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In the remote north of Chile is visibly shaped by volcanism

In the remote north of Chile is visibly shaped by volcanism


In the remote north of Chile is visibly shaped by volcanism. Alongside active volcanoes,

These two volcanic cones, known as Los Hornitos, are among the many eruption points

Philipp Ruprecht, a volcanologist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, recently led a field expedition to the remote area around Chile's Quizapu crater, ...

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Photo of this volcano

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Our first approach to Aucanquilcha, my thesis volcano in Chile. Erik Klemetti

In a 1932 explosion, Quizapu (not visible here) blanketed a huge mountain region with whitish pumice. A small part of the area is seen here, ...

Araucania's Volcanoes with Glaciers in Southern Chile

The neighboring peak of Cerro Azul volcano is mirrored in Laguna Caracol, created when volcanism blocked what probably once was a creek drainage.

2016: The Year in Volcanic Activity

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How to snowboard a volcano in Chile


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At 6,893m, Ojos del Salado is the highest mountain in Chile, the second

9 extraordinary volcanoes you must visit in the UK

Location map of Chaitén Volcano. The volcano is located in southern... | Download Scientific Diagram

Building buried in ash from the 2008 Chaitén eruption, with the volcano in the background

It is also effective in improving an accuracy of surface temperature anomalies, and hence, heat flux from hot lakes or geothermal areas.

Lonquimay volcano behind the Christmas crater. Photo taken towards the SW. (© Andeshandbook

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The eruption lasted for 6 months, eventually stopping in February 2015. By then it had produced 1.6 km3 of lava, covering an area of 85 km2 – large enough ...

Pavlof Volcano, one of Alaska's most active volcanoes, erupts, sending a plume of volcanic ash into the air on March 27, 2016. Pavlof is 625 miles southwest ...

Our thirteen day ski mountaineering expedition takes full advantage of this incredible terrrain with multiple ski descents from four Chilean peaks.

Villarrica, a Chilean volcano, began erupting in March 2015. The volcano is one


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Fig. 3. Caldera glacier of Sollipulli Volcano

Panorama across three young volcanoes, looking east: Villarrica (39.4 S) in front; the snow-covered sprawl of Quetrupillan in the middle ground; ...

The 8 telescopes were synchronized with atomic clocks and exploited the rotation of our planet to work as a virtual very-long-baseline interferometer (VLBI) ...

Exploring the mysterious rock art of Chile's northern deserts

Living with volcanoes, and learning from the past.

Puerto Varas

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Map of today's active volcanoes

Seismotectonic background of the North-Central Chile area and main... | Download Scientific Diagram

Bike & Hike the Backroads of Chile near Pucón - 9 Days

Chaitén volcano in southern Chile erupted in May 2008 for the first time in more than 9,000 years.

Tectonic setting of the Lonquimay volcano. (B. Ugarte et al, 2010,

Measuring volcanic plume and ash properties from space | Geological Society, London, Special Publications

After few thousand vertical feet of skiing, we pack up our camp and ski out the rest of the way. Overnight in Malalcahuello. (B,D)

The first physical evidence of subglacial volcanism under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet | Scientific Reports

Photo of Marcos Cole in front of the Sierra Velluda volcano

Pyroclastic flow on 1 April. Photo by Mbah Lëwå, Facebook.

erta ale, most active volcanoes

Also shown are the frequency of events with magnitudes similar to Mount St. Helens (1980) and Vesuvius (79 AD), super-eruptions, and large ...

Best volcanoes in Latin America

sarychev volcano russia from space aerial nasa

The role of dyking and fault control in the rapid onset of eruption at Chaitén volcano, Chile | Nature

A view of El Reventador from a helicopter overflight around the southeastern flank of the volcano

Hike many of the volcanoes of Southern Italy

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Why the Atacama Salt Flats Are Like Nowhere Else on Earth | Travel + Leisure

Llaima Volcano before and after eruption

Atacama: A Desert Oasis

FIGURE 1.3 Duration of precursors and events for selected natural hazards, including hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods.

Eternally mysterious Mount Fuji, as seen from Lake Kawaguchiko, remains a powerful force in Japanese culture and a must-do hike for truth-seekers despite ...

Lava spills through Hawaii neighborhood

Schematic map of the Southern Volcanic Zone (SVZ) and location of Planchón-Peteroa volcano. Limits of North Southern Volcanic Zone (NSVZ) and Transitional ...

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Cycling the Lake District of Chile & Argentina. ON OFFER

Osorno Volcano

iceland eyjafjallajokull volcano

Holuhraun 5 Holuhraun 4

Slide 1 of 22: Eruption of the Kilauea Volcano.

Arenal volcano in night, Costa Rica

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Volcano bits and bites - World .

photography tour to kamchatka Kliuchevskoi volcano with pink sunrise

2012: The Year in Volcanic Activity


Maria Angelica Contreras, a graduate student at the University of Chile, prepares to sample a lava boulder. Credit: Kevin Krajick

Geology students confront a lava flow that spilled from a nearby crater some time in the unrecorded past.

Volcano Fuego Eruption at Night

Stunning view from Lonquimay's summit crater: The next volcano behind it is Tolhuaca. 02/01/2017.



Comb Ridge; Formerly flat-lying sandstone layers, tilted by tectonic forces and eroded by water, often show such jagged shapes. They are often found in the ...