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Anyone who compares or calls circumcision a clip snip like

Anyone who compares or calls circumcision a clip snip like


Anyone who compares or calls circumcision a 'clip' 'snip' like getting ears

How is this legal, okay, preferred??? Rethink circumcision! Save all our boys

Doctors that tell you it's just a snip are lying; also there is no such thing as a a no cut method. THIS IS GENITAL MUTILIZATION!

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Men who underwent circumcisions said they not only enjoyed sex more afterwards, but that their

Today's parents are saying NO to circumcision

"Like the American cultural practice of circumcision, Jewish circumcision (bris or brit milah) is dependent on the acceptance of cultural myths. Of all the ...

"We've heard it all before: "Oh come on, it's just

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If it is not absolutely *necessary* to CUT (with a scalpel, just so we're clear) a part off of your baby's body, then DO NOT DO IT.

Circumcision Vs Uncircumcised, Circumcision Facts, 1st Time Moms, Parenting 101, Mindful Parenting

Discover ideas about Circumcision

Clip the Tip? Point/Counterpoint on Male Circumcision

Circumcision central Asia2.jpg

The online discussion about circumcision makes the isssue seem very black and white, so I wanted to know if people actually think about their penises the ...

THEY, who you know, can block me and others like me Six Million times, but they can never BLOCK THE TRUTH! Amen!


Blood, Fear and Ritual: Witness to Female Circumcision in Kenya

In terms of being pro- or anti-circumcision, I am very much on the dick fence, but that's not what matters. What matters is that when we take as rigid a ...

In 2010, an organisation calling itself the 'Circumcision ...

ITALY: Yet Another Circumcision Death

The snip? You're not still on about circumcision.

Circumcision Documentary Making Waves on Netflix, Twitter

The more I think about it, maybe you don't want to try to get a rise out of her. Instead maybe you could just try to bring it up casually instead.

Maybe you're rolling your eyes at the suggestion that penises should be talked about more. We do seem to talk about them all the time, whether it's a joke, ...

American Circumcision: A Reaction to a Documentary on Circumcision in America

Male circumcision

Gloria Lemay on natural birth, breastfeeding, and other womanly matters

Concerning Circumcision. «

Post ...


"Isaac's Circumcision", Regensburg Pentateuch, c1300

Six reasons why you should NEVER allow your son to be circumcised, by PETER LLOYD | Daily Mail Online

Circumcision - The Need, The Procedure & Recovery!

Tweets of people's reactions are pouring in, and they range from complete "I never knew!" moments, to expected reactions from people who "don't see what the ...

'I like making things'

It is NOT okay that circumcision is portrayed as a simple little “

Can the religious beliefs of parents justify the nonconsensual cutting of their child's genitals?

Poetry Corner - Circumcision Scar

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An anatomy lesson that a medical professional should not need:

Peter Lloyd , author of Stand by Your Manhood, says infant circumcision a multi-

Jewish circumcision in Venice around 1780 Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme

Stop Infant Circumcision Society

From birth to motherhood, a Singaporean Malay's experience of Female Genital Cutting

Boys in white clothing with bonnets at Tireli market, just after circumcision, Mali 1990

Modern procedure. Plastibell Circumcision ...

Brendan O'Neill

In December, it was recommended all boys in the US have the controversial procedure

Almost as soon as the circumcision documentary American Circumcision was featured on Netflix, the film moved onto the "Popular on Netflix" category, ...

#Repost @infact.intact with @get_repost ・・・ 😖 I really don

Preparing for a Jewish ritual circumcision with a Mogen shield (on the table, next to the scalpel)

VMMC poster in Durban, South Africa

This is honestly funny to me, but it's SO TRUE!! The Bible

University challenge

Plastibell Care.jpg (19 KB)

Happy 4/20 everyone! 🌲💨 Remember, these are for smoking weed,

Vasectomy dr snip

The film is making new waves. The film has only just been released on Netflix a few days ago, and it's already causing a Twitterstorm.

Just a little friendly reminder! • • • #intact #uncircumcised #bodilyautonomy


Female circumcision is no different from other forms of violence against women

He owns his body, and it's NOT necessary to

Circumcision Scar: What to Expect

Premature Ejaculation And Circumcision - Are They Linked?

Why I've finally given up on the left

Click here for Part Two of "Ending Circumcision"

Naisten ympärileikkaus

Non-therapeutic male circumcision by the Circumplast device has a significantly lower risk of early postoperative complications in a community clinic, ...


The hunting ban could be gone soon – but the hypocrisy will linger on

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Harry Styles of One Direction

1085: Calling All Fringers!

... complications in a community clinic- Thornhill Circumcision Centre, especially migration/impaction of the ring when compared to the standard Plastibell ...

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Debunking David Pakman: "Male Circumcision Is Beneficial!" — A Skeptical Human | Anton Dybal

#OperationWAKEHUMANITY ✊ 💙✊💙✊💙✊💙✊💙✊💙✊💙

This is the fourth in a series of poems and song parodies that I wrote for a contest that centered around male infant circumcision.

A difficult topic to discuss

The above map, created by Jonathon Conte of the Bay Area Intactivists, depicts the varying rates of infant circumcision state-by-state in the U.S. today.