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Believe a Bible study Week 1 of 4 KristiWoodsnet Bible

Believe a Bible study Week 1 of 4 KristiWoodsnet Bible


Pictures of t-shirts, scripture cards, and a tote bag


AprilWeek 12

Why Is It Hard to Believe Sometimes?

Bible with Can the Bible REally Help Me? written in black

Wounded by Rejection? Grab Your Free 3-Day Devotional Now

For who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man and plunder his goods? Only someone even stronger—someone who could tie him up and then ...

A Simple Approach

#bible #scripture #serve #ministryideas What If I Can't Find Time

I Am Enough Free Download

A New Year, A New You + Free Gift

Do you long to memorize God's Word, drawing close to Him as you meditate,

“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise

Free Tools & Subscriber Library. Scripture ...

week 6 2016

God's Children, John 1:12 written out

How Are You Made?

A Prayer to Support Your Father this Father's Day

JuneWeek 24-2

How are the kids doing learning the books of the Bible? First 10 or 11

#ScriptureBank2016, Week 18 - Kristi Woods

Is Your Citizenship in This Safe Place? Scripture ...

A Prayer to Support Your Father this Father's Day. Bible ...

Doing his morning devotion copy work! <3 #Homeschooling #Boymom #4BoysClub

#ScriptureBank2016, Week 9 - Kristi Woods

So Ive been asked several times how we do our Bible memorization and we recently came

Blogging Break

Psalm 34:22 WEB #christian #faith #memoryverse #bible #scripture #

The words of John 3:16 on a white background. Now for this week's ...

2016 Week 10 Scripturebank. For past memory scriptures ...

#ScriptureBank2016, Week 8

Light green website button with the words Tired of Not Feeling Good Enough? Grab This

Have you wanted to memorize scripture for a long time now? Come join us!

#ScriptureBANK2016 ~ January, Week 1

Finished math & reading for one and speech for the other and lunch, now

Water with leaf with words written in white boxes over top

Hey guys! Im thinking about hopping on Facebook Live in a little bit to share


When We're in Need of a New Appetite for God. Christian LivingChristian FaithBible ...

Lean on this when you don't feel loved

My girls are obsessed with these (and yes my minivan has a cassette player)

Wounded by Rejection? Grab Your Free 3-Day Devotional Now written in gold over

Cards like this!

Why Is Forgiveness So Hard to Offer?

Both humbling and convicting. Actions may speak louder than words, but that does not

Lots happening this week online and in person. Are you in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area? There's a wonderful opportunity this Friday—a casual gallery showing ...

Have You Ever Asked, “Who Am I?”

A bedspread with the words Do You KNow the MEaning of All? written over it

Yey!!! Thank you #Spotify !!! Tagal ko na gusto mapakinggan

Unmasking the Good Kid in You

10 Ways to Help You Hide God's Word in Your Heart written in gold over a

Official Grace Girl Facebook Group in black letters on white background with a paintstroke of pink

Thankful for bible verses turned into song that teach my toddler & remind me of


New location. Special guests. Serenade. All excellent reasons to jump in and have

Not only are we wrapping up 2015, we're also wrapping up #ScriptureBank2015. This is our final memory verse for 2015. Have you deposited God's goods, ...

There's nothing sweeter than hearing a little voice singing “Be thou my vision, oh

How did I memorize Scripture?

Tattoos are one of those topics that can divide people (especially in the church), yet it seems like a silly reason for division. I wasn't a fan of tattoos, ...

The water for my soul is there, in Jesus.

#ScriptureBank2016, Week 24

When I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, the diagnosis gave me the inspiration I needed for a tattoo. My tattoo is of a vine with leaves and two red ...

Lord, show me my heart. If there's anything in it that's not of You, reveal it. Heal it, Lord. Heal me that I might worship You.

Just like love.


Do you ever confess scripture?

Just last week I sent “3”, our monthly newsletter to subscribers. It contained access to this free, new “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” tool for use in ...

#twofortuesday CulturalPreservationResearch #AiSafetyResearch #WarAndConflictResearch @UNESCO #Zion #WorldHeritageSite #BiblicalArcheology

With Thanksgiving…

~The mirrors! Both the kids' bathroom mirror and ours were plastered with chalkboard markers and PS 84:11. Fun little pictures like suns and shields make it ...

The tattoo on my right shoulder blade is a bow with four arrows. Each arrow contains the initials of one of my four children. My desire is to give them the ...

Have You Ever Asked,

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “

Faith Tool: The Bible

Email me updates & offer access to free downloads like this: I Am Enough... for FREE!

This is a Phoenician bust found in what is modern day Lebanon. Probably of a

On April 4, 2017, I woke during the night to a phone call no one ever wants to receive: my little sister, Miranda, had been killed in a home invasion.

But then again, there are many pros in the column for our new schooling situation as well. Today we'll venture into the pros of homeschooling.

The first words out of Miles mouth to me this morning: "Jesus Christ

Day 25 of the #M90 90 scriptures in 90 days challenge! Try to memorize

Why Are Folks So Excited About These Popular Posts?

Starting at the age of 12, I battled addictions to drugs and alcohol for more than 20 years. I had progressed to much harder substances and had become an IV ...

{ 1 Cor. 2:9 } #biblejournalingdaily #biblejournalingcommunity #bibleverse # biblestudy

Child of God2

This guy earned four Bible #MemoryVerse buttons at the #JoyInTheStorm #PathfinderCamporee2017. #

IMG_1684. “…

This week's memory verse comes from Romans 10:9-10. This week it

Congratulations to the women of a Stonecroft hub in Lubbock, Texas, for hosting their first Story Marks gallery event, attended by 63 people on Jan.

When You Don't Feel Loved Lean On This

Straight A's for the kids again and Connor made the honor roll again! They also

Day 26 of the #M90 90 scriptures in 90 days challenge! Try to memorize

Is Your Citizenship in This Safe Place?

Day 24 of the #M90 90 scriptures in 90 days challenge! Try to memorize

Writing: some of us like to tickle the ivories of the written word while others leave it to be. Daniel was one of “those” who chose to leave a trace of ...