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FOX NEWS Trumps critics melt down over border policy change News

FOX NEWS Trumps critics melt down over border policy change News


Trump's 'animal' comments taken out of context

Trump's fake fight against real news

President Donald Trump has dramatically shifted his stated rationale for firing FBI Director James Comey. But Fox News hosts have not wavered in their ...

Geraldo Rivera speaking on Fox News' ...

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's comments on abortion spark outrage

President Trump Vetoes Emergency Declaration Resolution Approved By Congress


Tucker Carlson: "The left's opposition to Trump has shredded democratic norms"

President Donald Trump arrives to speak during a "Make America Great Again" rally Wednesday in Erie, Pa. Fox News and the other cable news networks did not ...

Chris Farrell Lou Dobbs Fox News

Donald Trump is treating Fox News like it's state TV.

Andy Puzder: No, the May jobs report does not mean the Trump economy is on the brink

Trump's border wall obsession frustrates conservative activists

Tucker Carlson, Rutger Bregman clash: Fox News host has meltdown with historian guest - Vox

Ellen Ratner: Elizabeth Warren is wrong about Fox News

Trump Turns on Fox News Coverage of Wall Negotiations: 'Never Thought I'd Say This'

Watch: Rachel Maddow cries at the family separation crisis. Corey Lewandowski mocks it. - Vox

CNN's Navarro Files Nails During Wall Debate With Steve Cortes: People Killed By Illegals Can't Do Their Nails

Napolitano Schools Fox News Hosts on Trump's Birthright Plans: He Can't (Video)

FILE - In this Wednesday, March 20, 2019 file photo, President Donald Trump

British political consultant Steve Hilton, right, chats with business magnate Richard Branson in 2012 at the White House, during a state dinner hosted by ...

Watch: Rachel Maddow cries at the family separation crisis. Corey Lewandowski mocks it. - Vox

House Democrats attend 'Winning on Fox News' class

... of Fox News Bureau on Tuesday. She will take over the channel's 10 p.m. weeknight time slot next week.CreditJustin T. Gellerson for The New York Times

Nielsen testifies on border security: 'This is not a manufactured crisis, this is

Trump: Obama Put Kids In Cages, Obama Separated Children | Video | RealClearPolitics

Trump mocks 'disaster' Nancy Pelosi in war cemetery

Former US President Ronald Reagan and US President Donald Trump.



Tucker Carlson: We Are Ruled By Mercenaries Who Feel No Long-Term Obligation To The People They Rule | Video | RealClearPolitics

'This president lies daily': Critics demand networks fact-check Trump's live immigration speech

#CNN #Stelter #Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump answers a question on North Korea during a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the White House ...

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump: Commander in Beef - Nancy Pelosi Sparks a Presidential Tantrum (5:34)President Trump storms out of an infrastructure meeting with Sen.

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration

Murdoch 'said “I can't get the a**hole off the phone” in Trump call'

Watch Fox News anchors speak at Trump rally

China's Xi Jinping calls Trump a 'friend,' says US isn't interested

Colbert, Seth Meyers Gleefully Rip Trump's “Deranged Twitter Bender” | Vanity Fair

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Series | Comedy Central Official Site | CC.com

The president and his posse. Alvin Chang

Martha MacCallum: A D-Day hero makes a life-changing return to Normandy at age 94

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Tucker Carlson

The pros and cons of televised hearings

The Daily 202: The Mueller report showcases eight Trump loyalists who resisted the president to protect themselves - The Washington Post

How Fox News' Laura Ingraham Used Trump to Become a Conservative Rockstar

Trump's climate-change answer was all kinds of wrong.


Donald Bryson: Here's hoping Georgia calls Hollywood's bluff over liberals upset by abortion law

'Stay strong and fight back': Trump urges Fox News to dig in on Carlson and Pirro

Trump aides repeat threat to shut down U.S.-Mexico border over migrant issue - Reuters

Six weeks of Fox's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obsession: "Totalitarian," "ignorant," "scary," and waging a "war on cows"

Mueller: Hannity was tipped off about Trump Tower meeting

The Daily 202: Trump administration divided internally over North Korea approach as second summit nears

Ann Coulter

Trump battered by Chamber of Commerce VP with numbers showing he will kill small businesses with his Mexico tariffs

Mike Pence: No Deal Without A Wall, No Border Security Without A Wall

It's not okay how clueless Donald Trump is about climate change

Axelrod: 'Cover the electorate, not the polls'

Pennsylvania meltdown triggers Republican alarms

Donald Trump

Opinion | Lindsey Graham Is the Saddest Story in Washington - The New York Times

Fox News spent the morning of May 11 pounding the same claims, saying that Democrats and journalists were overstating the story for political reasons:

Fox News Wants You to Know That Even One Toke Will Result in Fatal Levels of Chill


Maddow excels at turning the daily drip of scandal into a whole evening of programming.MSNBC

Melania Trump: 'opportunists' hardest to deal with


A contact sheet containing six images of Ben Shapiro. One is circled. One is

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“He's Going to Fieldstrip These Guys”: Inside the Trump 2020 Campaign's Wild, Disorganized Attempt to “Keep America Great”

Fox's Mollie Hemingway: Law enforcement treated Trump like he was "beneath the law"

Obama-era photos of immigrant children in cages go viral

Journalists mostly shrug off Trump's 'treason' talk

Fox News


Mark Levin

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

US politics · '

... 2019 · Tensions mount between the U.S. and Iran

We analyzed 17 months of Fox & Friends transcripts. It's far weirder than state-run media. - Vox

Hannity Fires Back at 'Abusively Biased Media Mob' and 'Dumb Left Wing Hack' David Corn For Calling Him Out

Huckabee Sanders on Covington Media Coverage: "I've Never Seen People So Happy To Destroy A Kid's Life"