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If you stress too much before the audition happens you basically

If you stress too much before the audition happens you basically


Truer words have never been spoken! ・・・ If you stress too much before

3 monstrous audition mistakes. You ...

Audition Cafe

Make sure your music is clearly marked. Label all the songs in your audition binder with tabs, so if they ask to hear another song, you can quickly find it.

You Cannot Be An Equal In Your Relationships If You Treat Dating Like An Audition

1. if the orchestra takes forever to release the list,

it's going to teach you…

want a head start on audition preparation?

As actors, we have to audition. There's no way around it. Even stars have to read for roles sometimes. It can be a stressful thing if you let it, ...

This tip comes from master acting teacher, Karen Kohlhaas, a NYU professor at the

i'm also taking this opportunity to announce a special new bonus for students of the auditionhacker formula called the last minute audition kit. it's a full ...

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Acting Tips For When A Casting Director Says "Tell Me About Yourself" - YouTube

How to get an agent. If you've ...

day 10: the ultimate guide to sight-reading for auditions (and life)

It wasn't until the end that I really got that it wasn't personal and that most of the pressure I was under was self-induced. The feedback was to help me ...

right actor resume in crayon bonnie gillespie. You've ...


On the opposite end of the spectrum: A week ago I was on the set of "Vacation Rental" on the opposite coast (Palm Springs), a short film I wrote, directed, ...

If the simple act of imagining that scenario made your shoulders hike up to your ears

Broadway's Viveca Chow Shares Her Advice on How to Nail Your BFA Audition

RHR: Raw Milk Safety, Iron Overload and Finding Calm in Stressful Situations

Although I have more peace of mind now and time to write and enjoy my life, audition season is STILL, or AGAIN, or just ALWAYS upon us! So let me share some ...

A woman suffering from anxiety at night

2nd Post in #GoodToKnow series. YASSSSS!!! You ...

The Worst Thing You Can Do in an Audition

My first audition for the Met was such a failure.

NBA FAQ HMU ROFL- Auditioning for a pro team?

I've had many actors book tv and film jobs off of self tapes. I've had even more actors send in dozens of tapes (hundreds?), only to never hear anything.

Jonathan Van Ness reveals awful sex accident during Queer Eye auditions

Lack of confidence

On the day of my audition, I woke up feeling powerful. I bought a new outfit (because let's face it, a new outfit just feels so good!) and set an intention ...

"My vagina is stress-sweating." Shutterstock “

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I have been asked me many, many people about why I decided to audition for Carolina Crown, and what my audition experience was like.

You already have an impressive client list of working actors. Do you see any common threads in their attitudes towards the audition process?

“What if I forgot to unplug my straighteners?”

College Auditions - The Parent Perspective

The Audition, what to do and what not to do... — Stephanie Renee Maysonave

23-Year-Old Mark McMullan Dedicates Audition To Brother With Brain Injury

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Director at audition. If you're ...

Wanda Filer

“Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged ...

Diversity can also create more innovative and interesting stories because you're surrounded by many individuals with different ideas. With diversity you can ...

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All Leaders Have Anxiety. Here's How the Best Ones Deal With It | Inc.com

Ok so an audition breakdown is posted and they want something really specific (or maybe

... during my audition, I noticed and picked up a lot of things that I have brought with me to other auditions. Things that i have worked on perfecting. So ...


When people ask you how you're doing, they aren't asking for your current credits. Remember you have a full and rich life that isn't all about the biz.

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Amazon.com: The Resilient You: Bouncing Back and Winning the Stress Game (9781718973497): Dee Woolridge: Books

TMHS 344: Real-World Motivation To Remind You Of Your Greatness

10 Audition Tips for Actors. (Updated 2018)

How To Audition For a Band

17349749_1056706307806731_1707304246694125981_o.jpg. COME PREPARED! You ...

... How To Deal With Stress

12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder


5 steps to preparing for college auditions this fall

Facts About Orchestral Violin Auditions

The video of Susan Boyle's audition (below) has been viewed 360 million times. Photograph: Rex Features

We have to start stepping up our game with self-tapes. I've been seeing so many bad ones lately. It's not your fault, it's just nobody ever seems to talk ...

Facts About Orchestral Violin Auditions

The first round of auditions for Juilliard's pre-college program is by video. From December to March my son practiced for three hours a day to prepare.

Though if you do that kind of stuff, we say in Japan: Bachi ga ataru. It would be bad karma to do that. Something bad would happen to you.”

Online Dating and Auditioning Are Basically the Same Thing Or, how Tinder prepared me to be a casting director. by Jason Blitman

Ever have an audition dilemma? Here are some examples and what to do!

That's very cool, we are all about that entrepreneur life at Ms. in the Biz! Tell us about Your Audition Friend.

3 ways to ruin your mock auditions

Broadway's Viveca Chow Shares Her Advice on How to Nail Your BFA Audition

I have done this three times very successfully through Indiegogo. You don't need much. For $1000 you can ...

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A Few Things Every Musician Ought to Know About Stage Fright - Bulletproof Musician

Illustration for article titled The “Broadway Brothers” talk life on So You Think You

Selecting the right one can often feel like trying to pick a needle out of a haystack. You want something that's the right length, fits your age and ...

Every time the camera was rolling I would say to myself "Do I believe this?". Is the duct tape tied around his hands strong enough so that the audience ...

David Rapaport Casting Director

My number was the 19th number to be called. TALK ABOUT STRESS YOU GUYS. But damn, I did it. Finally. It felt like all of my hard work had paid off.

Simply saying 'I feel scared' can go a long way to making you feel calmer

Emerson College

“I am excited”: Making Stress Work for You, Instead of Against You

This is my son on registration day at Juilliard. We are so excited. But not surprised. That's what happens when you ...

Interview with Berlin Philharmonic Concertmaster

Can't stress hoe true this can be!

9 Actions to Take When You're Feeling Nervous & Insecure - Strong Sensitive Souls