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Here comes the sun Tulip Flaming Flag is an upright bulbous

Here comes the sun Tulip Flaming Flag is an upright bulbous


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Light Purple Tulips

Blueberry Chocolate Tulip Blend ...

Not quite Tulip time, you say? True, if you mean the classic garden varieties that come in every paintbox color, the ones we see massed at Longwood and ...

Tulip Queen of Night May 60cm Good cut flower Bulb Flowers, Allium Flowers, Little

Naturilizing bulbs, Perennial spring bulbs, top performing spring bulbs, bulbs that come back ...

Joyful Spring! Mix of tulip princes...'Purple Prince', '

I gotta have some purple tulips for next spring!!!! Purple Tulips,

WOW Tulip®

Absalon Tulip

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Tulipán ´MENTON´ 5 ks v balení Bulb Flowers, Tulips Flowers, Spring Flowers

Tulip Pink Flag

Tulip planting

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Quick View · Black Hero Tulip

Michigan Bulb Company Parrot Tulip Blumex Bulb - Set of 18

Tulip Flaming Parrot - Parrot Tulips - Tulips - Flower Bulbs Index Parrot Tulips, Tulips

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The Lady Tulips, Tulipa clusiana cultivars, have a very old pedigree in western gardens, having been brought to Florence from the Near East in 1606.

Tulip, Green River

Flag tulip mixture with blueberry ripple tulip.

I'm going in mostly for warm shades in the areas where I grow my species Tulips, so don't have many in the pink or purple range, but there are some really ...

Brighten Up Your Garden From January Through May with Colorful Flower Bulbs

Iris germanica (Purple bearded Iris), Wakehurst Place, UK - Diliff.jpg

The violet, drumstiock flowers of Allium 'Globemaster' , an early summer flowering bulbous

It's a damn shame, because in this group are some of the most arresting and rewarding of all bulbous plants we can grow here in the temperate north.

semper augustus tulips

Pretty Tulips that Come Back Every Year

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Autumn 2017

A Head Gardener's Tips for Growing and Enjoying Glads

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BMOC – Big Yellow Mystery Daffodil Thrives in Zone 8b/9a Louisiana

When Lettuce gets bitter and starts to bolt, pull out the plants, compost them, and use the space for Bush Beans or Summer Squash. A late planting of Squash ...

de Jager Autumn Catalogue

PRE-ORDER - Tulip Shirley - Spring White & Purple Flower Bulbs

PRE-ORDER - Queen of the Night & Shirley - Tulip Flower Bulbs - Mixed

Gorgeous structural shape of Athyrium niponicum var. pictum (Japanese painted fern) https:

Catalogue of Holland bulbs and plants : for fall planting.. Bulbs (Plants .


Dreer's midsummer list 1927. Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Nurseries ( .

Posh UK Magazine Heralds “Modern Era” of “Truly Sophisticated” Glads

Tulipa praestans is another easy one that's available in a few nice cultivars like 'Fuselier' (above), an intense poppy red. I also grow 'Moondance', ...

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Colchicum ...

Blue Flag Tulip

Crocus Tommasinianus, botanical Crocus, Crocus 'Ruby Giant', Early Crocus, Botanical

Dreer's wholesale price list : seeds for florists plants for florists bulbs for florists vegetable .

I love that fine, needle-like foliage and the orangish-chartreuse color. Good things do indeed come in small packages sometimes.

Purple Lady Lily Tree®

Allium giganteum

Bearded Iris

Fabulous Clematis florida 'Sieboldii' planted with Rhodochiton atrosanguineus (26,000 plants with care advice

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BlogLateSpringGarden25%IMG_8255 ...

The Yukon Commissioner's Canada 150 tulips were a Flag Day delight! (Douglas Phillips)

30 Bright Parrot Tulips Multi Color Flower Seeds Rikka Tulip Tulipa Gesneriana Perennial Bonsai Herb Plants Wedding Decoration

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Late flowering tender perennial

... 'Chiapas' likes to bloom in the late fall and early winter. It's unusual for three reasons. It is a scrambler/cascader not a shrub; it features purple ...

Deciduous Azaleas companions, Evergreen Azaleas companions, Rhododendron companions, azalea companions, Snowdrops, ...

These are Tulips for gardeners who don't particularly like Tulips... by which I mean, they find the modern hybrids perhaps too formal, too stiff, ...

BlogLateSpringGarden25%IMG_8977 BlogLateSpringGarden25%IMG_8253 BlogLateSpringGarden25%IMG_8660

Bearded rhizome iris[edit]

Red and yellow tulips on the banks of the river at Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands -

Southern Living Spotlights Dahlias for the South

De Jager Wholesale Catalogue Spring 2019

Crocus ...

Louisiana Iris

I can't get enough of this little one... it's Tulipa orphanidea subspecies whittalii (sorry folks, no common name). Which is indeed a mouthful for such a ...

Purple kale won't be taken out of the garden until a deep freeze.


Vinca major variegata, Big Leaf Perrywinkle

Black Parrot Tulip Moon Garden, Flower Seeds, Dark Purple Flowers, Red Flowers,

Buy Sicilian honey garlic bulbs Nectaroscordum siculum: £4.99 Delivery by Crocus

Thanks for a Great Fall – And Now on to Our Next Catalog!

Orange Tulips (Fosteriana Hybrids)

tulips Tulipa

Although people of course grow Arugula for the leaves, it's the simple 'flag' (four corners) white flowers that appeal to me.

Blue-flag iris at the new rain garden at St. Gabriel's Church on Grant

Gardens Alive! 1-Pack in Bareroot

Currie's bulbs and plants : autumn 1928. Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants .


Daffodils for Naturalizing, Daffodils that come back, Best Daffodils, Best Narcissus, Naturalizing ...

Iris reticulata

Pretty, But Different Color Pretty, But Different Color

Lastly, my very favorite that I've grown (so far)... the Woodland Tulip, Tulipa sylvestris. Very happy here on a sandy loam bank in part shade, ...

Absalon Tulip

TULIP COME BACK Darwin hybrid tulip

Although “tulips on their own can look spectacular,” writes UK garden designer Kristy Ramage in the April 2017 Gardens Illustrated, “I prefer to grow them ...

'Purple Smoke' baptisia at Mt Cuba Center, Greenville, DE

Andrea's large bloom tulips