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Difference Between Wedge Compression Burst Spinal Fractures

Difference Between Wedge Compression Burst Spinal Fractures


Wondering what the difference is between a compression, wedge, and burst fracture? Many individuals confuse those terms with each other which is no surprise ...

spinal compression fracture


... scoliosis; 27. Definitions—Compression fractures ...

What Does it Mean If I've Been Diagnosed with a T12 or L1 Vertebral Burst Fracture?

9 Burst Fractures Compression fracture where posterosuperior fragment is displaced into the spinal ...

In some cases it can be difficult to decide whether there is a burst fracture with a torn PLC or distraction with a torn PLC and a compression fracture ...

... classification of Thoraco lumbar injuries with three major patterns: viz. a. simple wedge fractures b. comminuted fractures and c. Fracture dislocations

Wedge compression fracture

wedge fracture in spine compresses disc and curves your back

Compression fracture diagram. A Burst Fracture is ...

Causes of compression fractures in your spine


Once an anterior wedge compression fracture has oc

learn about fractured spinal vertebrae in back and neck

Vertebral Burst Fracture. 30% impingement into spinal canal.

Imaging of the Cervical Spine > Fractures > Burst. Burst Fracture

Cervical Spine Trauma. - ppt download

A potential complication of a vertebral compression fracture is avascular necrosis of the vertebral body, which is called Kümmel's disease, and may appear ...

Burst fractures.

Burst fractures.


Jumper's fracture .

Burst Fracture ...

Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of an L1 o Anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of an L1 osteoporotic wedge compression fracture.

Compression fracture of the fourth lumbar vertebra post falling from a height.

T12 Compression Fracture - L2 Burst

location on an anatomy chart of where t12 and l1 burst fractures happen at

Anterior wedge compression fracture with an intact

C-Spine Injuries Table

Spinous process fracture - C4. Tap to expand

Chance fracture .

Radiology of Burst Fractures

... element fracture without PLC involvement. They are subdivided into five subtypes [Figure 6]. These subtypes are used in description of vertebral body ...

Radiology of Burst Fractures

common location of compression fractures in the spine

flexion distraction spinal fracture

TLSO Thoracic Full Back Brace | Treat Kyphosis, Osteoporosis, Spine Compression Fractures, Wedge

Lcompressionfx.jpg ...

Scroll through the images.


Convex posterior vertebral body cortex due to burst fracture. Chance fracture

Hyperflexion Injury .

Hyperextension fracture - dislocation. C-Spine Injuries : Degree of Stability

Long-term results of transpedicle body augmenter in treating burst fractures ...

CT scan of a burst fracture in the lumbar spine

three column division of a vertebral body

A; B ...

... to us 1 month after the injury due to self-neglect. Her neurology was intact but she had significant instability pain. (a-d) A burst fracture of L2 ...

A compression fracture is a condition in which a vertebra is crushed only in the front part of the spine, causing a wedge shape. If a vertebra is crushed in ...

Compression Fracture

Unstable Burst Fracture

Retropulsion of posterosuperior vertebral body fragment

Burst Fracture of Lumbar Spine. Sagittal reconstruction of CT of the lumbar spine demonstrates a

Neural arch fracture. Tap to expand

Vertebral Fractures. (no description yet)

What is a compression fracture of the spine?

Retropulsion of posterosuperior vertebral body fragment

A1 : wedge compression fractures( fracture involving one end plate without involvement of the posterior wall of the vertebral body ) [Figure 7]

Subaxial Cervical Vertebral Body Fractures

Complications from Compression Fractures of the Spine

Download figure ...

Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures

Summery Type of Injury Fracture Flexion Extension Compression Complex

Denis' burst fracture subtypes

Widening of Pedicles: - there may be spreading of posterior elements, seen on the plain AP view of spine as a widening of interpedicular distance.

Continuing the imaging workup, the utilization of computed tomography may provide data regarding the fracture trace analysis and evaluation of the ...

Lcompressionfx.jpg Lumbarburstfx.jpg

Case 7Case 7

X-ray of the lumbar spine with a compression fracture of the third lumbar vertebra.

image. FIGURE 318-6 Fracture ...

Measurement methods: (A) the percentage of vertebral height loss and (B)

Burst fracture

42 Summary Stable unstable. Unilateral interfacetal dislocation Simple wedge fracture Burst ...

Burst Fracture Axial loading as in diving or athletic accidents Comminuted fracture of vertebral ...

Download figure · Open in new tab · Download powerpoint. Figure 2. L1 burst fracture ...

Compression Fracture

Lateral X-ray of dorsal lumbar spine (A) shows burst fracture of L1

Flexion teardrop fracture

Fluoroscopic view of a kyphoplasty procedure.

... Burst fracture Complex Odontoid. By mechanisms of injury

Figure 2: X-ray lumbar spine lateral view in a 42 year old woman showing L4 burst fracture. (a) Preoperative segmental kyphotic angle.