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Caroline Norton was a famous beauty who scandalised society when she

Caroline Norton was a famous beauty who scandalised society when she


Caroline Norton (1808-1877) was a famous beauty who scandalised society when she left her husband in 1836, prompting him to accuse her of adultery with the ...

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (1808-1877) was a famous beauty who scandalised society

Fletcher Norton painted in 1847 British History, Queen Victoria, World War Two, Britain

Caroline Norton, detail of a portrait by Frank Stone, circa 1845. Caroline's intense

Meet Caroline Norton. If you have gone through a divorce and had someone advocate for

Victoria season 3: Did the Duchess of Monmouth really exist?

Portrait of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her son Francesco Podesti - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Caroline

Lili James

Portrait engraving of Caroline Norton from the frontispiece of one of her books

The promiscuous Jane Digby was a 19th century aristocrat famous for her long list of husbands and lovers – including King Otto of Greece, King Ludwig I of ...


Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie, c. 1797

OM | Rekindling the Light Within. Caroline NortonHope ...

I Do Not Love Thee! by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

The person in this experiment is Caroline Norton, English author and social reformer, who successfully fought for the rights of women both within marriage ...

"Tweedland" The Gentlemen's club: Scandalous women in British history.in The Telegraph ...

The married Lady Caroline Lamb found herself embroiled in scandal in 1812, when she embarked on an affair with Lord Byron. After the relationship ended, ...

... unorthodox open marriage to Sir Harold Nicholson, which saw both of them have frequent affairs with members of the opposite sex. Once, when she eloped ...

Caroline O'Donnell

Indigenous Australian Justice.

In 1963, during the divorce proceedings of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, scandalous pictures emerged of the Duchess showing her naked except for her ...

Egyptian Mummy Portrait Mysteries Solved by New Getty Research Initiative - Artsy

Melbourne saw the writing on the wall long before Victoria did, knowing that the moment she married their entire relationship would change.

American divorcée Wallis Simpson was catapulted into infamy when Edward VIII abdicated to marry her. Bizarre rumours of how she had captivated the the King ...

The beautiful Diana Mitford caused the society scandal of the year in 1933 when she left her husband Bryan Guinness for Oswald Mosely, leader of the British ...

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The Ladies of Llangolen were two aristocratic Irish women who caused a major scandal in 1778 when, rather than be forced into arranged marriages, they ran ...

One of history's most famous femme fatales, Edward II's French queen Isabella famously overthrew her husband with the aid of her lover, Roger Mortimer, ...

Egyptian Mummy Portrait Mysteries Solved by New Getty Research Initiative - Artsy

Author Photo (jpg): Theodora Goss

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Clouds House, c. 2005.

Elizabeth Hartley by Angelica Kauffman as Hermione in The Winter's Tale. Image via the Garrick

When Frances returned to the White House in 1893, she reduced her social schedule to accommodate her growing family. Her second daughter, Esther, ...


Social and economic ranks[edit]

Lady Byron and Her Daughters

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Fayum mummy portrait. Courtesy of the Royal Museum of Scotland via Wikimedia Commons.

A Stitch of Doubt

... Author-photographer David Darcy presents a stunning collection of portraits depicting war, childhood, love and life in the in the lucky country.

As a notorious courtesan, Lenclos scandalized France by her numerous affairs with prominent statesmen ...

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester was part of the Merry Gang, the original Restoration rakes who surrounded Charles II. He is known for his lovers, ...

The Wife's Tale


... (portrayed here by Keira Knightley in the film The Duchess) famously lived for years in a menage a trois with her husband and his mistress. She also ...

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Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know - The Life of Lady Caroline Lamb

Caroline, Countess of Harrington and The New Female Coterie

Gilda – Nicole Haslett * Nicole Haslett

(PDF) Only Connect: Five Exercises in Aesthetics | Christophe Van Eecke - Academia.edu

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She then allowed her parents to adopt her son, and she eked out a living giving piano lessons.


Legal rights[edit]

The Language of Social Justice…

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So as we were talking, he decided that – he said, “Why don't you come down to NYU? We're just getting this Heterodox Academy thing going.


Female Portrait Mask, 2nd century. Image via Wikimedia Commons courtesy of the Walters Art

From On Immunity: Nonfiction — Eula Biss

Lucy Mack Smith


Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the suffragette movement, shocked society with her demands that women should have the right the vote.

Women's fashions

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Engraved for The Colonial Society of Massachusetts from a portrait from life



Norman M. Naimark if Yugoslavia and Its Historians: Understanding the Balkan Wars of the 1990s (Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2003). She is ...



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(PDF) Profile Pieces - Managing Trauma in Reporting Horror - the Case of Bostjan Videmsek | Leonora Flis - Academia.edu

As the wife of a member of Congress, Lucretia had little impact on Washington society. She preferred to spend time at the Library of Congress, ...

Sarah Grimké and Angelina Grimké Weld, sisters from a South Carolina slave-holding family, were active abolitionist public speakers and pioneer women's ...

Sargent's Women: Four Lives Behind the Canvas: Amazon.co.uk: Donna M. Lucey: 9780393079036: Books

'Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl, With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there. She would merengue and do the cha-cha

Egyptian Mummy Portrait Mysteries Solved by New Getty Research Initiative - Artsy

Susan Glaspell, around 1918

At U of Michigan, a Muslim Student Unmasks the Hypocrite He Says Vandalized His Apartment

A portrait of a red haired lady by Thomas Gainsborough, c.1786/1787

Jung Yewon is the translator of One Hundred Shadows, by Hwang Jung-eun. She is also the translator of No One Writes Back by Jang Eun-jin and one of the ...

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