's Day this year.