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Bridle Bouquets Detail by Kumiko Frydl Ribbon Work Ribbon

Bridle Bouquets Detail by Kumiko Frydl Ribbon Work Ribbon


"Bridle Bouquets" - Detail by Kumiko Frydl

"Bridal Bouquets", 30x30 cm, by Kumiko Frydl. Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery!

"Bridal Bouquets" - Detail by Kumiko Frydl. "

William Morris in Quilting: A day of quilts

William Morris in Quilting: A day of quilts. Find this Pin and more on Ribbon Work ...

taken from Miniature Quilts by Kumiko Frydl Miniature Quilts, English Paper Piecing, Silk Ribbon

"Bridal Bouquets" - Detail by Kumiko Frydl. "

Stunning ribbon flowers in a miniature quilt! William Morris in Quilting: A day of

"Bridle Bouquets" - Detail by Kumiko Frydl | Ribbon Work | Ribbon embroidery, Ribbon, Embroidery

This is by Kumiko Frydl. Delectable goodies and calorie free. Made by Greta Fitchett of Derby. Lots of ribbon, lace and yoyo's.

Embroidered Treasures: Flowers by Dr. Annette Collinge

Textile Artist: The Seasons in Silk Ribbon Embroidery, The

The art quilts on this site are incredible! Miniature quilt. Sponsored by Quiltmania, detail.

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Shadow Dancing by Tomoko Tsunoda and 10 Friends

Embroidery ribbon

Miniature Quilts · Miniature Quilts. Kumiko Frydl demonstrates ...

It has been some time since I started The Farmer's Wife Quilt but now there are 3 more prepped ready for the off.

Star of India by Kristin Vierra (1st place)

Rhonda Dort 2017 Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Embroidery Stitches, Longarm Quilting, Fabric Flowers,

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Basket of Flowers by Rhonda Dort

First place in miniatures for shows the little silk ribbon bouquets and background in pastel pink

Ribbon Embroidery, Fabric Art, Floral Wreath, Towels, Bias Tape, Floral Crown

Love by the Moon, Live by the Sun by Jackie Hillman

Rare old stock SILK French Picot Ombre ribbon is unsurpassed for realistic ribbon work leaves as

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50 Quilts from Quiltmaker

Lambs and Ivy Designs Traditional Ribbonwork - Home

Again you are going to have to click on this one for a close up as the detail was really impressive. Made by Louise Jessup, Ashford.

Search Press Trade Catalogue 2017

Fair Masters - handmade "Summer" by Lena Liu. Description: Summer flowers on a plot Lena Luis. Embroidery silk ribbons, tinted + painted by hand.

20 to Stitch: Jelly Roll Scraps

Somehow, my camera just couldn't do this one justice. I tried several close ups and the view finder looked great but the actual photo just didn't match up ...

Sweet idea - love the pretty ribbonwork flowers and skirts! :) Silk Ribbon Embroidery

3547 Redfox Circle...Life by Sandra Branjord (honorable mention)

silk ribbon for embroidery supplies

20 to Stitch: One-Patch Quilts

Happy Quilt by Chizuko Ito (3rd place)

Rose Mandala by Kumiko Frydl (3rd place)

Wall handing art, embroidery picture roses Silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon work, ribbon roses, embroidery art gift for her roses

Meet Frank. He is 8 years old and is a real cute bird. He chatters away and keeps me amused although sometimes I wonder if I am the one amusing him.

Ribbon Roses

Petra Prins was charming and I got to see the Sarah Morrell quilt by Di Ford. It was every bit as amazing as the photograph I have and Petra kindly spent ...

Ribbon Work, Embroidery, Rose, Flowers, Garden, Ideas, Crossstitch, Needlework

Can you see what Kate taunted me with on Wednesday? If she was my friend like she claims she would have given me that selvage!!!

Diy Ribbon, Ribbon Work, Ribbon Crafts, Embroidery Patterns, Silk Ribbon Embroidery,

Lucifer by Cathy Wiggins

silk ribbon embroidery on card

This exhibit was entitled Lavender Bag and it smelled as divine as it looked. It was just beautifully stitched. There was even a fabulous beaded stopper to ...

Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Large Garland - Full kit

If you click on the photo there is a map of streets of Stoke on Trent and embroidered on the edges are the 6 towns that make up Stoke on Trent.

Last week one of my customers came over to Borderland Fabrics in Jedburgh to pick up

Buy picture ribbons rose, fuchsia and hydrangea 50 x 40 cm Sewing Leather, Silk

I will tell you about my idea, but not just yet. I have used some beautiful soft grey hand dyed fabric from Wendy and some of my Liberty prints which are a ...

Ribbon Embroidery, Amazing Cakes, Ribbon Sewing

Starburst by Susan Stewart (3rd place)

Gajeel x Levy

Hothouse Hybrids by Liz Jones (3rd place)

(2) Gallery.ru / Фото #31 - Ленточки 2015- 2016г. - allochek28. Anne Davies · Silk Ribbon Embroidery

We had two exhibitions to look at today. The quilts in the barn were by Charlotte Yde and contemporary, with printed images and lots of machine quilting.

"Bridal Bouquets" Miniature Quilt by Kumiko Frydl | Quilting ideas | Quilts, Miniature quilts, Embroidered quilts

Mini V by Grace Sim (honorable mention)

Rose Embroidery, Hand Embroidery Stitches, Embroidery Needles, Cross Stitch Embroidery, Silk Ribbon

The Iron Throne by Candace West (honorable mention)

Ribbonwork style ribbon embroidery French Knots Pillow Sham, Vintage, SPECTACULAR on linen (FFs1133)

Share and Share Alike by Betsy Vinegrad

Gallery.ru / Фото #15 - Незабудки - Fyyfvbwrtdbx1957. Sabina Hatibović · IDEAS FOR WORK - RIBBON ...

Fabric Embellishment, Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Embroidered Flowers, Beaded Flowers

Drama Queen by Claudia Clark Myers & Marilyn Badger

"Bridal Bouquets", 30x30 cm, by Kumiko Frydl. Beautiful silk ribbon embroidery! | Quilting Ideas | Quilts, Miniature quilts, Embroidered quilts

Treasure by Betty Hahn

Lovely heart things: ribbons Embroidery: Spring bouquet from Ksenii Belyh (Ukraine)"

We went to Barrington Court for Sunday Lunch again today and sat in exactly the same place as last time. Of course this time I had to take my camera out to ...

ru / Detail of embroidery - Embroidery ribbons, Part 2 - silkfantasy

My Sister-in-Law Gail looked fabulous and she started me off crying the second she arrived in the church. Her outfit looked like Jane Austen had been ...

silk ribbon embroidery for beginners

Near and Far by Wilma Moss & Floyd Moss

Ribbon Work, Ribbon Crafts, Christmas Bulbs, Christmas Crafts, Christmas Balls, Christmas

Scent of Flowers by Tomoko Arai

Valentina Iljkova - detail. Anne Davies · Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Four Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Page Johnson, Mary Reinhardt, Dee Legvold & Nathan Carter (1st place)

Tatiana Korobeinyk - detail. Sabina Hatibović · IDEAS FOR WORK - RIBBON ...

Love the pom pom. I think Rae Ann knows that I like pinks.

Embroidery Boutique, Felt Embroidery, Floral Embroidery, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Ribbon Design, Linens And Lace, Ribbon Work, Fabric Flowers, Ribbon Crafts

Really "Wild" Flowers! Third Season by Sharon Schlotzhauer (2nd place)

Circa 1920s Extraordinary Pink Ruffled Ribbonwork Hanky Holder Adorned With Lace and Ribbon Rosettes Ribbon Rosettes

Little George by Debby Eades

MATIN LUMINEUX: Angela Yuklyanchuk Ribbon Crafts, Embroidery Patterns, Hand Embroidery, Silk Ribbon

I think I may have a bit of an obsession for our feathered friends. I wished I could have taken this one home. I hope someone can tell me who made this ...

taken from Miniature Quilts by Kumiko Frydl | Sewing | Miniature quilts, Quilts, Miniatures

Old Timer by Suzan Engler (honorable mention)

Gallery.ru / Фото #103 - Прекрасно! - Fyyfvbwrtdbx1957 Ribbon Art, Diy

Canasta con flores. Jeanette Farnum · Ribbons

I ❤ ribbon embroidery . I seem to really like Russian Artist's work Gallery.ru / translated- Photo # 2 - my work - kubrak

Sold Out. Anne Davies · Silk Ribbon Embroidery