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Brutal footage shows worldfirst evidence of chimps eating a

Brutal footage shows worldfirst evidence of chimps eating a


Brutal footage shows world-first evidence of chimps eating a TORTOISE - Big World Tale

Chimps are sophisticated tool users - cracking nuts with stone tools and fishing for ants or

Brutal footage captures the world's first evidence of chimps devouring a TORTOISE | Daily Mail Online

Observations of our closest genetic relatives, chimpanzees, have revealed the first ever evidence of

Chimpanzees spotted cracking open tortoises for meat

Gory: Ten times chimpanzees first smashed the tortoise against a trunk while on the ground

Chimpanzees use sticks to dig up food buried in the soil even if they have never


Why this video of crab-fishing chimps could rewrite human evolution

Chimp with Foudouko's body. A violent end

Monkey brains have been modified with human genes by Chinese scientists in an experiment which has

Chimpanzee Gia is cracking a tortoise

Watch: Chimpanzees fish for tiny crabs to eat

Researchers from Duke University and Arizona State University have determined the cause of the only documented

Bonobo Jasongo at Leipzig Zoo has a hunch about what you're thinking.

Chimp study shows how hanging out with friends makes life less stressful

A research team from Kyoto University in Japan observed year-round, fresh water crab


Feeling the love: Rescued chimpanzees welcome new orphaned friend with hugs

Love this cute little monkey. Primates, Monkey Business, Cute Creatures, Beautiful Creatures

Brutal footage shows world-first evidence of chimps eating a TORTOISE | Pets & Animals | Tortoise, Daily mail, Mail online

Dr Koops, from the University of Kyoto's primatology and wildlife science graduate program, said

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

Almost human: photographing critically endangered mountain gorillas: Digital Photography Review

Hungry chimps crack open tortoise shells for food

A challenge to human supremacy? Until now scientists thought complex facial communication was restricted to

Skeleton of the extinct Dodo bird was auctioned and sold for $622,000

Now we can add tortoises to the list of things chimps eat. New research in the journal 'Scientific Reports' shows that members of a group of chimpanzees in ...

A series of touchscreen experiments carried out by the Wolf Science Centre in , Austria found

A silverback mountain gorilla in a striking pose. Their similarity to humans, in so many aspects, is astounding.

Human and Animal Salivation and Digestion

From Psychology ...

Chimpanzee eats crabs for survival Chimpanzee eats crabs for survival

Zoo Portraits | Pictures of animal species and curiosities about the animal kingdom. | Page 5

Spinner said "Pinky the albino chimpanzee is the first albino chimp ever seen, pictured here in her Sierra Leone sanctuary. She also has one blue eye and ...

Hebgen Lake quake of 1959 is STILL sending aftershocks

PETA is close to settling that ridiculous monkey selfie lawsuit

A chimpanzee eating leaves. When infected with intestinal worms, chimps will sometimes eat prickly leaves to flush them out. (Credit: LMPphoto/Shutterstock)


Ryker, a chimpanzee born at the New Iberia Research Center

Mountain gorillas are a critically endangered species only found in central Africa (Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo). After coming back from the brink of ...

Baby chimp discovered amid dead bodies of her family

Don't be misled by the cringing creatures seen in The Lion King. From their biology to their social structure, spotted hyenas are complex creatures like ...

A seemingly frustrated mountain gorilla mother frowns as her very mischievous toddler dangles from nearby branches.

There's some wolves having an authority dispute. A lot of it's posturing. Socialized wolves tend not to hurt each other during authority disputes.

Rare 2,400-year-old Celtic shield made of bark is discovered

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Gorillas in our Midst: the Current Whereabouts of Coco and Pucker

Chimps combing streambed and turning over rocks for crabs

Ape Monkey, Monkey See Monkey Do, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, Monkey World, Unusual

2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award Shortlist: Digital Photography Review

Animals That Made It to Space Before You Did

A look of pure love ❤ ・・・ After sustaining severe brain Sonia spent the last 3 months under the devoted

A chimpanzee gazes into the forest canopy in Uganda. (Credit: Anton_Ivanov/shutterstock

A mountain gorilla toddler trying its strength at eating the bamboo shoots his elders love so much.

A platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) pauses for a moment after being released by scientists into the Little Yarra River, its home stream in Victoria, ...

Poetic Larks Bid Bald Eagle Welcome Swan of Liverpool

'It is mystifying' Powerful moment lioness plays mother to LEOPARD cub in 'world first'

'Dont f**k with my freedom': Miley Cyrus calls out trolls who blamed HER for being groped by an unruly fan in Barcelona Star has spoken out

Two mountain gorilla toddlers play-fighting over a branch. They are developing their skills for years later when they're adult silverbacks fighting for life ...

Banana Bonanza Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

Camera trap footage from logging concessions in Peru and Guatemala:

Brian Batstone with Coco

In September 2015 the University of Oklahoma (OU) announced their bold step to close their baboon research and breeding program on the heels of a campaign ...


Chimp covering his ears. By Sharon Morris | Shutterstock.com

27 January 2010. A chimpanzee ...

Beautiful Miss Purr-fection Ocelot is ready for a long catnap!

A baboon looking in a mirror


Homo habilis reconstruction at Westfälisches Museum für Archäologie, Herne, Germany. Photo by User

A baby monkey is checking out a blue butterfly.This intrigues me because animals can teach us about being gentle and curious in the same time.

Apes & Grapes - Twycross Zoo

Spider monkey


Get with the programme, humans.

Kesha lives up to her fashionista reputation as she debuts her new brunette look at Saks x Stonewall Inn collection launch party in New York City

Chimps - Toolmakers, too 20Jun17

Over multiple trials, wolves opted to deliver food to members of their own pack,

The reference to their color implies the Anuna were not black (otherwise, why call out the color?).”

With his mother lazily watching, this toddler came very close to my lens when I was lying on the ground, trying to get an angle.

In the footage shared on Twitter this week by Florida canoe-maker See Through Canoe, the dolphin can be seen pushing the lifeless body through the water and ...

Electrified Sheep: Glass-eating Scientists, Nuking the Moon, and More Bizarre Experiments

In 2012, a camera trap caught the first image of a Myanmar snub-nosed

Sabrina Krief : un cri d'alarme pour les grands singes

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Critic Janet Maslin described it perfectly as "a photograph that inspired countless young men to hunch their shoulders, look distant, and let the girl do ...

This juvenile mountain gorilla was trying on a tough stance and some chest-pounding. Others in the group were not impressed.

We are delighted to be working with a charity of the calibre and influence of the African Wildlife Foundation. They align with the visions and goals of our ...