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Ally Traver allytraver99 on t

Ally Traver allytraver99 on t


Ally Traver

For those who don't know, me and this amazing man are excited to

These are from Saturday, I love you so much @aj_v7 ❤ you made. allytraver99

Felt pretty cute today. @allytraver99

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 )

Flipped my hair to the other side

When I can't sleep and my apartment is a mess to the point I · @allytraver99

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 )

We find out the gender next month I'm so excited 🥰 · allytraver99

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 ) Hello darkness my old friend 🖤🖤

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 ) I love you so much babe

Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 ) All our babies are clean and looking brand new ❤

My baby is truly the fucking best. He rubbed at my feat earlier, he's. @ allytraver99

Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 ) Ladies if your man pulls this out and proposes,

AlrightSamDuce ( @alrightsamduce )


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Ally Traver ( @allytraver99 ) If you look my one cloud looks like a heart

Dizzle DiCaprio ( @dizzledicaprio )


My new baby ♥ ♥ . @allytraver99

Why does shit always have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve. @ allytraver99


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