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How to Fix A Broken Eyeshadow Good to know Broken eyeshadow

How to Fix A Broken Eyeshadow Good to know Broken eyeshadow


How to Fix Any Broken Powder Makeup… Really!

I think we all went at least once through the moment of breaking a good and almost brand new eyeshadow or blush. One second of inattention and the product ...


How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow (2 methods!) by Liz Thompson 4 years ago 440 Views 3 Comments · Favorite shadow gone bust? It happens. Don't pitch it just yet.

Picture of How to Repair Broken Eyeshadow

Every girl should know how to do this! Fix your broken blush or powders. Just dropped mine tonight, i'll have to read this. DIY Fix broken pressed powder ...


How to Repair Broken Eyeshadow Palettes

How to: FIX A Broken Eye Shadow Like A PRO! - DIY



How to fix broken makeup!

How to fix a broken eyeshadow or blush!

how to fix broken eyeshadow


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Fixy makeup repair kit

How To Fix A Broken Eyeshadow Palette

I Tried the Fixy Makeup Repair Kit — and It Saved My Smashed Eye Shadow Palette

How to Fix Broken Makeup

The Beautyfly

Colourpop came broken! I would just press them down but these were gonna be a present. I emailed CS but heard theyre shitty, any advice on how to fix these ...

Ooh La La: Broken Eye Shadow Quick Fix

Breaking your favourite make-up product can be heartbreaking, we know! Powder based make-up like blushes, compact or even eyeshadows tend to break in your ...

How to Fix Broken Powder Foundation

Repair broken eyeshadow

Personal Hacks. How To Fix A Broken Powder ...


How to: Fix BROKEN Eyeshadow Palette PERFECTLY | KalkSTAR

Photo: @beccacosmetics/Instagram

No matter how careful you are, eventually that pressed powder becomes just thin enough to crack into a million pieces. Maybe it spent the night in the car ...

Remember that I blogged recently about My Little Pony x Colourpop shadow palette I've bought recently? Well, after only using it once, the next time I ...


Revive dried out or cracked cream eye shadow

A few days ago, we were messing around and sadly dropped and cracked Erica's favorite makeup setting powder. We all know how heartbreaking it is to open ...

How Do You Fix Broken Eyeshadow? The Fixy Makeup Repair Kit Makes Cracked Shadows Better Than Brand New

how to fix broken eye shadow

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Makeup 911! Fix the broken or aging products lurking in your makeup bag.

How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

See the example here from @freshfacestace.in.seattle ->. When it comes to broken ...

Have you ever watched your favorite eyeshadow or blush falling in slo-mo and shattering into a million pieces? If you wear makeup, this has probably ...

How To Fix A Broken Compact Without Alcohol Use Makeup Remover Wipe Www Beautybyemmy Com

How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

xZZByrtoTWnauZxXCa5aJtpt.jpeg:Amazon:photo. First, if your eyeshadow cracked ...

How To Fix your broken Eyeshadow - Vincent Longo Cosmetics


fix broken makeup

How to fix smashed eyeshadow

DIY: How to fix broken eye shadow by Free People

Broken blush

How to fix broken eyeshadows/powder:pour a tiny amount of alcohol into pallet and smooth over with a knife/finger. Voila!

life hacks

Simple Ways to Fix Broken Makeup!

When your powder cosmetics are broken into 5 million pieces, you can always put them in a small container and use as a loose shadow, but you DO have the ...

20150212_121409. Okay then ...

how to fix broken eye shadow

How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow

fix broken eyeshadow, repair broken eyeshadow

Busted Powder Solution 2: Vaseline

How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow (The WRONG Way)

Smooth a cracked pan of powder makeup

Fix broken eyeshadow

Break them all up into powder (even unbroken ones) and pile them all nicely in the pan although it might be a little messy.

Fix a compact complete with a design


Broken Compact LEAD

How to Fix a Broken Pressed Powder Makeup

How to fix broken makeup - money saving tip! http://thebeautydepartment.

Australis Bronze Eyed Girl Palette

Broken Makeup? Fix It With These Clever Hacks

How to Fix Broken Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows

My dear girls, what can be the biggest nightmare than dropping an expensive makeup product??? It is something like losing all your whole month's pocket ...

how to fix broken eye shadow

Fixing broken makeup tutorial

After a little research, I concluded that the best method involved using alcohol and pressing the powder back into the compact.

... broken eyeshadow; wooden stick. You'll Need: fix-it-2-1

Broken Eye Shadow? Here's How to Fix a Shattered Palette

Image titled Fix Broken Makeup Step 3

FIX BROKEN EYESHADOWS!!! Easy How-to Tutorial

Every makeup lover has that sad moment when our favourite blush, or favourite eyeshadow or the highlighter palette breaks. There is nothing sad as broken ...

How to depot & fix broken makeup

Learn how to fix your broken eyeshadow in easy steps. Eyeshadow Palette

Repair broken eyeshadows with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. See the complete tutorial here.

fix broken makeup powder