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Apparently Hackers Got More From the Equifax Data Breach Than We

Apparently Hackers Got More From the Equifax Data Breach Than We


Apparently, Hackers Got More From the Equifax Data Breach Than We Thought

Months after Equifax data breach, we're still no closer to privacy protections

Equifax data breech leaves millions vulnerable

Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, suffered a data breach from mid-May through July, impacting 143 million Americans.

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The Unfinished Business of the Equifax Hack

Even that was not all, however, as Equifax also disclosed that more than 50,000 pictures of government-issued identification, used in credit disputes, ...

As data breach numbers rise, Equifax gets IRS no-bid contract


New chart shows all Equifax breach stolen info

The WIRED Guide to Data Breaches

Equifax website message 170908-001

The Equifax Hack Has the Hallmarks of State-Sponsored Pros

Photo: AP


We tested Equifax's data breach checker — and it's basically useless | ZDNet

4 Important Security Steps to Take in the Wake of the Massive Equifax Breach

View Larger Image Equifax Breach - How Bad Is It Really & Can It Effect My Practice?

A timeline of events surrounding the Equifax data breach

The Equifax breach involves millions of stolen Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses, and hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers.

Credit reporting company Equifax Inc. offices are pictured in Atlanta

Equifax goes offline after reports of new hack attack

Opinion: A Bill in Congress Would Keep Victims of Data Breaches in the Dark

What is a data breach?

So, what happens if Abine's servers get hacked?

Actions of Equifax's ...

Hacking is inevitable, so it's time to assume our data will be stolen

Equifax hacked. Equifax hacked. What ...

Equifax Officially Has No Excuse

Survey: After Equifax Hack, Does the Government Need to Protect Consumer Data?

A recent report made by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform found that last year's Equifax data breach, which left over 148 million ...

After Massive Data Breach, Equifax Directed Customers To Fake Site

Security News This Week: The Deloitte Breach Was Worse Than We Thought

Digital Maven: Lessons learned from big corporations' data breaches

Collection #1 breach notification (Source: Personal email). Although Yahoo's most severe data breach apparently involved more accounts than ...

Attackers Breached Equifax and Leaked Critical Data: What You Need to Know

The Equifax breach wiki by Claus Cramon Houmann - twitter, windows, malware

Image: Shutterstock. Remember the Equifax breach?

Data breaches: the top 10 of 2017, which one was the worst?


The Equifax Breach is a Case Study in Why We Need a National Data Notification and Protection Law: Picks of the Week


Consumer Backlash Spurs Equifax To Drop 'Ripoff Clause' In Offer To Security Hack Victims

A site Equifax set up to help users check to see if they were one of the 143 million people whose personal information may have been compromised by the ...

The hack of everyone's favorite entertainment mill could be bigger than the hack of Sony Entertainment. We break down what happened.

What to Do Now

Equifax data breach

Equifax breach exposed millions of driver's licenses, passports, phone numbers, and emails

KariPaul. The Equifax data breach that exposed the information of more than ...

Three Ways the Equifax Hack Is Worse Than Every Other Hack

Hacked, unlocked, unsafe.

That essentially means that one in every seven people was a victim of a data breach. In a time when cyber crime is on the rise and hackers are coming ...

So what happened in the Equifax hack? Equifax logo raining leaked credit cards, social security cards and driver's licenses.

Equifax reported that its customer-required ISO certification from EY CertifyPoint was suspended

Equifucked: Legal clauses, stock sales and 143 million breached accounts leave Equifax's reputation in tatters


Equifax Data Breach: One Stop Guide. Equifax Data Breach: ...

What the Equifax Breach Means to You

Equifax mega-hack means you need to freeze your credit

An illustration depicting data breach epidemic with a faucet leaking consumer data

How does Equifax stack up? Equifax's data breach may be the most ...

Equifax data breach probe is going nowhere fast

Equifax has more bad news about the already massive security breach

Want to Know If Your SSN Was Included in the Equifax Breach? Good Luck!

Criminal Justice

Equifax Data Breach Demonstrates the Value of Cryptocurrencies

A timeline of events surrounding the Equifax data breach

Responses to top-down federal dictates are hard to predict.

intro breaches getting someone fired

What Can Major Data Breaches in History Say About Facebook's Fate? | Observer

Biggest data breaches in history.

The Equifax Hack and its Canadian Impact

Most Data Breaches Occur Due to Human Error

MikeMurphy. Editor. Hackers have apparently ...

12 famous (and infamous) IT security disasters

Foreign intelligence clues in Marriott breach could foreshadow future attacks

Equifax response to data breach leaves many consumers confused

An overview of the most scandalous data breaches in the world - ACCEO Tender Retail Blog

Equifax could make money from its own breach; 2.4 million more are exposed

Equifax results page

She sued Equifax, and won, at a 'cutie poo little courthouse' — bobsullivan.net

Equifax and Marriott Data Breach Updates, Facial Recognition at the Airport, Citrix Password Spraying Attack

The Weekly Hack: Exactis unseats Equifax with new, record-breaking data breach

The Equifax Data Breach Might Have Secured the Future of the CFPB's Mandatory Arbitration Rule

Were you hacked?

A (redacted) screen shot shared by the apparent hacker who was selling access to usernames and passwords for customers of multiple data-search Web sites.