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Blockchain technology is one of the advanced technology which are

Blockchain technology is one of the advanced technology which are


What is blockchain? The complete guide

Was ist Blockchain-Technologie

what is blockchain. The 21st century is all about technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

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Application of Blockchain Technology — Image Source

abstract blockchain representation of blocks and nodes

How Does a Blockchain Work?

Blockchain technology is one of the advanced technology which are using in Financial Services, Healthcare

Gartner has identified Blockchain as one of the top disruptive technologies of 2018.

How a New Technology Can Disrupt the Global Supply Chain

Blockchain is still in its infancy. Before we see widespread adoption on the scale the technology is capable of, a lot needs to happen. We must have buy-in ...

Executive's guide to implementing blockchain technology

Software Development Trends

More recently, Nasdaq announced the development of a trial blockchain project for proxy voting on the Estonian Stock Market.

Proponents of the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain consider it to be one of the best ways to secure transactions. I don't know about you, ...

Blockchain technology and distributed ledger in business

Blockchain - latest statistics

In our last entry we covered some of the basics of Blockchain technology and how it has been adopted over the last few years by enterprises big and small.

Coming Up: Inc42 Blockchain Technology Report 2018 To Decode The Hottest Technology For Both Pros

FinTech - financial technology - blockchain network - distributed ledger wireframe

In a world filled with emerging technologies, the blockchain technology is arguably one of the most exciting, being labeled as 'disruptive' and 'innovative' ...

In the first article of this series, Application of Blockchain Technology in Fashion Industry, I wrote about the effects of blockchain on the pre-consumer ...

However, despite the hype, considerable challenges will need to be overcome for it to reach the scale and adoption of the internet or mobile phones.

What is a Blockchain?

A Blockchain is one of the latest technologies that is also used for the virtual currency known as Bitcoin. Beyond Bitcoin the technology allows digital ...

How is Blockchain Changing Money and Business? Blockchain technology is likely to have a ...

blockchain how it works

In the 2016 book Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World, authors Don and Alex Tapscott explain ...

Blockchain Fundamentals Presentation – Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Gartner has identified Blockchain as one of the top disruptive technologies of 2018. (Photo

Blockchain technology provides for faster transactions than physical markets. It is also cost-effective as it reduces the expenditure involved in executing ...

what is blockchain technology

The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has brought the word ' blockchain' to headlines, book titles and dinner table discussions all over the world.

Blockchain's role as a shared, decentralised digital ledger could enable more accurate exchange of flight information between airlines and airports.

... New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and automation, 3D printing, mixed reality

Blockchain in Travel for Dummies Travel Technology

Blockchain Technology: What Is It and How Is It Relevant for Nonprofits?


Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Chiba, Japan. Noriko Hayashi/Bloomberg

Blockchain technology explained

The business value of blockchain

Blockchain Technology Explained: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide About Blockchain Wallet, Mining, Bitcoin,

Video: Blockchain ...

We recently published an article called Six myths about blockchain and Bitcoin: Debunking the effectiveness of the technology. Now, let's talk about solving ...

Blockchains are a new form of information technology that could have several important future applications. One is blockchain thinking, formulating thinking ...

IBM universal blockchain payments solution - source credits and PDF version

When it comes to embracing and adapting new-age technology, Dubai has been one of the biggest and most prominent countries. One of the most technologically ...

Tropitoken - An Era of advanced Blockchain Technology

Blockchain: A Technology Game Changer

Blockchain & Aviation: How the Netherlands is leading the way in new security technologies


Investors are quickly finding out that digital currency and blockchain technology are more than just a fad. In fact investors are starting to realize that ...

Applications Of BlockChain Technology

Blockchain: A new technology for global health development?

A new buzzword crept into the legal industry in 2016 (and is sure to be inescapable in 2017): “blockchain.” Blockchain first entered the public lexicon with ...

Even the US military is looking at blockchain technology—to secure nuclear weapons

What is Blockchain Technology?

... blockchain technology works. Figure 1

How secure is blockchain really?

Are the benefits of blockchain technology enterprise-ready?

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Healthcare Blockchain Security Solution F. Blockchain technology is an ...

Foundations of Blockchain Technology for Industrial and Societal Applications

There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology

How blockchain technology could affect the future of network engineering

... a world-leading digital #asset #exchange, providing advanced #Financial #services to #traders globally by using #blockchain #technology, is one of our ...

what is blockchain technology We are at the dawn of a very important opportunity to write an extraordinary new chapter into the story of human progress.

Blockchain technology explained ...

How Blockchain Will Disrupt Data Science: 5 Blockchain Use Cases in Big Data

AI & Blockchain: An Introduction

Despite being founded upon a similar framework, the type of cryptography used in blockchain, namely public-key cryptography, is considerably better suited ...

A Policymaker's Guide to Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already been deeply rooted in the gambling industry as one of the convenient ways in which the sector it could be improved and ...

An illustration of three file cabinets connected by red lines to convey the metaphor of blockchain

KitToken is one of the recently introduced blockchain technology based platforms that is featuring an advanced financial ecosystem.

Blockchain As A Service: Enterprise-Grade BaaS Solutions


Authored by Nolan Bauerle; images by Maria Kuznetsov


What is blockchain and how does it work? Blockchain is a shared distributed ledger technology ...

More advanced technological improvements are literally taking the world by a storm, subsequently changing all sectors. One area that has been transformed ...

Top 10 IT & Technology Buzzwords You Won't Be Able To Avoid In 2019

How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Financial Services Firms - [email protected]