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Imagine being transported to Ancient Rome with a brutal reigning

Imagine being transported to Ancient Rome with a brutal reigning


Imagine being transported to Ancient Rome with a brutal reigning emperor in the new Nightingales:

Nero watches while Rome is destroyed. Was he really that crazy? Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

The 8 bloodiest Roman emperors in history

The Church in Rome

Aleksandra Sokaroska | Factinate

Persecution in the Early Church: Did You Know?

Aleksandra Sokaroska | Factinate

Augustus Caesar was named named as the principal heir of Julius Caesar. (Photo by


The Library | How to succeed in Ancient Rome

Roman Relief depicting Gladiators in the arena, with lions (click to see larger image


A caricature of Nero, indifferent while Rome burns.

Ancient Rome facts

Mosaic of damnatio ad bestias from Zliten villa near Tripoli

A relief portraying a Gladiator fight. (Photo By DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI

Aleksandra Sokaroska | Factinate

Guest post: How Hadrian helped rebuild the Pantheon

During gladiatorial games in the arena, a vast network of man-powered machinery made animals and scenery appear from beneath a wooden floor as if by magic.

The Man With Two Names: A Novel of Ancient Rome (The Sertorius Scrolls Series

Roman road

A c.1900 postcard depicts the Virginia Water Ruins in Surrey, England.Library of Congress


Motorized ground-penetrating radar

Roman Blood: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome)

Titus Tatius - the forgotten Roman king

Now We Are Rome

It ...

Women and Power: A Manifesto by Mary Beard review – the poison of patriarchy | Books | The Guardian

Column of Trajan (as seen through the ruins of the Basilica Ulpia in the Forum

Best Books About Italy: Venice Grand Canal

Over a millennium, the Romans created the largest empire of the ancient world, necessitating the governance by the most expansive infrastructure, military, ...

Roman Empire

The Ancient Suicide of the West


3 Days in Venice in November: Grand Canal

EMPEROR: The Gates of Rome, Book 1 (Unabridged) cover art

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol. 2 - Online Library of Liberty

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol. 1 - Online Library of Liberty

Ancient Rome facts

The Fall of the Republic

julius caesar statue

12 Roman Fountains That Will Encourage You to Hop on a Flight to Italy

Ancient portrait of Roman emperor Domitian (r. 81–96 C.E.) set into a bust by Guglielmo della Porta (16th c. C.E.) at the National Archaeological Museum, ...

Death of Julius Caesar

The late Roman bodyguard units, the Protectores Domestici and Scholae both had their origins in the third century.

The Ruins of the Roman Forum (click to see a reconstruction of the Roman Capitol

The assassination of Caligula

Wolfgang Neubauer

Empress of the Seven Hills

Dead Exposure House Coming to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Becky Lynch

Laughter in Ancient Rome by Mary Beard

... like the Titus Arch, which is a Roman celebration monument in Rome of Titus carrying the contents of the Temple in Jerusalem back Rome.

The Pantheon, built during Hadrian's reign and completed around AD 125, is topped by a poured concrete dome and is generally considered to be the most ...

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It must have been brutal. She was thrown to the ground, her clothes were torn off, and she was likely pinned down while Plancius forced himself into her.

2 Weeks in Italy: The Perfect 14 Day Italy Itinerary

Remembering Hadrian, Destroyer of the Jews / Sara Toth Stub

Edward Wortley Montagu, Reflections on the Rise and Fall of the Ancient Republicks [2015]

The Roman Forum, today. source

Imagine a pressure cooker the size of a bathtub. You'd be placed inside and the lid latched. Fire is kindled underneath. You soon begin boiling in your own ...

The Tribune: A Novel of Ancient Rome (The Tribune Series Book 1)


Feast of Sorrow

Why Rome Declined and Modern Europe Grew

roman temple

These elite troops were headquartered in the Castra Peregrinaon the Mons Caelius in Rome and operated under the command of the Princeps Peregrinorum, ...

Illustration by Richard Wilkinson.

Attila entertains–as imagined by a 19th- century artist.

things to do in rome

Remembering Hadrian, Destroyer of the Jews

A Women's History of Rome

Vandal (click to see larger image)

Love, Sex & Gender Hierarchies in Ancient Greece

Credit: WWE.com

The School of Rome by W. Martin Bloomer

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar: Five ways WWE's SummerSlam main event could go

The Hippodrome in Constantinople was the largest chariot racing stadium in the Eastern Roman Empire and

The Pantheon's porch was built in the traditional, Greek style of architecture, with columns holding up an entablature. Sixteen, monolithic columns form the ...

This, then, was the charged atmosphere in which Rome screened its first season. Although the depiction of Roman sexual and religious practices continued to ...

What to know about Vatican City: secret passages and the world's best post office - The National