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I genuinely adore the pigments lines and linework This is a

I genuinely adore the pigments lines and linework This is a


I genuinely adore the pigments, lines, and linework. This is a superb idea if you want a #traditionaljapanesetattoo

I quite simply adore the pigments, lines, and linework. This is certainly a

I honestly am keen on the pigments, outlines, and linework. This is certainly

I truly adore the different colors, lines, and depth. This is a good

I truly am into the pigments, lines, and detail. This is really an

I honestly adore the tints, lines, and detail. This really is a very

I honestly adore the pigments, lines, and linework. This is really a good

I unquestionably adore the pigments, outlines, and depth. This really is an amazing

I seriously am into the pigments, lines, and detail. This really is a

I unquestionably adore the colours, lines, and linework. This really is an amazing

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I genuinely appreciate the colorations, lines, and linework. This is really an awesome

I sincerely am keen on the pigments, lines, and detail. This is really

Last Thursday I decided to ask you a question “Why do you sketch?” and was blown away by the responses. If you missed it, I suggest you read through all the ...

I genuinely appreciate the pigments, lines, and linework. This is an amazing idea

Following on from the previous question, what is your ultimate goal in relation to your work? Where would you like to see yourself in, say, five years time?

I honestly fancy the pigments, lines, and linework. This is certainly a fantastic


Cangiante by CanisAlbus ...

Artist @nirali.art inktober . . . . #inktober2018 #art #drawing

What was it that drew you to the pointillism and fine line style? Did you experiment with a couple of different styles before ...

My tattoo is beautiful… so why am I regretting it?

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Frou Frou by CanisAlbus ...

HAHAHA, WHAT A BLOOD BATH!!! ❤ ❤ Back in 2014

Starting my fox drawing

Nothing serious today, just sea inspired doodles 🐟 🌊 🏖 ▫️pigment liner pen .

Easy Line Work | Nail Art | Nail Sugar

WIP #somayukihira I hope you like it 😉 Please hit the like button and thanks


... fan art that I create based on my ideas and creations. A book, after all, could be considered fanfic that one person makes of the ideas swimming around ...

image 0 ...

Illustration by © Rebecca Green

Arcanine thigh design, all coloured and finished! Xx - - - - #arcainine

Black Sheep Ink shared a post.

#NewPensMakeMeHappy Instagram Photos and Videos

becca 8.jpg


8 more inches of snow and ice forecast tonight.. alas.

Some experimentation with ink. Really enjoyed doing it, wasn't going to post

if you want to try these pens I'd suggest the brown and black as the brown ink is a really nice pigment and not overly dark

I finished off by using some silver liquid bling over the top of some of the line work and poofing some aurora glitter over the top

image 0 ...

Here's an example of my black line work

Then I just did the usual whitework from behind on a soft embossing mat, leaving the black work on the front.

I adore the delicate line work and pastel colours of Marguerite Sauvage's illustrations. Based in Paris and professionally illustrating since 2001, ...


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Lulu book in my hands. Now the amendments happen. The blacks are really nice and rich (probably as it is designed for the all text books)...almost matte.

How did you get started? I came from a ...

... relatively simple techniques, so feel free to use this as a guide and paint your own little village! I'd love to see where your imagination takes you.

Some little dots before we head off out for a little Have a good friday.... pun intended 😂 Also i absolutely adore these @zox bracelets, you should all get ...

... outlines and then infilling these shapes with colour (colouring book style) but it's more satisfying when there is a dynamic relationship between lines ...

I've used these brushes with ink when I want to have a sort of impressionistic or out of focus looking background.

The Way of the Cross. #goodfriday #holyweek #missalette #thewayofthecross #adorationofthecross

Art Trail today. Spent the better part of last night prepping, making new pictures, dropping things into frames, creating signage and with the help of the ...

Día 24 Inktober / Chop Drawlloween / Hunters Moon . #inktober #intober2018 #inktoberday24

I don't listen to music when I create. I always work with words and texts. They have their own sounds. I listen to the sound of words when I create.

I sincerely adore the different shades, outlines, and linework. This is really a fantastic choice if you would like a #blackwolftattoo

Meditation painting this morning using handmade botanical pigment watercolors by @ffrench. . . . #watercolor #botanicalpigmentwatercolors #markmaking ...

My Tribute to Shingo Araki! by SpiderGuile ...

... I already had and switched to my TFPS small rounded flora no:1 for the finer line, and then started creating more swirls and looking at anywhere I could ...

Fairy tail x she ra and the princesses . . . . #dreamworks #netflix

We also have a rule that there is no fighting while writing on SAM WU — if we start to argue we put a five minute timer on and have a time-out ...

Finally what words of advice would you give to any artists that are just starting out?

Best pencils for sketching

Since I'm losing followers like wildfire, I might as well post what I

A&C left side smaller.jpg

You will be teaching “Decorated Letter and Border: 16th Century Renaissance” and “Pigments - The Colour Chart” at Rendez-vous. What knowledge and skills ...

One of the main things that make Kerby's artwork unique is the fact that, if you look at the above pieces, he makes realistic works of art out of many tiny ...

#mitsubishiunipin Instagram Photos & Videos

... what made me really adore this. Free online program, gives me almost exactly my sketchbook style, with the added bonus of fun graphite-ish backgrounds!


#blablabla #littlegiraffes and #coffeebreak . . . . . . #sketching #


image 0 ...

x9? 20mins . . . . . #x9 #multipledrawings #reconfigurative #lifedrawings

One of the things I adore with artisanal perfumers like John is the sense of feeling connected, his personal imprint ...

I enjoy working with music as well as in total silence, depending on my mood and what I am doing. I enjoy many artists and genres.

Boho Bohemian Forest Wedding Pigment & Parchment Northern California Menu Feather Pomegranate Place Setting Table Place

Inktober Spell sketch by Erika Lancaster

We knew we wanted the flora and fauna to contrast against a black background. Our creative director, Elizabeth Haidle, came up with this nuanced coloring of ...

This cold night dreaming's not enough Won't be the boy forever lost We need

I think it's kind of obvious that I followed the flow of Mister Hayden's comic styles and the line work being a mix of webcomicname and Shelby's style.


... #brixton #blackwork #linework #dotwork #femaletattooartists #handtattoo #crystaltattoo #magictattoo #witchytattoo #witchy #wicca #crystals #linedrawing ...

Pinoy Noche Buena Classics 2-A vertical . . . . #illustration #dibujo

It was a lot of fun to stylize everything

Mon géant flash Gypsie aux serpents pour pimper ta guibole est prêt à être encrer!

Inktober ...

Watercolors for beginners -Zakkiya Hamza| Inkstruck Studio

Day 6️⃣6️⃣ Back to my #markkistlerbook and 30 minutes routine... Got to

I then created some swirly bits and started to add some tear drops, adding a sort of butterfly wing shape, again using the blending brush to just blend ...

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... #psychadelic #color #linework #artistsoninstagram #vulture #abstractart #abstract #graphicdesign #graphic #birdart #blackandwhite #lammergeier