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Hand thrown oyas of various sizes Perfect for the home garden Bury

Hand thrown oyas of various sizes Perfect for the home garden Bury


Hand thrown oyas of various sizes. Perfect for the home garden. Bury the pot to the top, add water on a daily basis or when needed.

Preparing for Hard Times: Ollas, and Underground Irrigation Techniques. Great idea for watering

Irrigate Your Garden And Conserve Water With Ollas Clay Pots

Buy Olla Irrigation Clay terracotta pot Self Watering Pots, Water Plants, Water Garden,

Picture of Ollas, buried unglazed clay pots that don't waste water.

All Things Garden, Beginner Basics

Clay Pot Irrigation - Olla Irrigation - GrowOya - Ollas Irrigation

Ollla watering system in garden

Two raised beds at sundown. The soaker hoses are no longer showing because they'

Use ollas (unglazed clay pots) to irrigate your garden slowly and encourage deep roots

1: Weeder + Cultivator

An olla is a terra cotta clay pot, buried neck deep in a garden. As soil dries, fresh water is drawn through the walls of the porous olla.

Picture of tall sunflowers, self seeding plants, in a garden

Garden Irrigation 101: Ollas, Soaker Hoses & Other Methods

10: Smart Pots

Ollas: Unglazed Clay Pots for Garden Irrigation

Picture of a front yard cucumber hedge

Gardening with Less Water Garden Table, Garden Pots, Indoor Garden, Vegetable Garden,

Ollas – Clay Pot Irrigation Systems + DIY Homemade Ollas.

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Drip Irrigation Systems

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The New Home Economics

Then several years ago we buried that wood along with other biodegradable material in the vegetable garden and ...

STEP 4 – Form the Hypertufa Trough

There appears to be similar, but distinct approaches to making ollas, mostly defined by the local availability of materials and technology.

So, here's the herb patch after I've given it a serious haircut and have weeded a bit. The only thing that's not doing very well is the dill; ...

Ollas before they were buried, placed about 4 or 4-1/2' apart in my beds.

Picture of an urban street container garden

Micro greens on a Olla Water Plants, Water Garden, Garden Pots, Garden Ideas

Good food. Good drink. Good read. • No. 40 • March-April 2017. Gardening and the Great ...

How We Plant - Here's a guide to how we plant our tomato beds, step

Gardening is often a reflection of our personalities. I know there are some who would pass by my flowerbeds and wonder, “What is she doing?

Four images showing the process of a large clay vessel, shaped like a pear vase

I buried the Olla next to one of the pepper plants and did not water any other way, except through the exposed Olla spout. The drought was brutal, ...

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The irrigation is hooked up to our well water and is on the irrigation timer for a brief shower every other day. With a lasagna garden, once saturated water ...

Hypertufa troughs are earthy and natural containers that look great in gardens of every style. Today's hypertufa troughs are modeled after ancient stone ...


9 Ways To Build Your Self Watering Garden

I buried the Olla next to one of the pepper plants and did not water any other way, except through the exposed Olla spout. The drought was brutal, ...

Great Salad Greens For Your Central Texas Fall GardenHome And GardenGardening Tips

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Let's talk olla irrigation 👨 🏫💧 . Ollas, (pronouced “oy-

... open heart surgery. The end goal is to have a yard consisting mostly of native plants, alongside our mature fruit trees and a tiny vegetable garden ...

Um, this is a 3′ by 6′ garden bed and he's somehow fit eight buried clay pots, four tomato plants, four pepper plants, a row of radishes, and various herbs ...

A photo of a front yard garden, as shown from the roof. It has

Picture of a bee hotel


Jeff, I've go an idea for a better place to spend that money: let's plant gardens. That's what the University of California Cooperative […]

All I remember is that it sounded right and felt great rolling off our lips. We yelled “UMBRIAGO” as we climbed up and down the enormous rocks.

Here is one of April's ollas ...

Buried Reservoirs

woodstove in garden- Save money & grow some of your Animal Feed for your pigs, chickens, goats, cows.

Comparison: traditional bed at left, hugelkultur bed at right

All are located on South or West exposures. Can you name the other factors in each photo that contributed to mite injury?

6 Bury the olla up to its neck in the soil. Plant seedlings a few inches away from the neck of the olla.

Picture of plants going to seed near a play area.


Common garden rhubarb, Rheum rhabarbarum, is a member of the Polygonaceae family. It is an herbaceous perennial vegetable that sprouts from short, ...

The hardest part about using ollas, was that my plants got so huge it was hard to find the ollas to fill them! At the end of the season, I pulled the ...

Buried up to their chins and filled with water. Now just waiting to see how the plants like it!

Planting a Spring Garden

7 Secrets to a More Productive Garden

10+ Incredible Deals from The Home Depot's Presidents Day Sale—Up to 25%

... of that and then our son's house is now on the other side of the garage where we had established raised bed gardens and a huge woods area..now all gone.

An artisan created ollas onsite. These clay containers are buried in the ground and are an old-fashioned way to water plants that have seen a resurgence in ...

Moisture is lost to evaporation when you use a hose to water your garden.

Amazon.com: Olla Garden Irrigation Pot - Large - 1.25 Gallon with Olive, Purple and Blue Lid: Handmade

Here ...

An image of a watering wand hovering over a raised bed, spraying it. The

428KiB, 512x512 ...

A strawberry tower is a super space saving vertical strawberry planter, that is perfect for small space gardens.

Did you know that beet greens are gloriously edible? That they are tender, not bitter, mild, easily cooked and full of nutrition?

Do all hardscaping first and build it out of durable materials. Those retaining walls that failed in the front yard are wood and only lasted 15 years.

2: Hose Shut-Off Valve

Making Ollas At The Sunfield Community Garden In Buda, TXHome And GardenGardening Tips


Pruning Flowering Shrubs


Garden Irrigation with Ollas

the garden 7-9-13

Overhead Irrigation Benefits

Photo from @ceremonyclay on Instagram on ceremonyclay at 4/6/19 at 3

View of my place from across the street. ~ Friend Stan. He has turned his front yard into a really nice garden.

basil growing next to a fence

[/img] In these photos there was a layer of manure under a layer of pine chips...since we have built them up with vegetable scraps, eggshells, bark chips, ...

Stand up Stand up!! It's an Oya army!!👍👍👍 •

Because we allow some vegetables to go to seed, we had to transplant vegetables from the ground where the raised beds were placed, into the raised beds.

Ollas To the Rescue!

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Ollas - Home Garden Club, Garden Beds, Garden Spaces, Lawn And Garden,

Often thought of as kitschy, repurposed items (used as flowerbed sculptures) are perhaps more hip and cool than expensive garden art.

In another study, “clay pots with a capacity of 5 liters each and made by rural women were installed at 0.5 m intervals in the study plots by burying them ...

I thought since you live closer to the Mexican boarder, you might have a suggestion. Also, if you have suggestions on how to implement the olla project in ...

Amazon.com: Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Slow Cooker, Programmable, Set & Forget with Temperature Probe, Transport Clips, Sealing Lid, Stainless Steel, ...

More round tanks being used as gardens

Picture of an outdoor garden with a hangnging jar containing crystals

I did manage to make a new gate, based on a design by the English ...