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I do the Altar Flowers for my church One of my haiku poetry friends

I do the Altar Flowers for my church One of my haiku poetry friends


I do the Altar Flowers for my church. One of my haiku poetry friends brings

One of my haiku poetry friends loves to fish from his canoe. Now and again

Two of my favorite ways to take a break from jewelry making are arranging flowers and

Altar flowers for church. Yellow Roses. Coleus. Purple Heart. In my cherished

My Ikebana · Pink roses in a cherished Japanese container. #FollowMe

My Ikebana · A mid-spring arrangement that went first to the Welcome Table at church, then

My Ikebana · I clipped this Crested Fasciation from a Laurel bush. Something had damaged the branch and

There is always room in my grocery budget for flowers. This week it was pale

My Ikebana · Roses. Babies breath. Modern container. For the altar at church tomorrow. Babies

I'd go nuts if I didn't step away from my jeweler's bench

My walks provide refreshment, inspiration and respite from my jewelry bench. Both the Black

My Bishop and Other Poems

Sometimes my break from my jewelry bench just takes me outside my kitchen window. I

I now stand before you utterly and entirely corrected, as Cassie Pruyn has done that very thing in her collection of poetry, Lena Pruyn brings new meaning ...

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woman reading a wedding poem

Sitting over words very late, I have heard a kind of whispered sighing… ~ W.S.Merwin. Here I am with my second sharing as one ...

The formal poetry website The Chained Muse has published my ghazal “The Triumph of Roses” (reprint) on Christmas Day, a gift and also an auspicious shot of ...

I have to take breaks from my jewelry bench and go and "smell the flowers

And once we have our altar, what then? I say, let's trust ourselves. We will know what to do. This is liminal space. There is no one here but us and love.

I also refreshed my lilac altar by adding new flowers and lighting a candle. It all just helped me to feel woven in, in touch.

I was taking a little break from making jewelry for my Etsy shop and I gathered

If you happen to be riding the MBTA next month, remember your Charlie card, and snap a photo of my poem and I'll post it here.

I added hare statues and images for the same wildness of spirit. I am letting the relationship between lilac and hare unfold.

Poet's Intended Formatting

Salter: I try to let the subject and the mode I'm in talk to me. And sometimes I don't know for quite a long while what form the poem wants to take.

Do You Have a Favorite Poem? When I was 10, my best friend ...

not your usual evening at the library

Let me just say that there is no 'properly' here. In fact, the more improper you feel like being the better as far as I'm concerned!

On a block that has provided a home to some of Buffalo's finest churches stands one that may have escaped your notice. This Sunday's Buffalo Mass Mob XXXI ...

The Riches Of His Love


Have your Facebook and Instagram feeds begun to fill with glorious wedding photos from romantic locales? Perhaps you are the one getting married this summer ...

... of English-centered writing that, for one measure of its integrity, cannot be translated. –Richard Kostelanetz, FarEastBushWick 1385-5751: Archae, 2017.

#90 "I can only afford to lose one friend today." - Rocket

Poetry as Spiritual Practice: Reading, Writing, and Using Poetry in Your Daily Rituals

Seeing God in Unexpected places Spoken Word Poetry

Synchronized Swim

Photo Credit TV Maria


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Photograph: “An inheritance of love” by Ryan Schaufler 2019


Altar flowers and a bug: through the window of the church.

The flower arrangers are at their art - red silk poppies amongst the white crysanths - for this Sunday's big one, the centenary of the end of WWI.

Notre-Dame de Paris, a Visit before the April 2019 fire via @patfurstenberg


'PBS membership allows both students and teachers alike an ongoing dialogue with the best of contemporary poetry via the PBS quarterly recommendations. We ...

Neck Journal

With that kind of history, the least I can do is help ensure Saint Ann's is there for my three boys the way it was there for me.

Mornings with Mayesh: Sarah Campbell

Photo by Shari Wagner

Strange Meetingv2

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30 wedding poems that aren't cheesy. 1.

December Sunday I

And as readers, we are moved and fortified by making intimate contact with the world of Magee's Better Angels.

E.E. Cummings Poem I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) vintage paper dorm decor Art Print Home Decor poetry wall art love poem


Photo by Shari Wagner

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After a recent post of mine highlighting two buildings directly across the street from St. Ann's I was contacted by another member of the congregation, ...

In the Bible is the story of the Tower of Babel. We are told that, following the Great Flood, a united humanity spoke only one language.

Reasons to go to school for writing.

I really appreciate your asking. You can visit Jonathan's website here and join Field Notes for Writers here.


Red Wheelbarrow tattoo. 1

Namely, I believe that each person has something unique to offer to the world and that there are forces at work to both nurture and negate that work.

inheritance: Two Poems by Xiao Yue Shan

Image Image


IMAGE: Buffalo Mass Mob XXXI

Itasca has landed overseas and begun their UK/EU tour as a duo featuring Dave McPeters on pedal steel guitar. Mark your calendars and prepare to be ...

Three Poems on the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris | Society of Classical Poets

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Accompanying watercolour painted by my daughter Jeannie Clarke - you can see more of her work here !

Holy God, we give thanks to You for your gracious mercy upon us, and for the beauty of loving hearts in the world.

Notre Dame Cathedral view of High Altar and Pieta - photo by Lysandra Frustenberg

Chalkboard haiku, spur of the moment haiku in my kitchen

Easter Flowers. Make Your Pledge

Photo from #BrooksMuseum on Instagram on alainathetford at 5/9/19 at 7

Amazon.com: The McGraw-Hill Book of Poetry (9780070169449): Robert DiYanni, Kraft Rompf: Books

Many years ago, probably back in the 80s, I happened across Marjorie Holmes' novel Two from Galilee and read it by the light of our Christmas tree.

Where there is division we need t cover with love Spoken word poetry video

Poster for Single Onion 152 at Shelf Life Books

... Epilogue 9 front-matter-type foreword Foreword 10 front-matter-type ...

You Are Not Here by Samantha Schutz Annaleah and Brian shared something special—Annaleah is sure of it. When they were together, they didn't need anyone ...

This is a Fairy Tree we drove past in the Wicklow Mountains area of Ireland this summer. On a day trip to the countryside, our tour guide, whose family was ...

I don't know who was responsible for choosing that gift, or for writing our names so elegantly on the card envelopes. I keep that envelope propped up on my ...


Celastrus orbiculatus is a woody, deciduous flowering vine better known as “oriental bittersweet.” I like to call it “ob.” Its common name sounds like the ...

Poetry Will Save Your Life (Atria Books, 2017)

Another practice, which I often choose when I would like to write a poem but feel under pressure, is to write a haiku. This is a simple Japanese poetry form ...

The Beauty of Life

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