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Did you know the Bull Shark can have up to 350 teeth If you should

Did you know the Bull Shark can have up to 350 teeth If you should


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Bull Shark Facts

Did you know the Bull Shark can have up to 350 teeth?? If you

Are Tiger Sharks Dangerous? Get the facts about one ...

Bull #sharks have around 50 rows of teeth in its jaws, and each row has about 7 teeth, for a grand total of about 350 teeth in its mouth at any given time.

When our divers clean the shark tank, one of their jobs is to vacuum up the shark teeth that decorate the floor. Sharks lose approximately 30,000 teeth in a ...

Bull Shark

Tiger Shark


Sand tiger sharks look ferocious, but these fish are not very aggressive and are known to attack humans only when bothered first.

In honor of Shark Week, a list of all the best sharks

... bull sh Shark

Bull sharks are large, with females being larger than males. Adult female bull sharks average 2.4 m (7.9 ft) long and typically weigh 130 kg (290 lb), ...

bull shark

Cool Sharks: 28 species you may not know

Most Dangerous Sharks

2 SHARK Ricardo

bull shark teeth

Sand tiger shark swimming

The bull shark is not a species that is particularly targeted by fishing, but they are frequently caught by accident in commercial fishing operations.

shark teeth. You make ...

Clockwise from top left: spiny dogfish, Japanese sawshark, whale shark, great white shark, horn shark, frilled shark, scalloped hammerhead and Australian ...

Bull sharks have been known to use the bump-and-bite technique to attack their prey. After the first initial contact, they continue to bite and tackle prey ...

The epic history of sharks

Blue Shark

Bull shark's kidneys can recycle the salt content in their bodies #WhatFishWednesdaypic.twitter.com/1uYJPkMNrE

Can You Eat Shark: What Every Angler Should Know about Shark Meat

Newsflare - Swimmer surrounded by intimidating bull sharks in shallow water

Bull sharks teeth are a broad jagged triangle up top and a thin jagged triangle along the jawline.

Tiger shark

shark teeth

Great White Shark

Why IWS Thinks Sharks Are AWESOME and 8 Reasons You Should Too

Although the Great White is the most dangerous they are very rare in the Gulf-.

Feared predator: A great white shark is pictured here breaching in spectacular fashion

Great white shark's travels captivate Nova Scotians: 'Say hello if you see me'

This is the moment a killer bull shark attacked a spear-fisherman in Australia

Can you shout to the clouds, and make it rain?

Golf Course Sharks Videos

Sandbar shark swimming

Are you brave enough to try to encounter a great white shark in the wild?

Tiger Shark

Bonnethead sharks were experimentally fed with a diet of 90 per cent seagrass, which they

6 Teeth Did you know ...

Guadalupe Island, Mexico. No shark encounter story would ...

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark - Sphyrna lewini - Bogenstirn-Hammerhai

42. You may think of sharks ...

Creepy facts that will chill you to the bone: SHARK WEEK EDITION! (16 Photos)

How Many Shark Attacks Have You Survived?

Ancient mega-shark once ruled the ocean

Great white shark UK 2017 sightings Hayling Island Hampshire

A snap was taken of this basking shark off the coast of the Isle of Coll

A 350-pound bull shark towed Capt. Ben Chancey around for an hour in

Dive with bull sharks in the diverse ecosystem of Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji.

24. You don't have to be in the ocean to see a shark. Bull ...

5. Shortfin Mako. Shortfin Mako Shark

What do you know about Sharks?

Diver comes face-to-face with hungry bull sharks

shark indenifaion | Know Your Florida Keys Sharks! | Marathon Florida Keys Shark Fishing .

Whale Shark

Crocodile Vs Shark | Who Will Be The Winner ?

The characteristic looked for on a White Shark is the Notches on the trailing edge of its Dorsal fin. Each notch pattern is specific to the individual, ...

bull shark eating

Bull shark

Shelby Ziegler on Twitter: "#Bullsharks are one of the 43 species of #shark that can live in both fresh and salt water due to a process called ...

Showing its teeth: sharks are affecting anglers' weekends

Blacktip Reef Shark Blacktip Reef Shark has long, thin, serrated teeth.

Meet the Bull Shark, a Shark in Both Salt and Fresh Water

Learn more about Bull Sharks

Shark and taking Selfie

great white shark

This Killer Beast Identification Quiz Is Really Hard, So We'll Be Impressed if You Even Get 4 Right | HowStuffWorks

Blue shark

48. Even though sharks have razor-sharp teeth, they ...


Fins and head of a Spot-tail shark (Carcharhinus sorrah) are arranged on a table at a fish market in Ranong, Thailand. According to the recent assessment on ...

Cage_dive_with_sharks Would you like to dive with Sharks?

Bull sharks are the third most dangerous sharks, behind great white and tiger sharks

Bull Shark

Bull shark close up during a shark feeding dive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

image 0 ...

Did you know that there are between 3,000 and 5,000 great whites currently swimming along the East Coast of the U.S.? Yet, they are rarely seen by humans ...

Newsflare - Cameraman Cheers As Great White Shark Lunges Straight Towards Him