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Iraqi Parliament has banned a broad category of online video games

Iraqi Parliament has banned a broad category of online video games


The new ban on PUBG and Fortnite quickly drew online discontent with hundreds of Iraqi social

Twenty Seven-year-old Christian Acevedo plays the video game 'Fortnite Battle Royale' from his home in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., on April 21, 2018.

The Fortnite booth is shown at E3, the world's largest video game

Council of Representatives building in Baghdad (File Photo)

Iraq to Ban PUBG, Similar Online Video Games ○ Rojname Kurdish News Search Engine

Iraqi Cleric Sadr Wins Election Stunner

Anti-American Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr Wins Iraq's Election

Cleric Sadr Set For Surprise Election Win In Iraq

PUBG Ban, women large-truck first license, Sophie turner and police academy

Mission Creep: How the NSA's Game-Changing Targeting System Built for Iraq and Afghanistan Ended Up on the Mexico Border

... Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri: Jews Are Money-Hungry Even In Their Mother's Womb

... Shi'ite Iraqi Militia Leader Qais Al-Khazali: ISIS Was Part of A

ISIS kills Asayish Member, University of Carolina shooting, handsome F.C.B

NOTRE DAME, Iraq-KRG talks, Benzema rescues RM

Iraq's parliament voted on Wednesday to ban popular online video games including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, citing their “negative” ...

By spring 2015, the PMF had some 60,000 fighters. In November 2016, Iraq's parliament legalized the PMF, a move supported by Shiites but opposed by Sunnis, ...

Venezuela's crisis, IHEC fire in Erbil, Chelsea defender injury

Secretary General Amiri described Khamenei as “the leader not only for Iranians, but the Islamic nation.” Amiri has ...

2017 TOP 100 PHOTOS From the Editors of TIME

Russian plane in flames, Kirkuk University award, Venezuelan helicopter crash

Arab Fractures: Citizens, States, and Social Contracts - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity | Human Rights Watch

Kurdish Farmers protest, US-woman Hunting, Messi glimmering

NATO general insists Iraq mission uninterrupted by US-Iran tensions

Pro-independence rally in Iraqi Kurdistan in September 2017

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Internet censorship in Australia

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Hadi al Amiri


'Online harassment is very easily done and there are very few consequences


Minecraft Education Edition, aimed at teachers, arrives in May

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efficiency review comment

Semiramis the queen of Assyria.jpg

A Collection Of The Best Infographics

The parents named him “Sorl” or “Rock” because of his robustness as a baby and the sturdiness he displayed as a toddler. Growing up, he was a good wrestler.

Download a PDF Brochure below

When Racism Is Fit to Print

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If we assume most women in 1970 were homemakers, and most women in 2000 are working, their shift from homemaking to working doesn't correspond to any ...

VIDEO: Turkish shelling injures three villagers in Kurdistan Region border town

US President Donald Trump with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in 2017.

... Iraqi TV Report: Jews Behind Iraqi NGOs; They Promote Homosexuality And Encourage Men To

Trump Expected to Issue New Travel Ban Excluding Iraq on Monday

In his fiery Friday sermons, Sadr spoke out against the U.S.-led occupation and the new Iraqi Governing Council. The movement called for an Islamic state ...

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Doctrine and Goals: ...

AKP candidate for Istanbul says 'Kurdistan' while his government bans it


Abu Ala al Walai

Iraq: Vulnerable Citizens at Risk

M302 rockets found aboard the Klos C ship are displayed at an Israeli navy base in the Red Sea resort city of Eilat March 10, 2014.

After the defeat of ISIS, in November 2017, HHN pledged to turn over its heavy weaponry to the Iraqi government. “We are not rebels or agents of chaos, ...


Under the new Liquor Control Bill, retail sale hours for take-away liquor will end at 10.30pm throughout Singapore.

Barwell lost his seat in Parliament when May's gamble on an early election backfired in 2017. So she appointed him to his current job, and against all odds ...

IN A disused medieval rope factory in Venice a canvas swag and reels of coloured thread hang from the ceiling. Various visitors, mostly women, ...


... the Prophet Mohammed's cousin, son-in-law and the fourth caliph (from 656 to 661 AD). KIA has recognized the absolute authority of Iran's ...

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Zoe Quinn: after Gamergate, don't 'cede the internet to whoever screams the loudest'

It registered some 3,000 fighters with the PMF, but is estimated to have another 15,000 fighters outside of the PMF.

Mr Trump, his administration, and his intelligence apparatus know that war against Iran means the entire region will go up in flames! - Continue

Time to change Iraqi political leaders

Fallujah Operations Room in 2016

Egyptian Actor Mohamed Sobhi Says That After Airing of Antisemitic Show He Starred in, ...

Ek rescued the music business from its war with the internet. He's persuaded more than 80 million people to pay a monthly fee for a bottomless library of ...

Iraq parliament bans alcohol in surprise vote

Art of the menace

... Peter Watkins, made The War Game for the BBC. Watkins reconstructed the aftermath of a nuclear attack on London. The War Game was banned.


Slovak Republic makes a voluntary contribution to support the Platform

Gay Rights in the U.S. — State by State

Queen Mary Online: International Dispute Resolution LLM

Iraqi Premier League: Kurdistan Region's Erbil secures 3-0 win

The very wealthy therefore have an immensely disproportionate influence over the way that people think and vote. - Continue

The April 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue by US Army troops in Firdos Square in Baghdad shortly after the Iraq War invasion.

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Shebl Zaidi and Abu Azrael


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Why the world banned chemical weapons