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Amber The Brave megalopsycha on t


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Amber The Brave

Amber The Brave ;)


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Benedict Cumberbatch

Labor for Our Revolution

It's back!!! #SantaClaritaDiet #SantaClaritaDietS3 @netflix

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Joe Biden, raw chicken & vomiting unicorns are now porn according to Tumblr's new algorithm

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The makeup artist/ spray tan person is horrible on #SantaClaritaDietS3. HD is not

Joe Biden, raw chicken & vomiting unicorns are now porn according to Tumblr's new algorithm

Benedict Cumberbatch is doing a Twitter Q&A to promote The Imitation Game – and you're just a tad excited | Metro News

Polls show Americans are getting sick of border wall standoff, but Trump and Dems won't budge

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Take my bits awaaaay: DARPA wants to develop AI fighter program to augment human pilots

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Kvitova opens up on stabbing hell after reaching Aus Open final

Detectives are finally sitting down with Mr. Perryman to hear his side of the story

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Drone, image via Shutterstock

Joe Biden, raw chicken & vomiting unicorns are now porn according to Tumblr's new algorithm

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I want to join those calling for a 4th season of @SCDiet and while we

Ghosn resigns from Renault amid Nissan charges” – French economy minister. '

Amber The Brave ;) on Twitter: "@ForeverABC aww boo..doesn't start here for another hour"

Where are you going? I am not going anywhere. How wonderful. #generalandi

Leaking information

Joe Biden, raw chicken & vomiting unicorns are now porn according to Tumblr's new algorithm · '

I love seeing that #SantaClaritaDiet is currently trending on @netflix. I thank @



UN chief urges all actors in Venezuela to lower tension

Bist du glutenintolerant? Achte auf die Warnhinweise deines Körpers. Glutenfreie Rezepte, Glutenfrei backen

Scott Bourque

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Tumblr algorithm

Tumblr resorts to AI in attempt to scrub itself clean from filth

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#HappyBirthdayAmerica #Happy4thofJuly #HomcideHunter #IDAddict

Durchbruch bei Anerkennung durch Fibromyalgie – Deutsche Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung

Alison Hartson on Twitter: "Yo, Establishment, you hear that? That's the sound of a nail in your coffin. @Ocasio2018 for the win!

Tonight's the night! Season 8 premiere. Brand new episode of #HomicideHunter @LtJoeKenda

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Keeley Dawne

Lorena Gonzales

Dee the ant 😼🐻🐜

KaylaCl90081789; tabodell; beccarouvier; lovingfoxgirl93 ...

Tumblr censors Joe Biden

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YOU ALL. 🍾🔥🍾🔥🍾🔥🍾🔥 The House has spoken 🗣

Amber The Brave ;) @megalopsycha

The 2019 Colorado legislative session was a landmark year for lesbian, gay, bisexual,

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Kathy B

Malala Fund on Twitter: "Malala Makes Surprise Visit To 'Malala Book Club' At High Security Women's Prison In Denver http://t.co/brJ7Vc9SXH ...


Looks like a caviar ball 👀👁👀 ! @SCDiet @DrewBarrymore #SantaClaritaDietS3 !

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Just because you don't personally experience #racism, doesn't mean it doesn' t exist. #RacismIsReal #RacistLittleton pic.twitter.com/MsXEnpIbbm

Today I learned that #HB1032 #RealSexEd passed out of the CO Senate and at

Mark Bray

Amber The Brave ;) @megalopsycha

MasiOka can't contain his excitement at #TheMeg Premiere!pic.twitter.com/D5i0qLWvqV

Amber The Brave ;) @megalopsycha

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... something wrong with Putin, Kim Jong Un -- in my view thugs -- that the president chooses to believe." https://t.co/NwOyaXFKyP… https://t .co/egmi8M3QBp"

The Damage Report

elisabeth🏁 on Twitter: "I witnessed 2 ICE kidnappings tonight by ICE at Arapahoe jail. The 2nd was brutal, excruciating. The sound isn't good but listen ...

Joe Williamson

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9NEWS DenverVerified account

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World Hobbit Project

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#lukespopupdiner hashtag on Twitter

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Hallucinations were the last thing Kaylee Muthart saw as she knelt alongside railroad tracks, screaming in pain after pulling out her eyes.

Goliath Hubbs on Twitter: "I want all of France to know... There is a cow in America who is praying for you...... https://t.co/2cJPeCdiaL"

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NowThis on Twitter: "People want Oprah to run for president in 2020 after her fiery speech… "

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I call it "Don't eat the Monkey! Got big plans for that Monkey"pic.twitter.com/OTVBGiU8LX

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... "Not a single trick-or-treater this year ... despite having an authentic pirate or Civil War vet cat. #LucilleMinus1Wheel… https://t .co/tO7tYn7Rbk"

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