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A really awful sketch of a kid in my classall I can say is yikes

A really awful sketch of a kid in my classall I can say is yikes


Abstract drawing of a girl in a garden. I just didn't feel like drawing a face

And we finished out Google Presentations, which evolved to SHMAAPOIO :) For each slide, the kids had to tell the definition of the element of figurative ...

To victory!!

And we finished out Google Presentations, which evolved to SHMAAPOIO :) For each slide, the kids had to tell the definition of the element of figurative ...

We think all these fab character creations would be a brilliant fit in Tuptown and would love to get to know them all over a cup of tea!

We attempt to answer every child's letter personally so please include a contact name and postal addresses for either a parent or the SLP of the child along ...

When I started writing my upcoming picture book, MY NAME IS WAKAWAKALOCH!, a Storystorm (then PiBoIdMo) 2014 idea that will be published by Houghton Mifflin ...

1. Othello's Soliloquy.

draw a rocketship | Art Tutorials | Drawings, Rocket drawing, Easy drawings

Hi so trans boy Izuku is really important to me

New format new format . . . #meme #dailymeme #tiktok #fortnite #

William Goldman, drawn by Bo Hampton, with Westley as the Man in Black and Buttercup.

The Ikusik kids contributed two wonderful chapters to this year's Quebec Roots. In all, there are seven chapters. I can't wait to read them all.

My sociology professor gave us two sheets a paper and told us to draw a pretty child and a bully, and this what I got.


And besides, some illustrations will really punch up my inevitable Power Rankings article for the book, don't you think?

New Scary Stories aims to recapture the feel of the original books, despite the unfortunately necessary absence of original writer Alvin Schwartz, ...

Let's get rid of Art Education in schools.

Article Contents:

Simply put, the illustrations ARE Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. There are numerous similar compilations of horror for young people, and though each of ...

It was VERY quickly noted by other astrologers that the new baby also has Chiron conjunct the MC and already there is speculation that there's going to be ...

Here's what I saw: the good, the bad, and the scary.

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

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At PNM, we believe in improving our state, together with our customers. That's why we're committed to a stronger future for New Mexico with ...

ok so I made a piece for @angus_is_my_son and his contest that I'd

How to Balance Writing with Parenting

Chelsie_-( O H O )-

Random Discussions II & Musings of Overactive Imaginations - scottsigler.com

'Middle class one-upmanship is a terrifying but very real prospect'

We didn't have to wait too long before the food started coming out. First, we sampled the tarts. No complaints from the kiddos on those!

Merboy ric quiroz by Curious4ever ...

You can see the meditation chimes on the left. I do love Hollibaugh. Not bad for seven minutes of coaching. We were focused on the meditative aspect of the ...

Christmas Around the World

Acting Out in School: When Your Child is the Class Troublemaker

Premium ...

Dolores St. murals ...


Donald Trump's angry America

Free Range Kids

The FBI does not investigate local murder cases. And, in case you misunderstood … the FBI does not investigate local murder cases. Nor do they have the ...

view of NYC 9/11 memorial from above

Class in Italy 1af

r/MemeEconomy - People who sort by new are the gate keepers. Invest Now! (Template in comments)

I'm so glad I'm not a giraffe (although being the tallest kid in class all throughout grade school, I was called giraffe… I digress.

Hi, I'm The Mom of The Bad Kid

I guess you could collectively call these the Tree Line. FYI: these are sketches 8,217 thru 8,219. Just this week I passed 2,500 blog posts.

Author Dickens apparently coming up a twopence short himself on the happiness-misery spectrum.

swag from Jane Street Capital. "

A session of Bug was my tenth play of the year, with Prp winning after playing first with black. The game was very close, with only one move's difference at ...

Kevin has a fantastic series of reflective blog posts on this project, again that was conceived completely by the open ...

My boards are always changing as the year progresses and we do more activities and learn more content. This is just the basic foundation for my classroom ...

Book Cover Image (jpg): Firefly Hollow

My sociology professor gave us two sheets a paper and told us to draw a pretty child and a bully, and this what I got.

The first one is kinda *bad* yikes #theadventurezone #theadventurezonefanart #taakotaaco #lup #luptaz #luptheadventurezone #luptaaco #taacotwins #kravitz ...

Blue Mountain Arts author Ashley Rice knows that being true to your heart takes guts. So Ashley wrote You Are a Girl Who Totally Rocks to let every girl ...

... hour to keep the Scorpions from filling the second moat. Remember that PCs can eat up to 6k6 Wounds from a bad Battle roll, and will be taking damage ...

"Family Essential Technology Use Agreement" #digcit ...

I have an incredibly talented group of artists this year! How great did the portraits


OK, I really need to talk about this one. It concerns two elementary school-age kids, Joe and Kate. Joe is a little twerp and Kate is a big bully, ...

and late at night (again with that habit) i would draw and draw. my favorite subject in every grade every year was art. i took it every elective all year ...

He is a Rank 4 "Togashi" (should say Mirumoto) bushi with a very high archery score - it is his personal passion, and he regularly attends the archery ...

So sharpen your pencils, take a sip of coffee, and let's begin …

A little Angus McDonalds I was requested to draw. I love this child and if anything happened to him I would cry.

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Charles Gullung

... and laughing and hugging — we bonded. This changed my life. (I'd like to tell you that it happened overnight; it didn't.) I still have that $50 bill.


When a political cartoonist wants to equate a president with a monkey, he draws something like this:

I dare you to use this image for a "Look at all the fucks I


Well, I don't threaten litigation, I don't alienate my kids from dad, I encourage their relationship. ( proof) And lol I definitely can't use $450 child ...

10 meilleurs films de Disney selon les tomates pourries (et 10 avec presque 0%

Compared to Trump, Hillary can't be that bad. Can she?

"Last light On Elephant Butte" is very angular and random looking, as little slivers of light catch the tips of buttes up on Elephant Butte just before ...

Then we've got The Goblin, who is basically The Ghoul's nerdy cousin who just feels like you just have to read the manga version of My Hero Academia before ...

Father and two daughters

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I've been thinking some more of this UCSC memoir idea. Would need a LOT of work. One exercise we did both in Guided Autobiography and the Memoir class (no ...

Anxiety at School - What Kids and Teens With Anxiety Need Teachers to Know

photo st01sm_zps4fccf1ee.jpg

Why Do I Feel Guilty About My Naps?

Shredding the "climate consensus" myth: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man

Suntup Press [Archive] - Page 16 - Palaver - A forum for Stephen King fans & Book Collectors

I "borrowed" the milk crates from the cafeteria. Cost: $0. I'm sure you can "borrow" some milk crates from your school cafeteria as well.


... listen to your music so loud the windows rattle. Listen/Purchase: iTunes / Amazon

zucchini bread batter, minus my finger swipe of it

Ah memories 90s Nostalgia, The Good Old Days, Those Were The Days, 90s

Write a new screenplay.

Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax Worksheet--Line 44

I love that O'Connor's spark came not only from exploring her inner child but from her ACTUAL childhood. So here's your new assignment: Take a walk down ...

The troublemaker—long and skinny, Word and my computer are not liking it and refuse to cooperate. Sigh

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A side note: here in the States we venerate our history. We rope it off, we put “do not touch” signs up. We protect our history, set it aside.