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Archaeologists Investigate a 5KYearOld Gravesite That Suggests

Archaeologists Investigate a 5KYearOld Gravesite That Suggests


Mass Grave Tells of Horror When the Men Were Away. Archaeologists ...

Ancient Jewish settlement from 2,000 years ago unearthed in Israel https://www.

The 10 skeletons were arranged in a spiral pattern, suggesting a ritualistic practice. (

Dazzling jewels from an Ethiopian grave reveal 2,000-year-old link to Rome

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest Muslim graves found in Europe

A monument that may lead to a shift in scholars' vision of Ireland's prehistoric past

British archaeologists looking for evidence of prehistoric activity in the English county of Dorset discovered instead a mass grave holding 54 male ...

Oxford Archaeology said the results suggested the burial took place at the time of, or

Archaeologists Rediscover Sacred Cave of Mayan Treasures 'Untouched' for Years

Peru: Pachacamac



Burial of pregnant woman and her fetus at the site of Kom Ombo, Egypt.

Why archaeologists love HS2

Black Death burial pit found at site of medieval abbey in Lincolnshire

A ...

An archaeologist investigated a mound on the Tuckers' front lawn in 2017 and confirmed it was a burial site. (Ed Tucker)

A black and white photo of archaeologists sitting inside a church during the 1950s

An archaeologist excavating at Prittlewell


Scars from lion bite suggest headless Romans found in York were gladiators

The Archaeology News Network: Ancient mound in Greece fuels heady speculation enthusiasts think Alexander the great is buried here

Pottery set for one individual's grave was similar to those of two adjacent burials: (A) A2/BR13 and (B) A2/BR 15. The shell spoons were found inside the ...

Spanish mass grave

For all the discoveries made about the Aztecs, archaeologists have never found the tomb of an Aztec ruler. A dig in Mexico City at the site of an Aztec ...

French marine archaeologist Frank Goddio explains text on the stele of Heracleion on a barge in an Alexandrian naval base.

Archaeologists at the Bedlam burial site in Liverpool Street, central London, part of excavations

This is an excavated structure at the northern edge of the Grand Plaza at Teposcolula-

Skeletons Of Executed Immigrants Found In Neolithic Mass Grave In Germany, Archaeologists Report

Archaeologist monitoring building work on Tsawout First Nation amid burial ground concerns

The ruins of Tintagel Castle sit on a dramatic headland attached to southwest England's Cornish coast

Shakespeare's skull: New chapter in hunt for missing head

University of South Florida professor Erin Kimmerle exhumes a grave on August 31, 2013,

A study of 8,000 years of genetics from Spain and Portugal yields a surprisingly complex picture

Buried Souls: How Ontario bulldozed through a rare Huron-Wendat burial site in Barrie - APTN NewsAPTN News

Dani Nadel, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 3.0

Thousands of Viking warriors invaded England in the 9th century. A famous grave has now been dated to this period. (Photo: Shutterstock). Archaeologists ...

A Massacre Frozen in Time: Skeletons in Sweden Reveal Ancient AttackA Massacre Frozen in Time: Skeletons in Sweden Reveal Ancient Attack

Suicide, Sacrifice, And Mutilations In Precolumbian Cemetery Questioned By Archaeologists

Ban Chiang

Warrior king uncovered at east Yorkshire iron age settlement | Science | The Guardian

1,200-year-old Islamic period town found in Israel, but you will never see it - Archaeology - Haaretz.com

This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew About the Roots of Western Civilization | History | Smithsonian

Stocks Archaeology Project

Oblique cuts in the bottom third of the legs of a medieval skeleton found in Portugal


Archaeologists unearth tombs and human remains from the Chimu culture in Trujillo, Peru, March

Jacky Nowakowski, the Lead Archaeologist with the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, on the amazing restoration of the Carwynnen Quoit megalith

Archaeologists puzzle over mystery woman in early Christian cemetery

Apple Down excavation

Rare bronze age burial site lay undisturbed 'for millennia'

The finding of another huge monument in the area has changed the way archaeologists look at the development and history of the region.

Shakespeare's head is missing from his grave Channel 4 documentary claims. Results of the first-ever archaeological investigation of Shakespeare's grave ...

HISTORY MAGAZINEHow Egypt's ancient city of divine cats was rediscoveredClues from ancient texts guided European archaeologists

Archaeologists say the structure found suggests a cemetery and the stones strongly indicate the presence of over 100 burial sites in the area [Credit: TOI]

A Highland Perspective on the Archaeology and Settlement History of Sumatra

Archaeologists excavating at the Raqefet Cave where a 13,000-year-old brewery was discovered


Signpost of Scotia's grave by-road, south of Tralee. (Fenitharbour / Public

Graveyard of “Giants” Found in China

How the archaeological review behind the Dakota Access Pipeline went wrong

Cat Jarman, Courtesy of Antiquity

Material Information

Brooch from Collingbourne Ducis

This shallow grave contained the overlapping bodies of two young men (Sk1246 and Sk1247), both lying face down and aged around 16-20 and 14-18 ...

Tuam Single Mothers and Babies Homes

Stonehenge may have been burial site for Stone Age elite, say archaeologists

Once the most sacred site on the Nile, Heliopolis was all but forgotten until archaeologists returned to save it from disappearing forever

8000-year old underwater burial site reveals human skulls mounted on poles

Diver finds 7,000-year-old Native American burial site in sea

Julliberrie's Grave is in the centre of the image, situated within its 18th-century landscape context

Archaeology and the Forensic Investigation of Recent Mass Graves: Ethical Issues for a New Practice of Archaeology | SpringerLink

Archaeologists start a new hunt for the fabled Lost Colony of the New World


Inside Cambodia's Cave of Bridges

Grave of explorer Matthew Flinders unearthed near London station | Science | The Guardian

Silvia Ortiz busca a su hija Fanny, quien desapareció en Torreón, Coahuila, en

Photo Credit: Thames Water

Flowers at the site of a mass grave for children who died in the Tuam mother

Archaeologist at Jesus' tomb site: "What was found is astonishing"


Only in the Dales

Tombs of the Kings is a majestic necropolis that was used from about the 4th century

Göbekli Tepe archaeological site

Comparison of TL age estimates for decorated pottery with their archaeological age range, which is

Outstanding Universal Value

Upper Paleolithic burial site at Sungir, Russia. Source: Wiki Commons